Friday, February 10, 2012

MNW versus MNE

For the past two years March has been for March Novel Writing Challenge (MNW). In 2010, I took part in the challenge and wrote 65k on Standing Ground. It was the first time I'd made 50k in 15 days. However, in 2011 I only wrote 15k on a YA novel.

On the other hand, this year I joined an editing challenge. At first I thought the editing was to be done in February but then I figured out it was a prep challenge and the editing would be in March. There is even a web site to sign on to for novel editing month in March.

Now I am torn. Do I want to edit in March or do I want to write?

MNW isn't really an official event. My friend had a forum for it on Writing.Com for the 2010 one and in 2011 I had my NaNoWriMo plus group along with this blog for those that wanted to take part. But no official web site or anything like that.  So, if I was to do it this year then I would have to do it in my group or on a blog again since I don't know who all wants to take part in it this year.

MNE has an official site. nanoedmo site There are forums and already people signed up, ready to go. The challenge I'm doing this month is planning to edit for this even though some have started editing already.

MNW is nice compared to NaNoWriMo because the goals are different. While someone can write 50k if they really want to, they don't have to do that much. There is no set goal minimum or max. The writer chooses their individual goals and can work on novels that they have already started. Last year I started a new novel but the year before I had 15k done of the novel before March.

MNE does have a goal to reach as well. For the editing challenge the goal is to achieve 50 hours of verified editing. The verification is done on the site and in their rules they explain what they qualify as editing.

Tough decision.

What about you?
Are you taking part in Editing Month?
Or are you more of a writing in March type?
Should I do both?


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