Monday, May 2, 2011

Project GetUp

I am a snoozer and if allowed, I can be lazy when there is no consequence for not getting up before 11 am. It takes me a really long time to fall asleep. Hours at times. Like last night: tried to go to sleep at 11 am and was still awake at 2 am. Insomnia sucks but so does the medicine so I try to avoid it when I can. It's also easier to fall asleep once I've been asleep for awhile, which really doesn't help my problem.

But there is so much I can be doing during the day that would start earlier if I got out of bed. Problem is, when sleepy and just waking up, I have very little will power. Tis why I missed so many morning classes because it was easier to tell myself I didn't feel well or could afford to miss one more because minutes later I would be back asleep.

I could be finding a second job since I barely make enough for all my student loans right now. I could be writing in novels, working on sekrit nonfiction proposal, or any other writing task. I could be reading or writing blogs. I could be doing a number of things. And as much as I love dreaming (morning is a time when I can remember 2-4 dreams) I don't need any more novel ideas right now. So, I can afford to cut the dreams short by the annoying sound of the alarm clock.

So, I am going to challenge myself. Wake up every morning and be out of bed, not going back to sleep, by 9 am. This is for 6 days a week, with one day of extra sleep but only if I get up on the six other days. That means, I need 6 days in a row before I can have one day of sleeping later.

Reward? Still thinking about it but maybe once a month I'll get a donut or something. I try not to have food rewards often because I need to exercise and lose weight already. Let's see how the first month goes and judge from there.

I am calling this Project GetUp and will post updates periodically here.

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