Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Healthy Bloghop

Howdy and welcome to my post for the Get Healthy bloghop. Make sure to check out the other entries:   blog hop link.

I had a hard time coming up with a topic, I must admit. It's partly because right now my weight isn't going down. I've been distracted with car troubles and money lacking so even with the walking and such not seeing much on the scale, but that's okay. I'm still working on getting things set in my life and it will fluctuate. So, I needed to pull deep to try and figure what to talk about for the bloghop on something that has affected my health in a positive way. And here it is...

I have found that it helps me to understand what equals a realistic goal.

Sounds easy enough but it's not always so. I used to be in Weight Watchers and lost 40 lbs there but it was hard in a way as I never made a final goal weight. We are supposed to do that near the beginning but even a year later I didn't really have a final goal. Trouble is that for my height (4'11.5") the top amount allowed (the higher weight for during older age) is listed in the lower 120's according to BMI, which is what WW follows. I just could never visualize myself at 125 even, let alone less than that. Not being able to visualize the goal made it difficult to see as possible. I have a pretty good imagination but it just wasn't working for me.

So, I have figured out some goals that are realistic for me. I'm not a marathon runner. I'm not a size 2 type of gal. And I think that's fine.

I am a fiction writer with fitness goals that will help with my fantasy writing.
I would like to be in a size 12-14.
I have a goal of weighing 160.

And I feel better.

What about you?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IWSG Can't Keep Up

Okay, if you were looking for my post earlier. I forgot. I knew today was the first of the month but I forgot it was also the first Wednesday and thus meant Insecure Writer's Support Group. Though as long as I get it posted in the next 55 minutes it'll still be Wednesday my time. lol I will go and comment on posts tomorrow before work.

Bloghop Link:

Can't Keep Up

This is a concern of mine, not just with writing fiction, but with social networking. The struggle through A to Z challenge (using 2 blogs) along with the past year of sluggish blogging and slowed twitter exposure has heightened this concern. I wonder if I can keep up with the needed social networks along with work and my other online interactions, oh and there is that novel writing thing I need to make time for (still editing novel).

I have 3 blogs. This one, Dawn Embers and a book review blog. I need to add someone to the reading blog and search for another to add. I need to post book reviews. I need to remember to blog on Dawn Embers this month. Need to do posts later on this month on this one and not just forget about it. I need to finish editing that pesky little novel and find test readers. I have to work and make money....  So much to do.

Plus I'm not on twitter much anymore. I use it more to communicate with a co-host for a contest I run on WDC and on occasion my sister. I post maybe twice a week what I'm doing. And it will be less if I can't get the new tweetdeck to work.

I'm already getting offers and suggestions on this blog that I don't know how to answer. I need to figure out my ethical boundaries when it comes to who I will promote and what I will accept. I am also going to consider how to monetize the blogging but don't know enough about that in order to make any decisions.

There is so much to do that I wonder if I can keep up with it all.

Do you worry about keeping up with social networking?
Any tips on how you manage?

May Goals

April is over and I made it through the challenge. I still have some commenting to do and will try to get to some of the blogs that I wanted to read but ran out of time as I was working and such. However, I am glad it is over. I had fun posting at times, though it was hard other days. I like the challenge but am definitely ready to go back to a less strict blog schedule.

April I had a few goals. Here they are:

Finish reading 2 books
Edit 4 chapters
Write 10,000 words in novella
Lose 4 lbs 
No fast food

How did I do?
Finished reading 2 books.
Worked on editing one chapter but not done with it.
Made it through blog challenge (it wasn't up there but it was important)
Gained a couple of lbs.
Didn't eat any fast food.

Time to re-evaluate and get some goals up for this month.

May Goals
Edit rest of Tattle Tell (or as much as I can and get rest done early June)
Write 5,000 words for Novella
Lose 5 lbs by eating healthier and moving around more
Don't sleep all morning on days off
Read 1 book.

What are your goals?


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