Friday, August 25, 2017

Online Presence Priorities

We all know that we have to prioritize in order to get things done. While some say they don't have time, others of us see it as knowing what things they find more of a priority than others. This also goes for what time we spend online and to which sites we give the most attention to over the weeks.

Clearly, blogging hasn't had my priority thus far this year. Was not my initial intention but it is something I can't deny the fact either. I'm still making fiction and fitness my priority, after work, of course but where I spend online is limited and that's okay.

Question time:

Which website(s) do you use the most?

For me, it has been mostly and some with myfitnesspal or sparkpeople. I post in the forums on including having my own journal where I put up my lifting sessions and some every day babble. I often read other posts and do comment on occasion as I've made online friends on the site, and the other ones too.

Then there is Youtube. Had a slight setback with the laptop struggles. I have a power cord issue as in, I don't have a working one right now. Have to use someone else's until get my own again. Makes it hard since editing takes time and power. I have videos, just need to put the priority in getting them polished and posted.

Diet is a struggled priority as well, but that's a different topic. ;-)

We all have priorities and that goes for our online presence as well as the every day life elements. It is up to us to decide what needs to come first. Now get to it!


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