Tuesday, July 11, 2017

C4 Preworkout Taste Test

Compilation of my thoughts on the C4 pre-workout products. I posted on bodybuilding.com along with the cellucor web site my thoughts on the products as I was sent a few samples to taste test. I don't use pre workout often, so it was interesting to try them out.

C4 Zero - Pink Lemonade

This one is listed as a tamer pre-workout, or at least that is one way to interpret the description listed on the web site. If you haven't checked out Cellucor, then you should go here: https://cellucor.com/collections/pre...nt=31934263378

I took this one after a work shift, so not in the morning. If I work in the morning then my shift often starts at 7 am and I don't go to the gym beforehand. So, I mixed up the preworkout at work before heading over to the gym that is about a block away (one of the reasons I go to that particular commercial gym).

Flavor: Wow, this is had a kick. Might not be listed as the heavy hitter but the lemonade element really stood out strong. Usually, I consider pink lemonade to be a more sweet than tart approach to lemonade but this one had a bit of a tart kick.

Mixability: A little questionable at first. Could see some little bits spinning around the shaker cup after adding the water and giving it a good shake. But it all worked out once it gave a few moments for things to mix together. The tiny bit of after taste had a little grit from that fact but it was minimal.

Overall, a decent flavor with a little twist. A tad stronger than the orange mango so I'd probably put this one over that but think I like the extreme so far a little more than the zero ones. I got through a decent workout and managed some heavy squatting attempts even after having worked 8 hours on my feet.

Flavor - 8/10
Mixability - 7/10
Energy - 8/10

C4 Zero - Orange Mango

For the flavor, it had a more prominent orange element to me. Reminded me a little of the orange space drink, which brought up the still unanswered question: Why do they call it that on cupcake wars and not the actual name? They never say Tang. Suspicious.

So, yes, it had a bit of a tang flavor to me, which is pretty good overall. It wasn't overly great and this is another zero so it's listed as being aimed more towards someone wanting a lighter pre-workout. I didn't have a super heavy session when I tried out this one but it worked quite well for giving me enough but didn't give any type of pow. I wasn't high in energy but not low either. Overall, it was a decent workout and decent result with a pretty good taste.

Flavor - 8/10
Mixability - 7/10
Result - 7/10

Good flavor but not near the top for me.

C4 Extreme Cherry Limeade

I picked this flavor as it's one that sounded the best in the moment of deciding and beyond. It was consumed over a week ago before a mid-morning heavy session at the gym. I didn't get up early but at the dame time, it was earlier in lifting for me than normal and it was a day to attempt heavy deadlifts without consuming much beforehand.

The Flavor: Had great flavor. The cherry and lime elements were both present. This one was not the zero, it is ultimate, but even then it's light in the calories. The product has 5 calories per scoop, which is good for those of us doing a cut and needing a boost. I will say that the flavor did have a sweet element that was noticeable right away. The flavor profile was strong and sweet, which is good for me as I'm a fan of sweet for the most part (except maybe watermelon as I do like my sour candy). I consume candy a little too often but that's another story... Either way, I did like this flavor and it is one that I'd consider buying if/when I have funds for a pre-workout.

The Result: It didn't amp me up or anything. I'm low key in general so there isn't much of a chance with me getting all hyped up and I consume caffeine enough to have a certain level of tolerance. However, I did feel a boost that day. It was 1 rep max testing and I managed to get the 1 rep deadlift of 265 lbs, which I was very pleased to finally achieve. It had been a goal the peak cycle before but failed then and doing another attempt after trying during a somewhat failed cut cycle was going to be a challenge. I made it and had energy for work afterwards. The site claims the extreme isn't for the casual lifter but I didn't notice an intense result, just enough of boost to keep me going to get through the workout of the day.

Quick Version:
Flavor - 9/10
Mixability - 9/10
Results - 9/10

I'm a fan of this one.

C4 Extreme - Icy Blue Razz

I wasn't sure about this flavor before trying because most of the time, I'm not a big fan of blue raspberry flavors. It seems weird putting blue and raspberry that gives me this automatic impression of something a little fake. They often have that slightly altered taste, just like how cherry can often have that cough drop flavor/reminder and a couple of others do give off the often artificial taste. So, I went in this one not expecting to have the greatest result in personal opinion over taste.

It was pretty good. I kind of like this one, even more than one of the zero flavors. The extreme has the stronger result since it's geared exactly for that but also, just the flavor had an appeal. It still wasn't like that "oh natural raspberry" but for this one, the result was much better than others I have experienced and way better than the fruit punch pre-workout I had over a year ago. I used it before a simple workout so I didn't really need a huge boost but it wasn't over the top either. None of the pre-workouts were that intense, not from the samples at least. The only eh moment was the last couple of sips on this one and more that had a little grit like I needed to maybe use just a little more water than I had.

Flavor 8/10
Mix 8/10
Result 8/10

C4 Ultimate: Apple Berry

Like many others, I have a similar opinion so this won't come off as much of a surprise. This flavor is good. While I don't know what is exactly different between their different lines of preworkout (original, ripped, extreme, ultimate, etc), when it comes to taste this one is spot on. I can't quite feel the difference between the ultimate and the extreme but did manage to get in a good workout. The day I tried the apple berry, I had upper body and cardio. Not one rep max type but back into things as I started getting ready for my summer prep. It was also a long day since I went out late that night so was good to have energy throughout.

Flavor 9/10
Mixability 8/10
Results 8/10

One of the top flavors for me and if I had funds and really wanted a pre-workout, this is one I'd consider buying. Very soon will have a video up if anyone wants to see me actually try all of the samples. If not, hope the reviews here help and there will be reviews on the site store very soon too. Thanks again to Cellucor for letting us sample their pre-workout.


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