Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stalker Love Letter Blogfest

Thanks to Mire and Ashy, we get to do a blogpost that involves a love letter that is from a stalker. Fun times!  For once I'm just going to start with the details of the blogfest.

Link: Ashy's Blog, World of My Own

The basics of the blogfest:
"A love letter blogfest. BUT! More stalkerish. Aye? So, here it is. Write a stalker-ish love letter to somebody (a beta reader, a close friend, ANYBODY. Your main character... whatever.) **UPDATED** Also, you don't have to be YOU when you write it - have a character write it to another character, whatever! It's up to you. :) All you have to do is write the letter and have it post on July 31st."

 My letter isn't from a novel, so it's okay that I'm not going to use the new blog novel for this one. Following this post is the Milestone Blogfest, so look for Cinder Story there. This story comes with a picture, and a villain character doing the writing.

From fineartamerica by Patty Vicknair

Yep, I went clown and it's Ashy's fault. Okay, it was her contest but I came up with the clown prompt last year because I know people don't like clowns. From the story, it went from there and here I have my serial killer, clown/chemist who turns women into mannequins. Enjoy his love letter to the one that started it all.

My Sweetest Celia,

I have not forgotten you, and hope that you still remember me. While you may have said goodbye you must know that I never left. Each time you find a tulip on your window, it's from me. Each daisy placed outside your precious dance studio is a reminder. I love you and promise one day you will find a rose and I will be holding it. And you will be mine then. My feelings towards you do not waiver and I know that when you see me again, you're mind will change. I know it will.

Even though it hasn't been very long, I miss you and everything about you. I miss your sweet scent, the hibiscus body spray you use when you wear sundresses. The vanilla creme scent I spray on a pillow, just like you do in your bedroom. I used to hate it on the bed when I was over helping with your college studies but now, I love it. I have changed. 

Your dancing is getting better. I've seen every performance and agree with you that teaching has made your own form better. That and when you practice in your bedroom every morning in a bra and panties. The mismatch of colors is nice to look at and you're form looks great. Each move is recorded in my mind, because you're not the only one preparing for a big show. But my show is for a one person audience; you. Don't worry, it will be spectacular. 

So, why am I sending you this letter? Just to let you know that I'm here my precious cherry blossom. I await for the day we can be together again.

With all the love from my beating aorta,


Tessa Conte said...

ooooh creepy!

And I love the "from my beating aorta", what a great note to end on!

Ashelynn D. Sanford said...


The creepy clown guy is BACK.


Great letter, though. :)

amy said...

Loved the imagery! It was easy to get a grasp on the concept without lots of information. Well written!

Mia said...

OMG, that is ONE creeeeepy stalker letter. Nice touches, I love it :)

Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - :-) Yay for creepy. lol

Ashy - Yep. He returns. But I still promise to protect you, though you are a dancer so...

amy - Glad you liked the imagery. I wrote it just in the blog, not outside the post.

Mia - Thanks. :-D Glad you like it. Hoped that certain elements would work since it's my first love letter and stalker letter.


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