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Meet Ephram Gray

My first character introduction post, so I don't have a format set up yet. So, will just go by whatever I feel like posting in this first one.

Name: Ephram Gray
Nickname: Effy or Eph-man
Age: 15 (was younger in first draft so not set in stone)
Mutation: body temperature is undetectable and he can blur his image on cameras if he doesn't want to be seen, but he doesn't know that till mid-book.
Appearance: I'm a bit torn at the moment over his appearance. He was originally dark haired with hazel eyes. He's not really tall but not short either at this point but he's still growing since he's a teen. But now I'm wondering if he should be blonde haired with blue or green eyes. Whichever I pick is important because the parents will be the opposite. This is for a good reason, to show the difference aside from the fact that he's a mutant and they aren't. So, I have created pictures for both the dark haired version and the light haired version.

Ephram1 from book 1         Ephram2 from book 2            Blonde Ephram

Parents: Alive and married still. His mom works more than his dad, but his dad isn't comfortable spending time with him. Both work at different kinds of jobs, though neither jobs are described in the novel. If he's dark haired then they will be blonde, but if he's blonde then they will be dark haired. Examples, I did two images of the mom when she was younger on the same avatar site.
Blonde Mom                              Brunette Mom

See? Different. I'm not sure which to go with but for now, Mom is blonde and so is Dad. I feel weird calling them Mom and Dad but that's for a different blog post. Back to information on Ephram.

Style: Ephram keeps his hair somewhat short in book 1, and always brushed. He's organized, doesn't like to wear pants with holes in them or anything that's even somewhat dirty. His clothes are simple and functional. He is a bit of a nerd and recluse. He wears a wristband of sorts, kind of like the sweatband and rock ones, but more for function than style. It hides his mutant ID band.

Favorite Subjects: Art class, Computers and sometimes Math.

Hobbies: Spending time by himself. Working on rebuilding computers, creating/changing programs and software, reading books about anything.

Mutation: More details. His is one of the few that are obvious at birth, since they were unable to check his body temperature with any of the hospital equipment. He can't "do anything" that he knows of at the beginning of the book. His skin feels cooler when he doesn't wear the ID band but he's not allowed to take it off. The camera thing he finds out later when his new friend somehow gets ahold of a video camera and tries to film him. He's not fond of having pictures taken, so that leads to the image blurring. At school, no one knows he's a mutant as he hides the ID.

Friends: In the beginning, the closest thing to a friend is Levi and Carrie. But he has to tattle on Levi because he shows signs of mutation, so the friendship suffers. He tries to avoid making friends because he hates telling on the ones that are mutants though he wishes he could talk about his own mutation and have friends like him. But the new kid, Isaac (name may change), befriends him.

Sexual Orientation: Not important in book one. He ends up kind of dating Carrie, for a couple days, though he doesn't really know it till she says she can't be with him because her parents don't approve.

Not sure what else to post. Is there anything you'd like to know about Ephram?
Maybe I'll post one with him answering interview questions or let my characters post some day. But for now. This has been my first character introduction post. Look forward to more in the future.

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Titles and Followers

Not a character post, but I promise, soon you all will get to read about different characters. I wanted to post because a few days ago, I was driving home from shopping for stuff my stepdad wanted (and flowers to plant) and had an idea hit me. In general, I struggle with creating good titles and really hate when I don't have a title for novels. But one thing I hadn't done yet was to come up with titles for the overall series. Most my ideas are series, but my focus right now is on the mutant set of series that will intertwine.

Yes, the individual books can stand alone.  Even the ones who have read the yucky first draft of the first YA book would say it works on its own. And I'm betting the adult book would too if I wrote a better ending cause the ending el sucks right now. But they are a big series.

I do know the troubles with selling a big series. I blame my characters but this is getting a bit off track. While I need titles to write the books, I had no idea if I'd even think of a series title before sending out any queries. I can write without knowing what to call the overall series. So, I figured I'd come up with something eventually. Then it hit me.

One overarching theme of the series is how the different main characters, and why some books have different main character, get involved with the mutant revolution. In writing the adult book, I started to refer to some of the pockets of revolutionaries as rogues. Thus the series title:

*drum rolls and bells clamoring, okay maybe not the bells...*

The Rogues of Revolution Series

I win! hehehe. Love it and so does my writing twin. To me, it is awesome and I'm glad to have something to work with while I prepare the two first books for query. Time to get back to rewriting Tattle Tell and soon I'll rewrite Standing Ground.


Okay... I've had 49 followers for about a week now. At first, I wasn't going to do anything when I reach the 50 mark. I did a giveaway on my other blog at 50 but it was a small turnout and I didn't know what exactly I'd even give away on this blog since it's about my novels and nothing more. Then I got an idea. I have a bag of chocolate that is still unopened that I don't need to be eating. So, when I reach that magic 50, I will announce a very simple give away (one entry per person maximum) and the prize is going to be... Chocolate!

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Let's Talk

 I love dialogue! And the "let's talk" blogfest is perfect for a person like me.
Make sure to check out the other entries thanks to the awesome blogfest host: Fiction Groupie, the blogfest host blog

*** Side note: This is the last blogfest for the month and I'm going to focus on getting caught up in things other then writing while lowering my stress levels. But I might post a couple times at least. So, no worries.

Dialogue is awesomeness and very fun. I used to take part in a contest on where a prompt would be posted and the item had to be dialogue but nothing else. No dialogue tags either. Just the quoted words. It was great. Here is a link to my favorite one Psychology Speaks . The prompt was to write about a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist's most difficult patient. It's fun, or so I think.

Background for the scene: Noah is the hero, main character. But the villain, Valk, has his father, brother and boyfriend captive. So, at this point in the novel he is sort of working for the villain, under his control. And SS stands for "Superhero Society". It's not the most creative but I think the SS symbol is cool and those words fit. It's a government linked agency of mutants that don't have to wear the identification bands. The Suits have no control over them. Noah's family works for SS but he refused to become a part of the organization.

Excerpt from Standing Ground

Valk raised an eyebrow but didn't pry further. Instead, he let go of Noah and turned his own chair so he could face him. "Can I ask you something personal?"

He didn't know what to make of the whole situation. This was the weirdest Valk had ever acted and there had to be a reason behind it. He decided to play along for awhile to at least see where he was trying to go with the conversation. "Depends."

"In the past, did your father ever talk to you about anything important?"

"Like what?"

"I mean," Valk placed on hand on the table near them and crossed his leg over his knee as he sat back a bit on the chair. "Okay. I've said a lot of crap about your dad to make you mad but let's put that aside for now. You have to know that your father isn't intelligent. He's more brawn than brains."

Noah didn't speak or even acknowledge the truth in the statements. Instead, he sat and listened.

Valk crossed his arms, still keeping his eyes trained on Noah. “Let me guess. I bet your father never could help with any homework. He never talked to you about your mutation, what it means, or anything like that. In fact, I’ll even wager he never gave you the parental sex talk.”

“Yeah. So?”

“Doesn't that bother you? That your father could never help you or at least talk to you about anything when you needed him.”

Noah stared at him, blinking a few times. The conversation didn’t make sense and he hated feeling like he didn’t know what was going on. “I don’t see your point. Even if it did bother me, what does it matter now?”

“Do you want to talk to me?”

This almost got a laugh out of Noah... almost. The conversation had gone from weird to super awkward. “You want to talk to me about sex?”

Valk did laugh. “No. From what I can tell, you figured that one out yourself. I was thinking we should have a discussion about your mutation.”

“I’m pretty sure I've got that one figured out too.”

"Sure you have some things figured out, like exploding melons. But there are things you need to know but don't."

A twinge shot through Noah's arm as he pushed his hand into his knee. Now at least he knew the fruit incident was the reason for the summer melon on the table. Valk had to have access to the SS school records for him to know about it. At last, he had to bite. "What is it? This is getting weird so why don't you tell me what you want to say instead of talking around it."

"Okay, then. Straight to the point." Valk adjusted his shirt and sat up even more in the chair. "How long do you think SS is going to let you be out on your own, or even the government? Do you really think you will be able to live without being controlled and used?"

It was not the direction he had expected, in the slightest. "What do you mean?"

"Come on, Noah. Don't be so naive." He uncrossed his legs and settled down, putting a hand on each knee as he focused even more on Noah, if that was possible. "You are too strong for them to allow free reign. The government and SS can't afford to have someone like you left uncontrolled. They haven't used force yet, but there were plans set up. You were running out of time."

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Flirt Fest Entry

There are two blogfests and then no more for this blog until June. So, once these are done I'm going to start introducing new characters. Yay! Someone make sure I post a character introduction before June gets here. ;-)

And yet again, I'm driving for 7 hours the day of the blogfest. So, I'll comment on other people's entries for the Flirt Fest Blogfest when I'm actually home. Unless they are posted early. Might get a few comments in tonight, will have to wait and see. But on to the details of the blogfest!

Flirt Fest Blogfest
Hosted by Critique_This_WIP  Make sure to check out the other entries too.
The rules as posted on the blog: "On Sunday, May 16, 2010 post your favorite flirty scene, either from one of your WIPs, or a brand new one you've written just for this blogfest." No other rules. Nice!

So, I have a number of possibilities because flirting is fun and many of my characters gain and develop relationships in the books even if it's a side part of the story and not the main focus. But for fun, I decided to post from my only NaNoWriMo success. I wrote this in 2008 and it's romance/erotica but no erotica posting going on here. But I will post a little warning just to be on the safe side about a few of the words just in case. 

Story Detals = The main character, Alex is dating his next door neighbor for most of the book, a man originally from Greece name Nico. However, there is his best friend (ex-boyfriend from a long time ago) whom he still harbors feelings for. This is a scene between Alex and Tyson, the best friend.

It is technically a first draft with a minor edit.

*Warning* This scene talks about sex (none is shown) and has words that may make some people uncomfortable. It's not graphic and doesn't really have actual bad words but just making sure to cover all bases and cross all the i's.. or are they t's? hmmm Oh, and they are gay. But if you read my blog then you should very well be able to handle that cause it's all I write.  Oh and for those that are interested. Yes, the condom tree is described in better detail earlier in the book. ;-)

Hellenic Distractions

“Come with me,” Alex said as he grabbed Tyson’s hand leading him out of the living room.

“What are we doing in your bedroom?” Tyson looked around, smiling at the condom tree that remained on the nightstand next to the bed.

First, Alex went over to the condom tree and picked out several different ones before going to Tyson and slipping them in his right pocket. They smiled at the interaction for condoms had always been a source of amusement. Thus the idea for the tree, which had been the best gift that Alex had ever gotten from Tyson.

He shut the door, giving Tyson a quick grin and then took it back as if to act serious. “Okay. What seems to keep you from getting someone into bed?”

“I don’t know.” Tyson moved over, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Every time I get even close, I keep thinking and...”

“You are thinking too much.” Alex jumped to the conclusion. He pulled Tyson up so that he would be standing, placing himself between Tyson and the bed. He brought his hand to run it through Tyson’s soft hair. “You need to think less with this.” Alex said as he rubbed his temple.

“Let me guess,” Tyson laughed. “I should think with my dick?”

Alex smirked as he brought his hand down to graze the body part in mention. It was a little surprising that there was no attempt to move his hand away. “No. You shouldn’t think too much with that either. There are two places that you should think from when it comes to passion and sex.”

This intrigued him. “Oh really?” He seemed to be trying to figure out what Alex could possibly be suggesting but couldn't come up with the answer on his own. “And what might those two things be?”

“Well...” Alex moved his hand up into Tyson’s shirt, fondling him right above his stomach. “Right here is one; your soul.”

“My soul?” He laughed as he put his hand over his shirt on top of Alex’s hand. “So, my soul is in my diaphragm.”

Smiling, Alex nodded. “Yep. The next one is a little north.” He moved his hand up farther, placing it over his heart. “This is the other one.”

Tyson’s hand followed up, pressing Alex’s against his chest. He didn’t respond, but instead closed his eyes for a minute.

Alex moved in even closer, pressing his body up to Tyson’s. Having his eyes shut was an advantage and so he brought his mouth next to his ear and whispered. “You have the possibility for so much passion if you let yourself.”

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deleted Scene

 Blogfest time... Again. I'm going to Utah, 7 hour drive, so won't comment on the other entries till later.

This blogfest is brought to you by Jam and Toast. I mean... the blog Jam and Toast by the wonderful and amusing Mia. ;-)

The Rules Guidelines 

"Here's the plan ---> forget you might be busy, cancel all that busyness and choose your weapon-I choice...
Once you have your book at hand, write a humorous deleted scene for said tale. It can be a monologue, a dialogue, an interview or just plain old scene ---> the possibilities are endless!! In fact, maybe you could make it a guest post by the MC of the book? But I'm merely speculating here.
On Monday the 10th of May we will then all post our own little (or big) scenes!!"

The Rules Guidelines I'm Not Following
Pick a book of choice. - Yeah, I'm not using a book at all, even though I'm not doing my own novels/stories either.
Write a humorous deleted scene - Well, I don't know. Maybe. The character can be funny but we'll see what scene I pick because as I type this, I don't know which of the few I got done during scriptfrenzy that I'll post.

Another last minute pick for a blogfest. I was a bit apprehensive about this one in particular because I prefer to post my own stories/characters. I haven't gotten into the fan fiction type stories, at least when it comes to writing them. If a friend wants me to look their stories over, then I will even though I often have never seen the show that influenced the stories. But with anatomy quizzes, homework, needing to take a cat to the vet, going to Utah today(day of blogfest) and such... I just couldn't write a new scene. So I could either post a deleted prologue, which I'd rather not do, or post the Friends script I started during scriptfrenzy.

Details: I <3 Chandler. Since I write glbtq characters, I have sometimes imagined a story where Chandler was actually gay instead of just a straight guy that has questionable behavior because people think it's funny to doubt his orientation. The overall plan, writing for my self, start in the future while he reflects on the past as he prepares to go to a romance book signing that his mother and his ex are going to be at. The flashbacks are from different seasons, showing times where he might have actually been involved with someone else not shown.

Warning!  I'm not good at writing script, and I don't care if there is anything incorrect about the script format. It looks longer due to the format. sorry

Scene 4b - strip club continued

int - strip club, focused on bar

Cast: Chandler, Jae, Bartender, random people walking by

Jae and Chandler have been at the bar for awhile now. Chandler spills everything about his recent emotional/relationship issues. Also went into his parents, and in particular, his father (gay drag queen) and his own personal fears.

Wow. That's a lot to deal with. I can see why you'd be worried, but I'm sure you're going to be nothing like your father, or mother.

I hope not. But how can I be sure. I mean, they didn't think they'd end up this way at first either. And look what happened to them.

True, but look at it this way. Do you want to wear a dress, write erotica or perform on stage in Vegas while showing off cleavage?

(tentative or uncomfortable)

Then you won't end up like either of your parents.


 You're a great guy. Trust me on this.

Chandler leans over the bar in front of Jae to get a napkin or a basket with pretzels/nuts. Small Pause. Jae leans in and they kiss.

(pulls away, stands up)
I'm sorry.


I didn't mean to do that. Honest. Sorry. I'm just going to go now...

Jae leaves in a bit of a panic. Chandler watches him go.

Scene 4c - after the kiss

ext outside the club at dark, still raining.

Cast: Jae, Chandler, random people passing by

Rain falls and Jae is standing under the cover of a small bus stop area smoking a cigarette. Chandler walks over, slow, despite getting wet from the rain. Jae looks up when Chandler gets to the bus stop, but neither speak at first.

Chandler, I'm...

Chandler interrupts Jae, taking the cigarette and tossing it on to the ground. He moves forward and kisses Jae. They spend a good minute kissing, before pulling apart.

Your place?


scene 4d - after the fact

Fade in

int - Jaes rather empty apartment

Cast: Jae and Chandler

Jae and Chandler are both lying on the mattress, no bed frame, at the corner of the studio apartment, under the covers. Neither has a shirt on. It's not long after the fact and both are still breathing a little heavy.

I've got to say, this can't be your first time doing that. There is no way.

Honestly? Okay, but before I give the real answer you have to promise never to tell anyone.

Who would I tell?
(receives a look)
Okay. I won't tell anyone, promise.

I went to an all boy private high school. And we did a little experimenting.

None of your friends know?

They know I went to a boys only school, but not that I had sex there. I told everyone that I lost my virginity in college.

huh.. So, you'd rather your friends think you were so lame you couldn't get laid till you were in your twenties than know you had sex with a male?

Pretty much. I have been avoiding this. I still don't quite know if I really am, you know.

Yeah. I understand.

Fade out

scene 5a - reading book

fade in

int: Chandler's home office, focused in on chandler and the book he is reading.

Cast: Chandler

Chandler has read a chapter or two of the book. He is completely focused on the book and nothing else.

camera focuses on the book, at the current open page, on one passage in particular.

Book Text:
The whole first part of the non-relationship/affair went by in a daze; a beautiful confusion of sweaty nights and hidden moments of tender intimacy behind office doors and rare solitary times in either apartment. It was weird bliss. I don't know how his friends never figured it out, there were some close calls. But they stayed oblivious to us, to his little secret.

Fade out

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Bad Girl

Bad Girl Blogfest
Check out The WriteRunner Blog to see the other entries.

I had this planned out. I was going to write a section of the next chapter in the second book (first isn't written yet but oh well) of Blood Prophesy series. The main character, or one of the more main characters, is the antagonist in the first book. Her name is Phoenix and the WIP title for the second book is Pheonix Rising (I know, I know, it will be changed later on). Was going to write the scene where she investigates the small remains of a person who was carrying an important item, then when she heads out some guy comes up to her talking all tough. He says something about it not being safe for a lady, but she turns the tables fast and uses force skill  to get information from him. That was going to be my scene for today. And you all thought my no dialogue scene had a lot of telling, what I just explained had to be pure telling. lol

But after having to randomly go help my sister yesterday, who lives in a different town, driving her all the way to Aurora, Colorado and back. (That's near Denver for those that don't know.) Spent over 6 hours driving yesterday. Almost got to where she lives, snow storm with icy roads and slid in the big truck on the interstate. Yeah. So, stayed the night on the couch where she lives without my insomnia meds... No sleep. Drove home this morning. Have tons of homework that's late. Basically, I'm tired.

Luck, as I found out, comes in the fact that the first chapter I wrote for Phoenix Rising, based on a dream I had, has a bad girl. The creatures, non-humans with some vampire like qualities but they are not vampires, are hunting the "main character" of the chapter. He has an important item (that I don't know what it is yet) and they want it. Just before getting caught by those hunting him, Abram uses the last of his magic (running out of energy) to send the item away but even he has no idea where because he didn't have time to pick a destination... By the way, her name is Shyva which is at the end of the section submitted for the blogfest.

It's rough, it has errors and details not filled out. But she's bad enough that I'm posting it. I'll comment on other blogs later when I have napped for a bit.

Oh, and it's kinda long, for me. But oh well.

Phoenix Rising Prologue (that's right... I have a prologue. lol)

Abram backed up until he could go no further. The back of his knees pressed against hard padding of a bench that was connected to the wall. He wasn't surprised the first one down was actually a huntress. She was tall, with long dark hair that had been put up in a tight band to keep it from getting in the way. Her cold green eyes stared at him as she approached. She had a smirk formed from her ruby red lips. The red glared sharp contrast against the white of her almost perfect teeth. Abram could tell by the cut of her clothes, they were meant to entice but unknown to the sultry huntress, it would not work on him.

"I have found you at last." She spoke with a strong, purposeful voice, showing no signs of fatigue. "Give 'the item' to me."

"What 'item?' I don't know what you're talking about." Abram danced around the subject.

With a calm stride, her black trenchlength jacket swaying against her long legs, she approached him. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Now, give it to me." She pushed him off his feet, onto the padded bench. "I will not warn you again."

More of the hunters started to enter the room, moving along the sides of the room to form a half circle, none getting too close. He pulled up any courage he had left to respond, "You can't have it."

With a minimal amount of effort or visible emotion, she grabbed him by the neck, picking him up and pushing him against the back wall. His feet hung just below the bottom edge of the bench. "Your time is running out. I can make this as painless or painful, that is up to you."

Coughing, Abram struggled for air.

With a content smirk, she let go, dropping him.

Taking a couple deep breaths, he gave her the truth. "I can't give it to you because I no longer have 'the item.' I sent it away."

"Where?" She demanded, showing some impatience.

"I don't know."

The answer did not suite her and a look of displeasure crossed her face. She dragged her hand up his chest, wrapping her fingers lightly around his neck, putting some pressure with her fingernails in specific spots.

"It could be anywere," Abram stammered. "For all I know, it could be in your own home. I sent it away without a specified location." He felt his body start to shiver despite his attempts to not show any fear. His energy had been spent and he could no longer pretend. It took all his strength not to give in completely.

There were at least half a dozen others watching, both male and female. Abram knew the end result wasn't going to be pretty. At least he wouldn't be able to watch the pack tear his body apart.

"Since you have cooperated, for the most part," the huntress let go, but straddled his lap in the process making him twitch. "I might allow you some pleasure before you die." Her lips inches away from his left ear.

Abram knew what she wanted. It was obvious based upon her words and actions. Some tales mentioned the enhanced flavor that came from feasting after a pleasurable release, but he would not be giving her the satisfaction.

"I will make you scream," she toyed with him as she attempted to bring his body up to her desired state of being, "in pleasure and then pain."

The crowd along the walls cheered, enjoying the spectacle. All looked hungry and soon began to lose patience as they didn't get the reactions they wanted. At last one dared to suggest, "he doesn't seem to respond to your sexual charisma."

Her spine stiffened, bringing her chest an inch closer to Abram chin. She scowled at the speaker. "No one can resist me. Now back off." She focused on her prey, pressing her nails light against his skin creating a light trail but not breaking the skin of his neck down his chest opening his shirt along the way.

He didn't respond.

More of the watchers began to jeer. "This is taking too long," one complained. Others echoed the sentiment and then a hush fell among them as a throat was cleared.

At the sound, the huntress pushed herself off Abram and stood aside, giving him full view of the new member to join the hunting party. All seemed to bow their heads out of respect, including the huntress with the inflated ego. This told him that the hunter was their leader, and he took a minute to seize him up.

The broad shouldered hunter approached Abram, walking across the room with a slow, purposeful stride. He recognized the hunter from the staircase but now got a better look at his strong body. Even that simple glance caused a stirring in the pit of his stomach as his eyes followed the curves and muscles of the hunter's body. He stood taller than all the others by almost half a foot, had dark hair that ebbed with each step of his thick, black boots. His brown/orange eyes latched upon Abram and almost seemed to glow as they took him in.

Once he made it across the room, the hunter spoke. "Shyva. Your methods will not work with this one." He smiled, exposing his sharp, white teeth.

"He sent the item away," said the huntress, Shyva. She didn't look at the head hunter directly, showing her respect. "So, I began to prepare him for the clan's feast but he is stronger than I expected. It will take a little longer."

The hunter chuckled. "If you continue then we'll be waiting forever."

"No male can resist me," Shyva argued, stepping out of her sudden humble state and returned to the egotistical being she had been before he had interrupted. "I will break his will."

"Your pride has blurred your sense of logic." He dismissed her. "This one is mine."

***** Image Added *****
Kind of like this but wither darker eyes and more distinguishable features.

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