Friday, September 5, 2014

Goals for Fall and Beyond

My goals for now and all the way up to summer 2015.

Summer is over here. Yep, it's now September and so much has happened over the past few months, yet I forgot to blog a good part of the time. Oops. Anyways, here is a quick run down and then fall goals type of blog post for you to enjoy.

I turned 30 recently, which ended up being tame and not as stress inducing as I thought it might be. My mom came to visit, so we went to the beach on my birthday. It was a very nice day too, so we managed to get to the ocean after struggled attempts finding a place that would actually be easy to get to from the parking spot. Also saw a light house, got some nice ocean pictures, looked around little shops, got salt water taffy and ate fresh sea food by the ocean. Very nice day overall. Didn't panic or anything even though I'm not where I'd thought I'd be at 30, but I'm at a good point to make some changes and work towards my life goals.

On that end, I have many fall and winter projects to work on and need to get to busy to accomplish them.

Apartment and belongings - My mess is mostly just unorganized stuff. So need to get it all organized and put in appropriate locations: paperwork, clothes, etc. Get rid of some, donate some and put in better spots for the rest. Would make cleaning easier too.
Pictures - Cat ones need scanned and combined onto cds. I also need to write on the backs of all the other pictures I have that are mine for when I can't remember who and such anymore.

Finish novel draft
Write a couple stories
Query letter

TT needs the final edit done
Standing Ground needs started with the edit
Adult novels need rewrite or edits, but those will wait for other decisions

Post in blogs
I have adsense on one so that needs content posted at least a few times a month. I need to write several posts in advance, have like a blog day or two a month, then schedule them so other days I can comment on people's blogs.

World Build:
Need to prepare for NaNoWriMo by world building Epic Fantasy.

Walk 2 miles once a week, starting out, and increase activity from there.

Watch calories consumed and track on myfitnesspal
Lose 10 lbs by NaNoWriMo (aka November)  this is starting at 211, which was what I had on the myfitnesspal

I weigh 209 now. So, my basic goal is to get to 200 soon. My overall goal for summer 2015 is to lose 30 lbs, which would equate to weighing almost 180. It's not an ending point, but a good reach that I can visualize and from there and I can visualize the next steps. Maybe even some day a swim suit. We'll see. ;-)

November will, of course, be NaNoWriMo, so I'll write at least 100,000 words that month. But I've also got work and trying to make more money, along with crafts I want to do, painting and sewing, etc. So much to do this fall/winter.

What about you? Are you ready for Fall/Spring?


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