Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pre-Summer Novel Progress

At last, an update on my current novels. I have many projects going, as usual, and figured it would be a good time to state where I'm at in most of them now as I get ready to make goals for the rest of summer.

Current Novels in Progress:

North West

This is my current first draft that has taken most of my energy and focus for the past few months. I started the novel for NaNoWriMo 2015 but only got up to 30k during the month. The first draft is now over 50,000 words and I recently finished chapter 20. In fact, it's almost time to end the whole thing. I'm at the climatic part of the story where things are bad and we don't even know if the one main character will survive. Plan to write the last bit very soon.

The good part is that means I will have another first draft done. However, compared to the other first draft work in progress, this is not one that will be ready for submission sooner. In fact, I will have to do research before editing/rewriting. Boys Read Romance will be ready quicker as it doesn't require the accuracy that North West does. Between the travels and the fact that the whole story is based around the characters going on adventure to see the Northern Lights, it means getting things accurate. Hence, that will take longer.

Boys Read Romance

I started this novel before November, which is why I didn't use it for NaNo since I wanted to follow the "rule" of starting with word one of the story. Made it to chapter 7 before getting distracted by focusing on NW. I do like the novel and hope to get back to working on it this summer. I'm liking the contemporary YA novels right now. Might write a few along with the speculative fiction ones.

Aeon Fading

On standby but my plan is for this summer to start the rewrite. First draft came in just under 180,000 words, which is a little too long. I will be rewriting it into two novels with the first one keeping the title of Aeon Fading. Second book will involve Ixia or Basil, as those are part of his name and position in the world he lives within. Should be at least 3 books in total, maybe 4. Will have to see how the rewrite goes, etc.

Tattle Tell

I have worked the query letter a few times. I need to do a synopsis asap because most of the agents I want to submit queries to require one. However, I have officially submitted the novel to an agency. So, it is now in submission and will have a few more sent out once that pesky synopsis is crafted. *throws confetti*

Those are the main ones, though I have to admit there are at least three others on the side. Lots of work to do. In fact, I should go write and work on that synopsis.

What are you writing now?


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