Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Year Goals and Past Reflection

Wow am I late. So, yeah ummm... We're in 2015 and have been for a few weeks now. But I am going to post here and reflect on the end of 2014 and the goals I have for 2015 anyways.

2014 ended pretty well. Started walking in September and that quickly became an almost every day event. Then in the end of October, before the cold weather really set in, I joined a gym. Started lifting weights in November and I'm still doing that. Lifting weights 3 times a week(stronglifts program) at the gym and doing other stuff when I feel like it on the other days. I didn't go with PF but ended up at the 24 Hour Fitness location, which is better suited for my goals even as a beginner with lots of weight to lose. Though I might look to transition later as I would like to learn some of the olympic lifts that we don't have much room for at current location.

Here are some fitness goals that I posted in October 2014:
Run 5k (color run 2015)
Deadlift (learn how)
Jump high enough to block (HS volleyball, could never do)
Take class on hand to hand combat
Lift heavy weights ;-) (will be more specific once I get to some weights)

I am signed up for 2 5k runs so far. Pride Glow Run in June up in Portland and a Bubble Run Portland in August, which is a type of color run. So, going to be reaching that goal in 2015 for sure and might even add one more in September if I can find one I want to do.  I do know how to deadlift now and last night I lifted 190 lbs, which means that goal is achieved. I'm doing 145 squat, 85 bench and 65 overhead press so I'm starting to lift heavy weights (at least they are still heavy for me but also making progress to lift heavier). We'll count that one. Just need to try the kayak, work on jumping and find a combat class and those will all be done.

I've also steadily been losing weight. Though I have a no picture policy in place at the moment, on facebook in particular, I have a goal for November and might be posting actual pictures here on the blog then as well. Have a big family event to attend and want to surprise all of the family as I will have not seen them in almost a year and some since I weighed like 220. Back on October 26, when I posted a weight update, I was 194.2. I am now down to 175. It was faster at first but now I'm going steady at 4-5 lbs per month, which is a good rate since I still have a fair amount to lose. Lifting while eating at a deficit can be a challenge at times but it's manageable.

Now to move on and discuss what I want to do for the rest of this year. I have lots of goals, of course, and some are writing while others are fitness related. How much I get done will be seen in December because I've got a lot of writing to do and it's getting a little slow right now. Hope to pick things up in the next couple of months. February Editing Month maybe?

Goals for 2015
Submit novel to agents
Edit 3 novels
Finish 2 novels
Run three 5ks
Blog more often
Learn more lifts and try out a different lifting program or two (NROLFW perhaps)
Get to the Overweight range (currently still Obese) = lose 20+ lbs hopefully by November

More posts to come. I have writing topics to discuss, plus a few posts on lifting. I'm hoping to be less silent on here for the rest of 2015.

Big plans for this year? How is your fiction and fitness going?


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