Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Muse

Another edition of Monday's Muse has come upon us, but this time I'm not going to post a bunch of pictures for a novel or character. This time I'm going to talk about my Muse. While I love the image Ashy created for me with these blog posts, and the image as I saw it on of the angel(muse) without the book and such. Very pretty. But I must admit that my muse looks nothing like here. Due to the nature of my dreams, novel ideas, and basically that over 90 % of my main characters are gay males, I'd have to say that my muse is a gay male.  But I don't rely on him when I'm writing the novels, persay. He is more of an idea maker, and he works overtime because I have at least 64 ideas that I remember and have taken notes about using Stickies program on my Mac.

So, I came up with this image using the Candybar Doll Maker 4.

I love how they had a shirt that says "idea?" because that was perfect. All the male avatars from that site do come out a bit girlish, but I think it works in this case. Though the eyes are often a little too big, or they have really small ones, so I settled for these. I still like the image overall(though I think my muse is older). So, this is my muse. 

No, I don't have a name for him. He's just Muse. But back to his usefulness in my writing. The reason I say he doesn't get relied upon during the overall writing of the novel is because I don't like putting that much pressure on him and I don't want to ever blame Muse when I struggle to write. It's never his fault that I can't get a paragraph written, that I'm slow or when I just don't feel like writing at all. I don't say he goes on vacation as my source for not writing. Just not my style.

Instead, he is the idea creator. He gives me my awesome dreams that become scenes and thus novels. He helps distract me during my waking hours with day dreaming about the stories, so that I can see the plots in my head. Sometimes, he even helps with novel titles, which come at random, but even he struggles with those (much like me).

He is just awesome.  I <3 Muse.

Do you have a muse?
Who is your muse?
How does your muse help your writing?


Margaret West said...

Dawn, I can't find an email contact for you. Sorry for posting here. When you have time, pop here
something awaits your attention.

Kristie Cook said...

My characters are my muses, so right now, it's mostly Alexis. And sometimes Tristan - but he's usually talking to her in my head. They get no privacy from me. LOL But when they get to talking and don't shut up, that's when my creative juices are flowing. When they don't talk - when my muse is quiet - and I try to write anyway, it usually feels forced. What I write then is mostly unusable, but it at least wakes them up.

Love the pic of your muse. Too cute!

Dawn Embers said...

Margaret - Thank you and don't worry about posting in a random blog post. It's perfectly fine.

Kristie - Good point. The characters are probably the "muse" during the writing process since I'm telling their story. :-) Thanks.


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