Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Time to look at 2012 and how it went.

It has been an interesting year full of good and bad for the world and everyone in it. I had quite a few changes go on during the year but luckily not too many very bad things.

Timeline of 2012 in blog posts reflection
January - New Year and Goals
4 blog posts during the month: progress report, goals, pick what I read, worldbuilding magic

February - Writing or Editing
1 post: novel writing month or editing writing month

March - Worldbuilding
1 post: gender roles in worldbuilding

April - A to Z blog Challenge
27 posts: won't name them all, went through alphabet for blogfest

May - Prep for June
1 post: camp nano

June - Moved
1 post: goals

July - Settling In
2 posts: July goals, progress

August - Still Settling
1 post: August goals

September - NaNo Thoughts
3 posts: the one, nanowrimo ideas, novels chosen to prep

October - NaNo Prep
1 post: nanowrimo

November - NaNoWriMo and New Job
3 posts: why nano, crazy word counts, December

December - End of Year Goals
1 post - December goals

Past Goals Revisited

I had many goal posts and progress reports as some months that's about all I posted. But now it's time to look at the whole year and the goals I made back at the beginning of January.

2012 goals

- Finish at least two first drafts of started novels: Angel/Demon, Thomas/Kyle, OttoHahn in E Minor or Lighting the Wall.
- Edit two novels.
- Be ready to submit to an agent by the end of the year.
- Reading 50 books
- Keep track of all fiction written, word count wise

How did I do?
- forgot to keep track of word count as of February
- read 47 books thanks to online manga
- editing turned out more a challenge and took longer to do the notes and get started on changes so both the edit goal and submit goal didn't work out
- didn't finish any novels but came close with a brand new one I started in nanowrimo
- wrote many flash fiction scenes, couple chapters in novels listed above but also in 2010 nano novel, wrote 165k in new novel (which will be 2 novels in rewrite) for nanowrimo this year and made some progress in non-writing goals that include moving out on my own and finding a new job.

2013 goals and January goals will be next.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Goals 2012

Wow. It's December already. The year 2012 is almost over and done with, hard to believe such but the year did go by very fast. 2012 has brought many changes and some stagnation (sorry blog, I didn't mean to ignore you). But I'm ready to finish the year with a flurry of activity as I prepare for 2013!

November went well for me. I wrote 165,000 words in a novel, that in rewrites will become 2 novels. I also started a new job. Working 30-40 hours a week now, which is a relief because I was stressed financially for all of summer. Things are getting better and I will still have some time to dedicate to writing, editing, blogging and reading. I have some goals that I will post for 2013 towards the end of the month as I'm getting together timelines for the next steps in my life because OMG, 2013 is almost here. I have a class reunion I have to decide about going to or not, both my parents are turning 50 so need to plan events for that, and yeah, other survival stuff along with how to get a novel ready to submit to agents.

But that can wait. For now, it's still 2012.

December Goals

Edit TT and SG (mutant novels, one YA and other is adult)
Read 2 books
Post 1-2 times on each blog
Finish AF (NaNo novel)
Review and other WDC stuff

What are your goals for December?
Are you ready for 2012 to end?


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