Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet Ephram Gray

My first character introduction post, so I don't have a format set up yet. So, will just go by whatever I feel like posting in this first one.

Name: Ephram Gray
Nickname: Effy or Eph-man
Age: 15 (was younger in first draft so not set in stone)
Mutation: body temperature is undetectable and he can blur his image on cameras if he doesn't want to be seen, but he doesn't know that till mid-book.
Appearance: I'm a bit torn at the moment over his appearance. He was originally dark haired with hazel eyes. He's not really tall but not short either at this point but he's still growing since he's a teen. But now I'm wondering if he should be blonde haired with blue or green eyes. Whichever I pick is important because the parents will be the opposite. This is for a good reason, to show the difference aside from the fact that he's a mutant and they aren't. So, I have created pictures for both the dark haired version and the light haired version.

Ephram1 from book 1         Ephram2 from book 2            Blonde Ephram

Parents: Alive and married still. His mom works more than his dad, but his dad isn't comfortable spending time with him. Both work at different kinds of jobs, though neither jobs are described in the novel. If he's dark haired then they will be blonde, but if he's blonde then they will be dark haired. Examples, I did two images of the mom when she was younger on the same avatar site.
Blonde Mom                              Brunette Mom

See? Different. I'm not sure which to go with but for now, Mom is blonde and so is Dad. I feel weird calling them Mom and Dad but that's for a different blog post. Back to information on Ephram.

Style: Ephram keeps his hair somewhat short in book 1, and always brushed. He's organized, doesn't like to wear pants with holes in them or anything that's even somewhat dirty. His clothes are simple and functional. He is a bit of a nerd and recluse. He wears a wristband of sorts, kind of like the sweatband and rock ones, but more for function than style. It hides his mutant ID band.

Favorite Subjects: Art class, Computers and sometimes Math.

Hobbies: Spending time by himself. Working on rebuilding computers, creating/changing programs and software, reading books about anything.

Mutation: More details. His is one of the few that are obvious at birth, since they were unable to check his body temperature with any of the hospital equipment. He can't "do anything" that he knows of at the beginning of the book. His skin feels cooler when he doesn't wear the ID band but he's not allowed to take it off. The camera thing he finds out later when his new friend somehow gets ahold of a video camera and tries to film him. He's not fond of having pictures taken, so that leads to the image blurring. At school, no one knows he's a mutant as he hides the ID.

Friends: In the beginning, the closest thing to a friend is Levi and Carrie. But he has to tattle on Levi because he shows signs of mutation, so the friendship suffers. He tries to avoid making friends because he hates telling on the ones that are mutants though he wishes he could talk about his own mutation and have friends like him. But the new kid, Isaac (name may change), befriends him.

Sexual Orientation: Not important in book one. He ends up kind of dating Carrie, for a couple days, though he doesn't really know it till she says she can't be with him because her parents don't approve.

Not sure what else to post. Is there anything you'd like to know about Ephram?
Maybe I'll post one with him answering interview questions or let my characters post some day. But for now. This has been my first character introduction post. Look forward to more in the future.


Simon C. Larter said...

Huh. I've never considered making avatar pics of my characters. Probably because I rarely know what they look like outside of the most general descriptions, and don't dwell that much on physical appearances.

What I SHOULD do is figure out more about my characters' likes, dislikes, motivations, etc. This pantsing thing ain't working for me, fo sho.

Good on you for doing the work, good lady!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Simon. The avatar thing is nice but also kind of limiting. I usually don't figure out things like skin color for characters, not that the avatar site I used gave choices for that.

Having some character details helps but I didn't know much when I did the first draft of his novel. Pantsing can work too.


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