Sunday, December 28, 2014

Silence Reason Holiday Edition: Retail

Yep, I work retail. So, that is part of my reasoning and apology for the long silence on this blog. Retail and holidays tend to be a bit on the chaotic side starting around Thanksgiving, even when your retail is pharmacy focused. (I don't work in pharmacy, it's just a key part of the store.) On top of that, we had a new hire just stop showing up weeks ago so that put us down a person during a time when we needed even more. Short staffed and holidays with 10 days of increased hours the store was open made for a long few weeks.

I didn't work the Friday after Thanksgiving, so that was nice, though we aren't anywhere near as crazy as other retail stores that day. Our big coupon stuff is actually on Thanksgiving and we get more in that morning, I think, than the day after.

However, I also work a good part of my shifts in photo department, so the weeks leading up to Christmas are the busiest for that department. Cards, calendars, photo gifts and just lots of pictures get printed within a short amount of time so by the week leading up to Christmas Day, we are just overwhelmed with orders while dealing with technical issues that always happen at the worst times. And I worked Christmas Eve till after midnight, and then close shift on Christmas Day. I kept busy this year.

So, I've mostly worked for the past month or so and not much else. Well, not much in the way of writing or blogging. I've written maybe over 1,000 words on the Snow novel and a couple online things that needed done. But I've also gone to the gym 3-4 times per week. But I'll talk more about that in the next post, which will include updates, 2015 plans and more. Later I'll have some fitness only posts so look forward to thoughts on fitness with the blog and a couple just about lifting weights.

I hope everyone had a great set of holidays and are ready to rock 2015.


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