Saturday, July 31, 2010

Milestone Blogfest Entry

Stalker Love Letter Blogfest entry is located below this post.

Today is also the Milestone Blogfest by Donna Hole.
Check here for Donna's Blog and Blogfest Entries

This is also going to be my first, but not last, blogfest entry using the novel idea chose for blogfests. A little uncertain how this will go since all entries will be first drafts, but guess we'll wait and find out. First, about the blogfest.

The goal of the blogfest is to write about a milestone achieved/celebrated by either fictional or real people. I have gone with fiction. A milestone can be a variety of things. Some may write about goals met, nanowrimo success could be a milestone in this case. Others will have life events like first day of school, weddings, birthdays, or graduations. It all depends on what the writer wants to celebrate.

My Entry: Cinder Story
The main character is Jack. This scene is before he gets the nickname Cinder, before he has even met Ella and her stepsisters. It's the beginning and he has 2 things to celebrate. I just wrote this so errors, viewpoint issues and such should be consumed with a grain of salt. Also, I'd like to do more details, types of drinks, type of cell phone, but for now I'm tired so it can wait. Also, I'm only doing minor edits before posting. So, umm.. Enjoy.

The Scene:

A quick glance at a cell phone caused a curse as Jack opened the door to the Stilton Bar & Grill. He was more than a little fashionably late and would hear about it from his friends. But he didn't care. It was a great day.

"May I help you." The hostess smiled as she picked a menu from her stand and glanced over the seat chart.

Jack waived her off. He could hear his friends already. Seems they started the celebration without him. "I'm good. My party is here already." He made his way to the back bar and his friends.

"Jack! It's about fricking time. What excuse do you have now?" Eathan was the first to speak with Lisa following right after.

"Yeah. Late for your own damn party."

He shrugged and ordered his first drink before settling down in the one open seat available. "Sorry all but I promise I have a good reason."

Lisa pulled a box on the table, taking the lid off to display a green decorated cake. "Okay, birthday boy. Why were you late for this?"

"What kind of cake is it?"

"Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla creme frosting, just like you wanted." She smiles, lifting the cake a little displaying the grass field decoration.

When the bartender brought Jack his drink, Eathan ordered a round of shots before prodding Jack further on his tardiness. "Yeah. So, what is this great reason for being almost 2 hours late?"

He grinned, taking a sip of his drink before bothering to give an answer. It was his night and he planned to enjoy every minute. And once everyone else knew his second reason to celebrate the party would really kick off. After a long pause, he finally told them. "I had a call back from an interview I did a couple weeks ago and it went longer than expected."

"And?" Eathan tapped on the bar counter. He was never a patient one.

Taking a deep breath, he ended the suspense. "I got the job. Full benefits, great salary and potential to move up in the company. It's what I've been searching for and I got it." With that the shots arrived and everyone took a glass.

Amongst the congratulations and happy birthday cheers, they all raised their shot glasses. It was time to celebrate.

Stalker Love Letter Blogfest

Thanks to Mire and Ashy, we get to do a blogpost that involves a love letter that is from a stalker. Fun times!  For once I'm just going to start with the details of the blogfest.

Link: Ashy's Blog, World of My Own

The basics of the blogfest:
"A love letter blogfest. BUT! More stalkerish. Aye? So, here it is. Write a stalker-ish love letter to somebody (a beta reader, a close friend, ANYBODY. Your main character... whatever.) **UPDATED** Also, you don't have to be YOU when you write it - have a character write it to another character, whatever! It's up to you. :) All you have to do is write the letter and have it post on July 31st."

 My letter isn't from a novel, so it's okay that I'm not going to use the new blog novel for this one. Following this post is the Milestone Blogfest, so look for Cinder Story there. This story comes with a picture, and a villain character doing the writing.

From fineartamerica by Patty Vicknair

Yep, I went clown and it's Ashy's fault. Okay, it was her contest but I came up with the clown prompt last year because I know people don't like clowns. From the story, it went from there and here I have my serial killer, clown/chemist who turns women into mannequins. Enjoy his love letter to the one that started it all.

My Sweetest Celia,

I have not forgotten you, and hope that you still remember me. While you may have said goodbye you must know that I never left. Each time you find a tulip on your window, it's from me. Each daisy placed outside your precious dance studio is a reminder. I love you and promise one day you will find a rose and I will be holding it. And you will be mine then. My feelings towards you do not waiver and I know that when you see me again, you're mind will change. I know it will.

Even though it hasn't been very long, I miss you and everything about you. I miss your sweet scent, the hibiscus body spray you use when you wear sundresses. The vanilla creme scent I spray on a pillow, just like you do in your bedroom. I used to hate it on the bed when I was over helping with your college studies but now, I love it. I have changed. 

Your dancing is getting better. I've seen every performance and agree with you that teaching has made your own form better. That and when you practice in your bedroom every morning in a bra and panties. The mismatch of colors is nice to look at and you're form looks great. Each move is recorded in my mind, because you're not the only one preparing for a big show. But my show is for a one person audience; you. Don't worry, it will be spectacular. 

So, why am I sending you this letter? Just to let you know that I'm here my precious cherry blossom. I await for the day we can be together again.

With all the love from my beating aorta,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Results and WIP

The poll is over. Between the blog post comments and the few votes on the poll, the winner of the vote is Steampunk idea.... Here's the problem: I love the idea, have been developing it as my shiny new idea that I want to write soon. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with the project, making it not publishable from posting too many excerpts on the blog. When I did the post and polls, I hadn't thought about the idea as much. I'd never read steampunk and until looking it over before putting the poll up, didn't even know the idea would fit in that subgenre. I'm glad people like the idea to vote for it, but I'm not ready to call Shiny Steampunk unsellable. So, instead of being the blog idea, it's bumped up on the WIP waiting list. Soon as I have Angel//Demon first draft done, I'll work on that first draft.

The vote then came down to the other three ideas, which isn't hard. Two had... zero votes. Either people thought the ideas were possible sales, or they just didn't like the ideas. Either way. The winner of the vote is : Cinder Story.

Hope there aren't any more murder or fight blogfests in the near future because they won't fit, but it'll still be fun. It's one I think will work out for a blogfest entry. So, look forward to the upcoming blogfests. There are 2 on July 31. One will be from Cinder Story and the other won't. The reason for that is the second blogfest is Stalker Love Letter, and that goes to the creepy clown/chemist serial killer. hehehe

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantasy Hop

Welcome to my blog! (For the new ones coming over for the hop)

Well, one of my blogs. This post is for the blog hop started by Tessa over at Tessa's Blurb
and it is my first time ever joining a blog hop.
Here is the other link needed. Hope the code comes out right.

The Topic:
The Life Fantastic
Do you write fantasy stories/novels (any subgenre welcome)? 
Do you read/review fantasy books? 
Maybe you create fantasy art? 
Join the list and meet other like-minded creatures of the web!
(this week's linky list features a thumbnail picture of you)
Fantasy is my favorite genre. I used to read epic fantasy but right now I'm doing more YA reading and a variety of subgenres, since epic isn't as popular right now and most of my current novels in progress(the ones I'm writing) are in fantasy subgenres. (Okay. Epic intimidates me a little.)   And on this blog, I showcase and talk about the books I am writing, and not much else.

So, welcome. Feel free to check out past blog entries and enjoy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday's Muse Dreams

Welcome to another Monday. This time, I'm not going to post images or songs. I'm going to post a few examples where I've gotten ideas for stories, and that is in dreams. I get so many ideas from dreams, it's insane. My muse seems to think that my sleep time is his work time, for sure. Usually it's just a few scenes, sometimes minor and sometimes the climatic scenes, but what they do is get me thinking. When I'm awake, that day, I watch the scene in my head, discover the character and build from there. It's fun.

Assassin Dream

(male) I was a political killer, which means I assassinated leaders in the realm of the political. Like most in the business, however, my luck ran out. They caught me off guard, from behind and I never really saw them coming. I felt a sudden, sharp pain in the back of my head, then everything went black.

I awoke, a prisoner, in a very small cell with clear walls. All the cells were that way, lacking in privacy. Most of the prisoners (still alive) were women. It made me feel a bit out of place but at the same time I sort of understood their logic. Suddenly, the door to my cell opened, it looked exactly like the other walls on the inside.

A man stood blocking the entrance, one I had never seen before. It was some nameless henchman with a standard militant rifle but more important was the paper he was holding.

In rough English the henchman stated matter-of-factly, "If it is not number eleven." This was followed by an attempted laugh, and I say attempted because for being the one holding the weapon, there was a slight hint of fear in his voice.

It was the list (a list of the top assassins, currently). "Number eleven?" I replied without even thinking, which was something I all too often did, action without thought. "That's crazy! I shouldn't be in the top twelve." I stopped for a second, realizing my talking was going to get me killed.

However, there was a slight pause, then the henchman wrote something on the list. Before leaving he grunted, "fifteen."

Somehow, without punishment, I had talked my way farther on the list, moving back the date of my death, if only by a little.

Mutant Dream

"Target in sight," I whisper into the headset. Adjusting the blonde wig, my head aches. It is too tight but we can't have them falling off. I look back at my target. One of the Suits has the gem in his hand. "How should I take it?"

Ephram's voice comes to my ear. "How about a little dance, a song and a jump?"

I've gotta hand it to the boy, he's at least still got a sense of humor. "No way. I'm not singing again."

"Come on," he adds a little whine, "it'll be fun."

Leanne interrupts. "Isaac, just do it. We'll sing through the intercomm system and distract them for you."

"Sounds like a plan." I mutter before giving the ending line. "I'll see you at the bottom."

There is a pause in waiting for them to act. When the crackle happens, the system turning on, out pours the refrain of the Suits song(dubbed by us), and not sung well. All heads turn up to the ceiling and it is my cue.

Now is not the time to reconsider. With a quick intake of breath I get off to a running start, grabbing the gem as I run by the group of Suits. One jumps in my way but I run right through him not concerned at the awed reactions. That move always freaks people out.

I stop for a second at the edge of the cliff.

"Kid. You have no where to go." One Suit says, edging closer. His fear of me is obvious, the mutations scare everyone who doesn't have them. "Give us the stone back and..."

With a laugh I flip over the edge. For a second my feet fly over my head and I feel free. To them it looks like I'm flying. The truth is, I can't fly. What I do is a graceful and very extended fall.

That's all. I have many others but I haven't written down most of them.

Do any of your ideas come from dreams?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WIP Blogfest Future

WIP Wednesday is upon us and here's another different approach. It's not a blogfest entry, that was done sunday. Instead, it's about future blogfest entries and stories I might use. If you noticed from the last post, I have an issue with how much from my novels get posted online and the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having one idea used for all blogfests (well, most). Each one will have to be written by the time the dates come up, instead of finding already written work but it'll be worth the effort in the end. So, I figured I'd see what my readers think as I consider a few of my ideas for the position.

These ideas vary in theme, genre, whether they have a wip title, and character. So, they are all different is what I'm trying to say. But all are ones that I like yet don't know about story, or the writing, and have doubt about publishing. These are all ideas that I wouldn't mind so much if I was never able to publish them even if I write enough to fill up a full novel. Though, if I do that just by entering blogfests that would be kinda cool.

For each one, I found an image on that displays an element. They are located below each novel description. Imagine, these are 4 ideas off my list that has over 60. ;-)

So, here are the ideas I'm considering:

Steampunk-ish Fantasy - An idea that came from a dream, as many do. In this one, two guys meet in the very beginning (or hook up, is one way to put it) without knowledge of who the other one really is and then they go back to their posts. One is a military leader/officer(details not decided), strong and capable of handling situations. The other is a wood fairy(fey, whatever term i decide to use) and usually lives on a flying ship where he's supposed to protect the ship (not the people in it, just the actual ship). While in a hiding place on the ship, he dozes off and wakes up to the ship heading for a crash. He hurries to right it and ends up in restricted territory causing military people to board the ship. Turns out he's the only one left as someone came and captured the entire crew along with the passengers. This villain does this as part of a plot against the military character, and knew nothing about the fairy on board (would have been captured if that information was known). The two must try to work together, despite the awkwardness of the situation to not only save the people captured but stop the villain's plans.

Apocolpytic, pregnant female main character - This is an idea that I don't have the full plot figured out. I started it thanks to the Break the Rules Blogfest and from reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth (awesome book). Go HERE  for the entry and see where I started, if you want. It's definitely different than what I usually write, not only in main character gender/orientation. I don't know about the believeability factor with this one and not sure on the plot overall, though I like it and the sequel (which has her child as the main character).

Main character is female, pregnant, and although not married to the father at that point in the story, they are "together." I'm thinking it could be a world like Earth, but not Earth persay. Kind of a fantasy land that has similarities because I don't know if underground city is believable in my mind. There are changes occuring in the atmosphere, their atmosphere is thinning and not protecting as it should from the sun, and other problems threaten to make life impossible on the surface. So, there is a race in some way to survive and move people underground, though not all make it. Might have monsters (or something) as obstacles, but more so in the sequel for reasons not going to explain here. At the end, she makes it safe and gives birth. Basics of the story with a few details left out specifically.

Mummies, Witchcraft, Empires battle, ancient secrets... - Yeah, sounds a bit ramble-ish and confusing cause it is. I had this from a dream and wrote a start (some of what I saw in the dream) for a contest on It is one of the worst, first draft of a set of scenes, I have ever written. Not just in the tell factor either as in the beginning I even misspell the main characters name, when it was spelled write in the two paragraphs above it. Yeah. I did that. There are other problems too, but I still like the idea and I really like the main character.

The POV character is Alec. He's capable of magick, and goes along an expedition in a tomb because there is a teen girl who is like him (in the way of magick) that he must protect and must teach her about who she really is. Mummies emerge and only three escape (him, the girl and a historian male who didn't take part in the excavation so he was by the jeeps at the time of the attack). The overall plot? umm I'm not sure. There is something to do with empires fighting each other and how one side in particular wants to get ahold of the girl to use her because there is a way to make those with the abilities do whatever told (I know the way, just not gonna say it here). Alec keeps her from being captured, but ends up putting himself at risk instead.

Cinder Story - This is one where I liked the idea but it's a bit cliche (okay, my rendition is different but still there are too many renditions of the story to really send out) and of my ideas, not something I'm concerned about ever publishing. I liked the idea, but right after kind of thinking about it, I noticed how many different cinderella type stories there are, and even my BF has his own idea (though very different from mine). I do think mine's a little different because there aren't many out in the market that are male/male that are known (though there probably is at least one out, but glbt doesn't often get a ton publiction with the key word being often). So, yeah, like most of my stories, the main character is gay and male. That's what I do (most of the time as the pregnant woman is an obvious exception).

Main character is called Cinder, though that's not his real name, by the step-sisters because they like to harass him. He works for the father, a prominent business man, with a goal of becoming an administrative assistant (or something like that). The father (doesn't die in this one) says if he can handle the needs of his wife, daughter, and two step-daughters, then he can handle anything. And so he is working hard to do whatever they ask in hopes of proving himself. He becomes friends with the daughter, who is in love with a boy that isn't affluent enough for her father's standards. Instead, her father tries to set her up with a different guy. At first "Cinder" meets with him, and befriends him, just to check him out on both her and the father's request. But then, when she refused to go out with him, he has to do something he never thought he'd do. The "ball" scene is one where he has to pretend to be her, she begs him to, so that the father will think she went and considered the guy. Stuff happens from there but you get the basics of the idea. Basically, some elements of cinderella story with a gay main character and even a ball scene where he's in drag.

What do you think?
Which should I use?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blogfest of Death

This is a blogfest I signed up for awhile ago and if you go to the blog with the lists of entries, you'll see that I was second to sign up. While this is a little like the murder scene, it opens the death possibilities to anything and has drawn a great amount of people who signed up. My entry section will be at the bottom of this post, but first I wanna talk about something. (As usual)

I've come to realize something about blogfests. While they are great fun, and I have one of my own listed on my other blog, there is a risk of giving too much away. I enjoy sharing my scenes but there has to be a limit as to how many different scenes from one novel I post (even though most will be rewritten to a certain extent since they are all first drafts except one).

So, here's what I'm thinking. Either I monitor how many scenes per novel I show, sometimes using one scene for different blogfests (like I am doing today)... Or, I can write new scenes for each blogfest. Make up a story that is for blogfests only (or choose one from my list of 60+ ideas since I don't really need another one). I like the idea of the second option but we'll see how it goes.

But to get right to the topic at hand, here is the blogfest.

Blogfest of Death
Hosted by Tessa over at Tessa's Blurb
Basic idea behind the blogfest is to post a scene involving death. Someone has to die in the scene, main rule.

Since this is about death, anyone uncomfortable with that topic and reading about it shouldn't read a single entry for the blogfest. Just saying...

My entry is the same one from the Murder Blogfest posted on my other blog. It's from my older character (as in not YA) mutant novel that has a finished first draft. The scene is the end of the confrontation with the Villain.

The Scene

Valk began to move. The shaking had subsided but he still groaned from the pain he'd experienced. He struggled, pulling himself to his knees. It took him a few minutes before he was able to settle on his knees and look up at Noah.

"Now you're done." Noah said, breaking the silence. He had another bolt of energy ready but his anger waned seeing the damage he'd already caused. Even though he hated Valk, he still couldn't find enough reason to kill him.

"Noah, finish him off. You can do it." Bastian spoke, yelling down from his position of clutching the railing.

He raised his hand towards Valk as the man started to pull his body across the floor towards a table near the panel of computers. It held a selection of notebooks, a few gadgets and a small handgun.  Noah watched but wasn't able to go through with it. The memories of the few good things Valk had done for him were enough to make his death unwarranted.

Valk made it to the table and started to pull himself up.

Noah dimmed the energy, no longer resolved to act, but kept a little prepared just in case.

"What are you doing?" Bastian sounded concerned. "He has a weapon. Do something."

But he didn't do what Bastian wanted. Instead, Noah spoke in Valk's direction. "Don't even think about it, Valk. You're done, accept it and face the consequences for your actions."

Valk didn't speak as he stood up. His gaze settled on Noah as his hand rested on the table.

A cracking sound echoed through the room and Valk collapsed on the floor. Blood started to ooze from his lifeless body.

Noah stared, his mouth open as his stomach wrenched. The look on Valk's face remained etched in his mind as he stared down at the body before looking upward in Bastian's direction. Bastian stood, holding himself steady with one hand on the rail, the gun still aimed downward in his other hand.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday

It's another Work In Progress Wednesday and guess what. No blogfest. *allows for gasps of shock*
That's right. We don't have a blogfest until the 18th. But that's okay because I'm going to do a proper WIP post and give you all on update on my works that are in progress.

I have made progress, so this will have some good news. Yay me! lol

The Rewrite:
Not much, but I have worked on it, which is better than nothing. I wrote 630 words of chapter 8. That is half the original word count but I'm guessing I'm only one fourth through the chapter in this draft. Good news cause I want to at least double the word count of the novel and don't have a lot extra to add to the overall storyline.  Third person is going well. I may be lacking in some descriptions so it will need some adding along with the edit, but I'm okay with that. Will consider tense at that point too.
WC = 15,289/65,000

Paranormal Romance:
Going better than I thought. The first few chapters were a bit of a struggle as I figured out point of view and which main character to use and when, but now the characters have met and the fun begins. I'm happy with the progress even though I don't know how sellable the novel will be. Oh well.
WC = 26,500/85,000

Those are the main two that I've made progress on this month. I did finish a chapter in the mystery novel not that long ago, so that was also a plus but I'm not actively working on it. And need to work more on my Sekrit Novel as it's going really slow due to writing it by hand.

I should print out the first draft of Standing Ground since it won't need the overhaul that Tattle Tell did. But 90k takes up a lot of pages and I'm too lazy/cheap to do that on my own printer, even if it's a brand new printer with new ink.

How are you?
Any progress on a WIP?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Muse

Another edition of Monday's Muse has come upon us, but this time I'm not going to post a bunch of pictures for a novel or character. This time I'm going to talk about my Muse. While I love the image Ashy created for me with these blog posts, and the image as I saw it on of the angel(muse) without the book and such. Very pretty. But I must admit that my muse looks nothing like here. Due to the nature of my dreams, novel ideas, and basically that over 90 % of my main characters are gay males, I'd have to say that my muse is a gay male.  But I don't rely on him when I'm writing the novels, persay. He is more of an idea maker, and he works overtime because I have at least 64 ideas that I remember and have taken notes about using Stickies program on my Mac.

So, I came up with this image using the Candybar Doll Maker 4.

I love how they had a shirt that says "idea?" because that was perfect. All the male avatars from that site do come out a bit girlish, but I think it works in this case. Though the eyes are often a little too big, or they have really small ones, so I settled for these. I still like the image overall(though I think my muse is older). So, this is my muse. 

No, I don't have a name for him. He's just Muse. But back to his usefulness in my writing. The reason I say he doesn't get relied upon during the overall writing of the novel is because I don't like putting that much pressure on him and I don't want to ever blame Muse when I struggle to write. It's never his fault that I can't get a paragraph written, that I'm slow or when I just don't feel like writing at all. I don't say he goes on vacation as my source for not writing. Just not my style.

Instead, he is the idea creator. He gives me my awesome dreams that become scenes and thus novels. He helps distract me during my waking hours with day dreaming about the stories, so that I can see the plots in my head. Sometimes, he even helps with novel titles, which come at random, but even he struggles with those (much like me).

He is just awesome.  I <3 Muse.

Do you have a muse?
Who is your muse?
How does your muse help your writing?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet Lucas

Since I am working on the angel/demon novel right now, and he was the focus of a blogfest entry, I thought it appropriate that I introduce my demon main character: Lucas. I don't have his last name because it's not really used in the book because he's a demon for most of it.

To see me talk to the character, check out the interview blogfest entry, which was fun and a shortened set of answers. I have used Harley's character worksheet, with most questions answered except where irrelevant to him. I will post answers from that down below.
---Interview can be found HERE

He is blonde and I've done two different images using the same web site. I like the lighter blonde coloring (even though he's more of a dirty blonde) and both are bit younger looking, though he only lived in real life to the age of 18. Used to dye his hair a lot too, temporary, mostly unnatural colors. Slim but never really worked out. But for now, some possible images for him (ignore skin colors cause I don't have that figured out cause it doesn't matter in the book and the avatars don't have many options for changing it).

Eye Color: Green
Originally from Southern California, now lives in Detroit.
Nickname: Doesn't have any nicknames. Does not like when people call him Luke.

Before Death: Hadn't graduated from high school yet with a tendency to skip classes and party late at night. Lived at home with his parents. Gay and he slept around a bit without really dating.  Kept to his small circles of people and to himself. Didn't do drugs except a few trial ones, but did drink often. Didn't believe in God.
His parents - Mom was really nice and tried her best. Dad was more of a jerk, would get physical sometimes with him. Mom was religious and tried to get him to go to church with her but usually Lucas wouldn't go.

How he died: Wrong place at wrong time. Was walking home and was shot in a drive-by that wasn't actually aiming for him.

After Death: Demon. He's a very low level though, known as a runner (which is a type of messenger). Still gay but he doesn't let the demons he is stuck with know, because it's the only little bit of fun he has for awhile in keeping it a secret. He really doesn't like hates cold and it's very cold in Detroit for him.

Friends/Co-Demons - Mara is the token female, in some ways. She's a bit protective and puts up with his complaints with more patience. Nicor, goes by Nic, is the leader and a straight male. He tires of Lucas but partly because he has to give up his couch so that Lucas has a place to stay. Then Andras, who liked to have fun, and sometimes hits on Lucas just because he can. Sam was his friend in California, and he helped him transition after death to get him on the train to Detroit.

Lucas feels a bit lost at this point in the novel, in the beginning, like he missed something. Doesn't know if the emptiness is foreer or if something will change it.

That is Lucas. Or at least, him in chapter 3 of the novel.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WIP I Cant Say It Blogfest

It's another WIP Wednesday and it happens to fall on yet another blogfest. Really, I didn't plan it this way. I was signed up for hte blogfest long before I started the WIP Wednesday. Since this is only week 2 of the schedule it's believable right? lol

I Can't Say It Blogfest

The host is Shelley at Stories in the Ordinary
"Have you written a scene where a character has something to say (even better if it's something s/he needs to say) but can't quite get the words out? Or are you up for writing one?"
So, the goal is to write a scene where a character wants/needs to say something to someone but are unable to do such. Yeah, I just reworded what you know already at this point but that's okay. My scene is a rough draft with a minor edit in that I deleted a few minor words. lol... Enjoy!

The Novel: Angel//Demon

I'm going with this novel yet again because it's a scene that has already been shared on and was written for a short story writing class. It actually comes after the secret scene, where Elijah(the angel) is talking to one of his wards that he guards. After reading a quotation that says that even silence can be lying, he goes home and struggles with that idea. While Lucas is a minor demon, he doesn't know that his boyfriend, Elijah, is an angel.

The Scene:

Elijah closed his eyes, bowing his head down as he stepped forward to meet the torrent of water that escaped the shower head. The cleansing citrus smell of his shampoo combined with the hot air and helped him relax as he breathed in. Once done with the exfoliation and removal of soap, he paused to stare at the dark blue bottle that belonged to his boyfriend. Lifting it, he took a whiff and sighed. He could picture Lucas, and imagine the smell lingering from his blonde spikes.

Guilt started to form in his stomach, tightening into a twisted knot. Lucas had no idea who he really was and that omission, that silence felt wrong. He was lying to the only man he'd ever been able to get close to and it pained him.

Cold water against his shoulder woke Elijah from his guilt trance and he turned it off. Stepping out of the shower on a flat mat covering the white tiles, he grabbed a white towel and dried off. He pulled on a pair of white boxers before wrapping a dry towel around his wast and stepping out into the hallway.

"I'm home."

Lucas' timing always seemed to amaze him. He felt almost naked, having to cover his bare chest with his arms. It wasn't necessary but he couldn't stop himself. "Did you have a good shift?" Elijah watched as Lucas tossed his jacket on the couch.

"It was alright." Lucas sauntered to the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of a golden liquor before stopping at the edge of the hall. "I broke another cup and the bran muffins burned again."

"Do you think that not telling someone something is lying?" He let the question out, realizing the randomness of it.

It did catch Lucas' attention as he took a slow drink while staring back. Once the glass was down, he gave his answer. "No... I don't think not telling everything is lying. I mean, we can't tell each other every single thing we see, think, or feel. Can we?"

"I guess not."

"As long as you're not hiding something big." He looked at the glass before adding, "You seeing someone else?"

The question caught him off guard. "No. I would never..."

"Okay then," Lucas interjected. "I doubt you could ever lie, anyways. You're too innocent."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Muse Tattle Tell

Welcome to the second Monday's Muse. Yep, I'm making the second post, which indicates this weekly idea might work out but it will take a few more weeks to know for sure.

Today's book and character focus is on the YA mutant book one novel, Tattle Tell. Main character, whom was introduced in the first Meet "Character Name". That post is here:

This book, in the first draft, was called Ephram's Defiance. It is one of the few books so far that did not have a playlist during the writing process. I have a couple of songs picked out now, but haven't listened to many of them while doing the novel rewrite. So, I don't have a song for this entry, just a few images that I found on

This first image is how Ephram sometimes feels about himself.

Since I'm starting with a discussion on the main character, I'll keep going. Ephram has a lot going on for a young teen male, and even though he has barely any friends he keeps himself busy. He's a bit of a nerd, but don't worry cause in the next books he's going to start working out to get faster and make up for his slowness since he can't run through walls. He'll be a buff nerd then. lol  But I imagine a corner of his room in TT will look kind of like this:

An image that kind of reminds me of him, in his times of social turmoil and self seclusion from the world. Just imagine it without the pink cause he doesn't like or wear all that pink.

Okay. Just 2 more images left. The next image is of a woman, but it's not the woman that is the reason for posting it. Notice the copper shiny bracelet that is rather solid. I imagine the ID wrist band (bracelet sounds too girly for a male pov character) to be kind of like this only fits better on the wrist and isn't shiny.

Okay. One more image and I hope you haven't already reached your image viewing in a single blog post maximum. But I'm done after this one, I promise. The last image is a reflection on one of my favorite scenese. Ephram and his new friend spend time together after school in this little park located in the town. Sometimes they just sit, munch on bad fast food and chat but other times they play on the park swings and slide. Thus this picture:

That is Tattle Tell, book 1 of the Rogues of Revolution Series, the YA branch with Ephram Gray as the main character. Hope you enjoyed seeing my inspirations. Have a good day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here is My Dilemma

Yes, I am indecisive when it comes to my novels. Part of the reason I work on more than one novel at a time, well 5 novels sometimes, is due to my indecisiveness. I don't know which novel is the one I want to send out to agents first. So, I'm going to use this blog post to rant about why I have trouble with this decision.

The YA novel is the one getting the first rewrite and that would seem the most likely to be sent out first because it's the only one being rewritten at this point. It really needs a rewrite because the first draft isn't long enough by far and I had to change the pov from first to third. The problem with this novel and any mutant novel is that the series is very convoluted and large. While the YA section, the part that has Ephram and Isaac as main characters during the ages accepted in the YA genre is only 3 books (ish), they are later seen in the adult section of the series. There they meet Noah, which is in book 3 of the section where Noah is a main character. So before then, Noah has 2 books. Once they are combined there are at least 2 books. And the secondary characters seen in books 1&2 with Noah might have a separate book with Michael as the main character. That is at least 8 books, though not all have the same main characters. The good news is so far I have two books written(first drafts), Ephram 1 and Noah 1, and both can work as stand alones even though they are a part of this convoluted series known as The Rogues of Revolution. While I love them, I'm nervous about trying to get a deal with a series this confusing complicated.

I have one book idea in the works, meaning the first draft is in progress right now, that doesn't have a series. Angel//Demon, the one without a wip title, does not have a sequel. It is one book and nothing more. However, the draft is taking a long time to get done. I have a good 50k+ to write still, I'm guessing and the rewrite will be tough. I couldn't pick one character over the other for the main point of view, angel or demon. So, I have to figure out how to do the two main character point of view in a way that works, doesn't confuse the reader and keeps the story going because there are important scenes one character will see that the other will not. And I don't intend to write it in first person because I prefer third overall. This makes it difficult to choose this one for focus.

Blood Prophesy is on the back burner while I work on the overall storyline. I know where book one goes but how to get there is a different story. Plus the overall series is larger than anticipated (not in number of books but in scope and magnitude) and I'm going to have to figure out how to add small sections in other characters perspectives without losing sight and readers in the book. So, it's probably not a viable option for book 1 to send out.

Sure, I have a finished first draft of the romance/erotica novel that doesn't have a sequel either. But the first draft is messy, needs reorganized, then rewritten and edited. Plus, while I have a few ideas in the romance/erotica section, my real dream is to write and publish in fantasy.

Mystery novel has similar problems to romance/erotica, except the first draft isn't finished and it's not a single book idea. There are at least three, but for now I'm working on the first draft of the first book and it's going slow. For the first draft I'm not doing any research. So, before the rewrite can take place I have to read mystery novels and do research on things such as proper procedure, which will take even more time. And it's not fantasy. So, while I like Malcolm Zax Wilde (main character), it's not my focus at this point in my so called writing career.

Then there is the Sekrit Novel, which I won't go into too many details about but it's gonna be a long time before it's ready. There is a sequel to the current book in progress but nothing beyond that at this point. But I'm handwriting the first draft, even in first person, which is going slow since I can't write by hand for long before pain occurs. I'm on chapter 2 at this point and the rewrite will have to tweak the voice and who knows what else because that won't be determined till this first draft is done. But it's good use of the empty journals I have lying around not being used, so I'm glad to be writing it.

I have 55+ other novel ideas (seriously) but those are the ones that I'm currently working on.
Do you see my dilemma now?
What do you think?


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