Saturday, June 3, 2017

End Result for List 13

June 1 marked the end of my attempt at the List 13 challenge and had some mixed results overall. I didn't accomplish 13 things but had some success along the way.

List 13
1. 13 week cut (end goal weight 124)
2. 10 week weight training peak cycle
3. Study for PTCE (I also passed the PTCE)
4. Read 1-2 books
5. Write first draft for List 13 (I managed 13,000 words)
6. Get hair cut much shorter/change hair
7. Create new intro for youtube channel
8. Find location to run outside safely (Looked online but haven't gone to any)
9. Make 3 items pinned on pinterest
10. Sew one item
11. buy swimsuit but....  Did get new clothes that I needed
12. adult stuff that needs done - did an HIV test so that's pretty adult right there
13. new tattoo
14. paint on one canvas
15. go bowling or something (went to burlesque show)

I didn't buy a swimsuit but I did get clothing I needed and a pair of shoes when parents were in town, so that's sufficient. Swimsuit will be part of next cut, near the end as vacation requires one. Can't afford 13 and didn't go bowling or to movie but did go out with roommate mid-cut to a burlesque show. I'm counting HIV test as doing something cause I used to volunteer and a place let our group use their building that did the testing and I never got it done. It was always on my list of should one day just because list and I got to do it on the clock at work. So, managed about half of the 13 crossed off-ish.

And the video:


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