Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Time

It's Secret time! That is, the secret blogfest hosted by the wonderful Tara at Midnight Ink
Go to her blog to reach links for everyone entering the blogfest. There should be many interesting and different secrets revealed in the blogs presented there.
Rules of the Blogfest:
"The premise of this blog fest is to write a scene in which your characters either:
1. tell a secret
2. have a secret they have to keep
3. expose something to someone else
4. find something secret."

I didn't realize it until I had to search through my novels and story sections that are really just scenes for novels, that secrets are common in my novels. It's pretty easy to do with the main characters often being gay and not often out to everyone. Sure, they are often out to others but it's not uncommon for someone not to know. Then there are other secrets. #SekritNovel has many but the whole novel is a "secret" right now, so can't use it for the secret blogfest. LOL... Other secrets involve major plot points, so those can't be shared either. Basically, it has been tough deciding what scene to post for this blogfest.

But I've finally chosen a novel to post. Instead of going the mutant route, I'm going with the angel//demon, which is my other common used blogfest novel. Yes, it still lacks a WIP title. Yes, it tells a bit more than it shows, to say the least but as usual it's a first draft.

The Novel: Angel//Demon

This is a minor scene with the angel main character, Elijah, and one of his wards. He's a guardian and helps those who have recently became reborn into their faith. Clara is still clutching to her old identity while trying to be faithful to the religion. But it turns out she might know more than she should.

The Scene:

At last Clara responded, "Good for you. Have you and him had sex?"

"Well, no." He moved closer to the bed where she remained seated, pickup up a red book of quotations that was placed open against the foot of the bed. The slight odor of old pages wafted in the air. He flipped through the pages, not wanting to discuss the physical aspects of romance.

"I'm not surprised."

Her response surprised Elijah. She seemed so nonchalant about it as well. He could have asked further but didn't want to dwell on the topic. Instead he found a change of topic. "Your artwork is very nice."

"You like?" Clara moved from the bed, tossing the sketchbook aside onto a pile of books. She searched around another pile of items that stood up against a black wood dresser with black and red clothing spilling out of the semi-open drawers. "I've got a painting that I'd love to show you. It's my favorite so far in this project."

"What project?"

"I'm combining quotes from that book with images on boards and canvas paper." She pointed to the red book in his hands. "Here is it." Clara grabbed a flat, brown board and pulled it out of the pile. Turning it around, she set it up on top of the dresser. "What do you think?"

He stared at the painting, only able to see the left half. The design of a red angelic wing appeared to be glazed onto the board in amazing detail. The bright wing almost seemed to come from Clara's body as she stood blocking the other half. Once she stepped away, he got the full view and his jaw dropped open. Upon the right segment read the line: All God's angels come to us disguised.

She stared at him long enough that he was able to recover and respond. "It's very good."

"You were my inspiration." Clara gave him another smile, only this time it was one that said more than what had been spoken.

A feeling of dread creeped its way up Elijah's throat to the point where he could taste it. He was afraid she might know the truth about him but had no idea what to do. He'd been taught to never tell his secret but not once had it been mentioned what to do if someone found out anyways. Clearing his throat, he tried a fake out, as if everything was okay. "I'm flattered."

After a pause, Clara added, "don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Muse

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Monday's Muse. Maybe someday I'll have an image to use for this day. For now, we'll just get to the images and song I have for the very first post of Monday's Muse.    Thanks Ashy for making this wonderful image for my weekly Monday's Muse.   

The Novel: Standing Ground (mutant series)
Main Character: Noah

I found these pictures on "" and the first ones are nice pictoral views of a younger version of the character. The hair is the key aspect. The character has very bright colored eyes, which aren't seen in the pictures but I still really like these.

Next is a muse that was used during the actual writing, where as all of my images were found in the last week. Most of my writing inspiration is from music as I like to do music playlists while writing, though sometimes I write while watching tv. There were many songs when I started writing this novel, which focused on the hero element until later on when I found other music more condusive to writing.

This song is key and is sort of the theme song to the novel, and more importantly, to the main character: Noah. The song is Second Chance by Shinedown and it's awesome. So, if you don't have it already then go buy it. Really.

There are many other songs but those will be posted in future posts as I've got many things to post and there are many days in the future for such. But enough of my ramble, I'll move to posting more images.

Now for pictures about the character. He is a mutant that controls energy, in particular electricity. So, here are two images that pertain to that aspect. The lightbulb is something that is seen on a regular basis for the novel, though more occur. The other image is one about Nikola Tesla but it has a lot of energy that is very visible. These images came from google image search on electricity.

Now for some more details that are linked to the character. He is anti-war and in the novel not only learns to protest but takes part in anti-war protests while his boyfriend is away fighting in the war. More from google search.

And of course, when he decides to go off on his own to save his family and boyfriend, this can't hurt.

Some day there will be another post for the novel Standing Ground that focuses more on the book instead of the main character. For now, this has been the Monday's Muse. Hope you have enjoyed it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Coming Soon

A Blog Schedule! 

That's right. There is more to this blog than blogfest entries and I'm going to find a weekly schedule to stick to for posts. I'm trying to pick days of the week and fun stuff that could go with the days. Thinking 2/3 posts a week when there are no blogfests and the schedule may get shelved for days there are blogfests.

The obvious one is going to be Work In Progress Wednesday (WIP Wednesday). I've seen a number of other writer's do this and since this blog is for my writing that makes sense. Course I could call it Writing Wednesday but I like WIP a little more as it entails writing works that are being constructed and not random tidbits from past that aren't going anywhere.

So, Wednesday is for WIP.

I'm thinking Monday is going to be Monday's Muse. This can be stuff about muses but more often than not it's going to be about inspiration for different novels/stories/etc. There will be pictures and if I can ever learn how to post youtube videos on a blog. I tried once and failed. But I'll think of something. Either way, sources of inspiration shall be monday's topic.

Not sure what the other day will be just yet. But I have a schedule now. Yay!

Any suggestions on the third day?
What do you think?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad Boy Blogfest

Another blogfest and much fun. This is the Bad Boy blogfest.

The host of the blogfest is Tina Lyn from Sweet Niblets . Check out the other entries because there are going to be some good, I mean Bad, entries. ;-)

I've never cared for "bad boys" myself. Give me nice and nerdy any day. Or fun, strong women. My BF pretends to be bad and I keep telling him he'll get further with his nerdy talk about anime and astronomy than anything "bad boy" like. But that's a personal preference. The bad boy can come in handy in novels at least, and make for interesting scenes with tension.

What qualifies as a bad boy?
I got this from the AskMen web site, where they advice men on this page to act like the bad boy in order to get girls, but still recommend being good guys with just a little bit of bad boy in them. It's kinda funny, so check it out.

"The typical Bad Boy:
is cocky, arrogant
always puts himself first
is inattentive to a woman's needs
does what he wants when he wants to do it, regardless of what anyone else thinks
acts like a loose cannon
struts his masculine sexuality
isn't even remotely a "nice" guy
treats women badly
often uses women for sex"

The last doesn't work so much for me, unless it's one of the bi ones who then have sex with both males and females. lol But some of the other ones are pretty easy to have in a character, especially one that isn't supposed to be liked.

My Entry: Angel//Demon novel that does not even have a WIP title.
This is the scene that leads up to the fight between the demon MC and the demon that is the bad boy in this scene. However, the demon MC is not seen much here as it's from the angel MC perspective. I do research for the names for all angels and demons in the book.

The coffee shop buzzed with excitement, the air tingling around Elijah as he wiped down one of the empty tables in the main area. He surveyed the small crowd but knew the feeling didn’t come from the number of those in the room. The room could hold up to thirty but rarely made it past 15. The excitement was caused by the fact that every customer in the room was a demon, with the epicenter located at the table holding the leader of the group. Yet, the leader was one Elijah knew, despite their extreme differences.

As the only angel in the area, he should have felt worried but he didn’t. He took the job knowing that the neutral ground would create situations like this and for the most part nothing bad ever happened. When he returned to behind the counter, a new person entered the shop and Elijah cringed.

Another demon entered, but he was a regular. His blonde spikes were short and tipped with black, and it matched his all black attire. But it was the manner in which he carried himself, his sneer of a smile and how he walked like he was constantly stalking his prey.

“Is that guy going to get anything or just squat here?” Lucas interrupted, closing the case door to the sandwich and dessert case. “Some of these punks just don’t get it’s not our job to wait on them.”

“No. I’ve got it.” He knew better than to allow Lucas to deal with the guy. He hasn’t learned yet what he wants, so it was Elijah’s job to deal with the nuisance. “Why don’t you brew another pot of regular. I think we’re almost out.”

With a tray set, Elijah made his way to the far back table that had become the jerk one’s spot. It was away from the rest of the customers. The usual turkey and swiss with no lettuce, nothing green. No mayo graced the bread, for that would result in disaster. The last item on the tray was a very hot cup of coffee balanced as he walked.

“Took you long enough. Did you get lost?”

His voice was strong and too appealing for his personality, or so Elijah thought. In fact, if he’d been any less unpleasant, he’d have been attractive. Elijah put the food and drink down before answering. “My apologies, um...” Oh crap. He couldn’t think of the demon’s name, which was bad. He had to know the name by now. It started with an R...

“Don’t tell me you don’t know my name?” He laughed, with his cocky voice.

Elijah had to say something, so he went for, “Ronve...”

“Eh.” With a quick swipe of his hand, the demon knocked the full hot coffee on the ground, causing Elijah to jump from the liquid that hit his leg. “But close. Ronove. Need that o.”

Another laugh comes out as Elijah sinks to the floor to pick up the cup and blot at the coffee mess. He turns his back to Ronove in order to finish cleaning up and gets another comment.

“Or would you rather I be Phil?”

“Phil? Why would I care if your name was Phil?” He looked back, feeling awkward being on his knees in that moment.

Ronove only had to say one word, the full name, to get his meaning across. “Philatanus.”

The name causes a shiver down Elijah’s spine and by instinct he shifted so that his back wasn’t to the demon. For the name mentioned was one known for forced sodomy, no matter the age involved. He finished cleaning the mess without turning his back to the demon again.

“Good. You’re learning.” The reaction caused Ronove to smile. “Now be a good little servant and get me a new cup of coffee.”

Monday, June 14, 2010

Character Interview Blogfest

I was once a reporter for the Business/Science section of Weber State University newspaper. However, I have only done character interviews during pre-nano prep month, October, and those interviews are very short. The characters don't stand out or show their personalities at all and I hated doing those exercises.

So, why did I sign up for the blogfest? 1. I forgot all that information. 2. Blogfests are awesome. 3. I learned a little how to show character personality by pretending to take part in online chats as my characters so it may go better this time.

Here it is.
The Character Interview Blogfest

Host: Sangu @ Echoes of a Wayward Mind
Rules: "Pick any one of your characters, and interview them. Then post that interview on your blog." and "Try to limit your interviews to about 500-700 words."

Check out the link to go see the other entries. Trust me, there will be some great ones for sure.

My Character: Lucas, near the beginning of the book not long after becoming a demon.
He's the one I wrote for the chat, so I figure it will be easier to do an interview with him about what his new life is like as a demon. That and it won't really spoil any plots or novel endings.  He's also one of two main characters for the novel. And yes, despite some people's views that this could be contradictory, but he's a nice demon.

The Interview

DE (that's me): Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer a few questions. *I prepare my notepad and make sure the tape recorder is working cause that's how I roll*

Lucas: Huh? oh, yeah. Umm, sure. Not like I had anything better to do. *He pauses and a look of concern flashes in his eyes* I mean for real. I don't do much these days, so this does give me something to do that doesn't involve fights or any other demon activity.

DE: Wow. That would be a good spot to start but we should probably start simple. What's your name?

Lucas: Well, my name is Lucas... um, something. Wow. I'm already forgetting my last name from when I was a regular human.

DE: Odd. Do you remember much from your human days?

Lucas: *ponders while crossing his ankles and then uncrossing them again* Some. Nothing big really. I remember the last few days the most but everything else has started to fade. There wasn't much great, so it's not that bad forgetting everything.

DE: *scribble notes. Considers asking about parents but need to get to the demon stuff, must move forward* Okay. What was dying like?

Lucas: It was sudden. I didn't even notice it really.

DE: What happened?

Lucas: Well, it was weird. I was walking home from church because my stepdad forced me to go that morning even though I would have preferred sleeping in. Kind of wish I hadn't gone really. Then I heard a loud noise and blackness. What seemed like a minute later, I was standing up and a friend was coming over to me. He said it had been days and told me I was dead. I didn't believe him at first.

DE: I imagine it would be hard news to take, dying. And now you're a demon? Right?

Lucas: Yep. *he laughs and shakes his head* I never believed in demons, angels or God and now I'm a (bleep) demon. It's crazy.

DE: What's life like as a demon?

Lucas: Cold.

DE: Cold? What do you mean by that?

Lucas: I mean I'm cold. They sent me to Detroit of all places where it's (bleep) freezing all the damn time. As a human I lived in Southern California. I thought it would be all fire and brimstone, but no... I get gray city with below zero winters. Guess that counts as hell though since I sure as (bleep) don't enjoy it.

DE: Guess that could make sense. What does a demon do? Do you have a job?

Lucas: Ugh. *he looks away, starting to pick at the seat of his chair* From what I can tell, though I'm still learning about all this crap, there are different things a demon can do. I work in message delivery and sometimes handle dirty work surrounding those messages but not often. Most the details are not to be shared with humans or anyone other than those specified. That's my only real job at the moment though I might need something so I can get a place to live. Staying on another demon's couch kinda sucks.

DE: I'm sure you have much to do, so I'll skip ahead to a question I'm sure many people would be wondering, since you're a demon. Have you ever met Satan, the devil, and if so what's he like?

Lucas: I haven't met Satan, I haven't met God. Wish I could tell you something cool, I really do but I know nothing for this question. Maybe one day I'll meet someone important but right now I just get to meet lesser demons.

DE: No worries. Thank you so much for taking the time and answering my questions.

Lucas: Eh. It's no big deal.

DE: You're so nice for a demon. How is that possible?

Lucas: *smiles and shrugs*

The End

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Titles Explained

Okay. I promised to explain the titles and even though not many may return here it is.
I say the not many return part because I posted the last half of the beach story that everyone wanted to see and so far no comments.
In case you've forgotten, or don't feel like scrolling down here are the titles and potential genres. And remember, two titles are for the same book.

The Titles:
Hellenic Distractions
Ephram's Defiance
Against All Evidence
The Blood Prophesy
Tattle Tell

The Genres:
Mutant (okay, that's not the genre, it's fantasy/sci-fi)

The Results:
Mutant = Ephram's Defiance and Tattle Tell  (one book)
Mystery = Against All Evidence
Romance/Erotica(Gay) = Helenic Distractions
Paranormal = The Blood Prophesy

Now, because I want to I'm going to talk about and/or explain each title(s).

First, the mutant novel. I started it back in 2007 for my second nanowrimo attempt with a goal of 20k that month. I made it to 14k and that's all. At the time, I chose the title Ephram's Defiance because the main character is named Ephram and the question, or main plot near the end is whether he will defy the system or not. I like the title, but since it says defiance it kind of indicates that he'd going to defy something and/or someone. And since it's a first book of a complicated series, that could stand alone but still, I don't really want the main characters name in the title. That and what will I do when Ephram, Isaac and Noah are prominent characters? Yeah, problem. So, I came up with Tattle Tell. It has a weird sound to it since it's tell instead of tale but I kind of like it. A big part of the confict from beginning to end, even starting with the first chapter is that Ephram is a tattle. So, I think it fits pretty well. I'm on the second draft so who knows for sure if it will stick.

Hellenic Distractions is the only nanowrimo win I have on record. I wrote it in 2008 and it's my only book that's romance/erotica, though I have a novella in the works that my fan adores. It's based on the main character, Alex who still has feelings for his ex, who is his best friend but he's afraid of ever acting on them again because he had his heartbroken once already. So, he ends up dating a man that lives next door to him, who is from Greece (get the title?). The Greek man has some secrets and doesn't always understand English so there are conflicts.

Against All Evidence is the novel and genre that I'm totally new to. Right now I don't read mystery and will have to do a lot of research when I get to the rewrite. The idea first came with book two, which wasn't initially a mystery but then I added in a detective main character with the original main character as the love interest and the idea sky rocketed. The first idea, which is book two, is called Beyond Brotherly Love, which is why I went for something that is A A _. After some thought, and this is one of a rare set that didn't just come to me at random, I came up with Against All Evidence, and it does work with the plot. The detective, who hasn't been a detective long is on a high profile case with his work partner and has to figure out who murdered the old rich guy even if the evidence doesn't always point them in the right direction.

Finally, The Blood Prophesy. I love this title but it's a Work In Progress title and nothing more. The main character has to find the prophet, which is the center of the first story. I came up with the idea and then the title at once, before anything was written. The idea continues to grow and went from a maybe two book idea to an epic series surrounding intense war with a few key characters I never planned at first. So, it may change but the blood prophesy is still an important part and will be involved somehow, somewhere.

And to think, these are just 5 titles. I have a few more but followed the rules this time of the blogfest. Maybe some day I'll talk about some other titles but for now, I think this is enough.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my novels and their vexing titles.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Next Top Title Blogfest

Yep. Blogfest is back. This time it's a fun one about titles so there will be far less to read when it comes to the actual entry.  The blogfest is ran by Slushpile Slut and yes that is the real name for the blog. Check out the other entries as there are bound to be dozens upon dozens of great titles presented in this blogfest to determine the next top titles.

Rule of Blogfest: post 3-5 titles on June 12th

Titles vex me. I have a hard time writing a novel if I don't have a somewhat decent work in progress title. After that, I struggle hardcore to find the right title for the novel. Either I get it at random or I don't have a title. There is no real inbetween for me. I can't do little tricks to come up with titles. They just come to me at random, which irks me to know end. Two of the last three came to me when my internet wasn't working because stepdad forgot what date to pay the bill by. The third, series title, came while I was driving across part of Wyoming. Yep. Random.

So, most of my novels don't have very many titles. I can't list five title for a single novel to see what people might think of them. I do have two titles for one novel, though I know which one I'm going with. So, I'll post different novel titles from different genres. I'll post one mutant novel, a mystery novel, romance/erotica novel and paranormal one. But I won't tell which one is which title goes to which genre, or which two titles are for the same book. You all get to guess but some are more obvious then others. Why the guesswork? Cause I'm feeling evil like that. muahahaha

The Titles:

Hellenic Distractions

Ephram's Defiance

Against All Evidence

The Blood Prophesy

Tattle Tell

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach continued

Tomorrow will be another blogfest, one with titles, but for today I'm going to be nice.

Yes. I am going to post the rest of the beach scene from the last blogfest since I posted half of the short story as my entry. Had some interesting responses, many think the body is a dead one, and almost everyone (or maybe everyone, I can't remember) wants to know the ending. And I wasn't sure if I was going to post it but today I figured why not. It's a random short story that has potential for more but isn't even near the top of my 50+ book list. But I still like how it came out.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see a variety of titles from me, and if you've paid any attention in the past you'll get to read again how titles vex me. But for now, the rest of the beach story.

Last half of  The Find After the Storm

Rich tried to run, but had to slow down to keep from tripping. It took him several minutes before he reached the body. Once there he stopped, afraid. He didn't want to touch a dead body. It seemed like the person was breathing somewhat, so he bent down to get a closer look.

The body belonged to a young looking male who seemed to be wearing a wet suit but it was from a material he had never seen before. Pushing the boy on his back, Rich double-checked for breathing. Once, that was confirmed he stood up and moved away pulling his cell from his pocket.

Holding it to his ear as he waited for a response, Rich began to pace. "Pick up your phone," he started to panic unsure of what he would do if Isaac didn't answer.


"Isaac, I need you to come to the beach now. I found a body, but not a dead one. It's a boy and he's unconscious and I don't know what to do..." Rich started to babble in his rush to get help.

Isaac managed to interject, "Why don't you call nine-one-one?"

"I don't know, I just have a feeling that it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't see blood or anything." He didn't know why but his intuition said not to get help the traditional route. "Could you just come here with some towels or blankets and help me."

"Fine. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Closing the phone, Rich kneeled again next to the boy. Who was he? Why was he there? Many questions raced through his mind as he brushed aside a stray blonde hair from the boy's forehead.

As his hand grazed the boy's cheek, he was startled as the boy opened his eyes. They were a deep green-blue. Staring into them Rich was reminded of the ocean. Entranced, he didn't say a word as they looked at each other.

A stray noise of what sounded like a car door shutting pulled Rich's attention away for a second and when he returned his focus to the boy his eyes were closed. The boy looked the same as he had before the weird incident. It made Rich wonder if it had even occurred. The only difference was a pendant that showed at the top of the neckline of the boy's suit.

Rich grabbed it to get a closer look and was surprised when the chain went without resistance. It must have been loose somehow. It was round, and made of some foreign type of metal. The imprint, although foreign to most, he recognized from a crazy friend of his that delved in conspiracy theories.

It was the symbol of the lost city of Atlantis.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chocolate Winner

Well... that was, rather minimal for a contest.

There were 4 entries. Yep. I guess that's not too bad considering I'm celebrating 50 followers. So, 4/50 entered. Either way, someone gets a bag of chocolate.

The winner is = Cheryl F. The Lucky Ladybug
Cheryl F profile

I'll send an email out soon for the mailing details.

Thanks all for entering the contest. I wish I had 4 bags of chocolate to giveaway just so you all could get some. I appreciate each entry.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Scene

Yep. The second blogfest. Don't worry... I have less to say beforehand.

This blogfest is about beaches, and having a beach scene, which is not something I write about very often. I don't do settings at the ocean or lake or whatever. Not sure why. I almost thought I would have to write a new scene but then I remembered an old story from 2007 that takes place on a beach. Here is the details and entry.

The Blogfest: Beach Scene Blogfest - hosted by  Rachel Bateman. Check out the link to see other entries.

My entry is not from a novel. I know, shocking. No mutant stories or anything like that. This is just a random story I wrote for a contest on called Writer's Cramp. It won that day and has been edited slightly. But it was written 3 years ago, so my writing is a bit better now. The main character in the story is going for a jog on the beach, alone. I had a hard time figuring how much of the story to show, so hope I pick the right length.

The Story: The Find After the Storm

The silver jeep door opened next to the plank boardwalk, with a soft click. Rich stretched his sneaker clad feet out while using the handle to help propel himself from the vehicle.

"Why do you insist on coming here?" Isaac interjected from the driver's seat before Rich had the chance to shut the door.

Staring out at the beach line, Rich responded. "I'm drawn to the ocean. It gives me a sense of peace." He closed the door in an effort to end the conversation but the window was down.

"You won't find him out there. You do know that, don't you?"

His reference didn't pass Rich. The recurring dream had haunted him since the age of seven. Each time, there was a boy with blue eyes staring at him through the deep ocean water. The look given by the boy haunted his waking hours.

"Probably not," he admitted. "But you never know."

Isaac's head moved from side to side in disapproval and drove away.

Looking out towards the distant beach, Rich sighed. He was alone, at last.

The boardwalk was empty that morning as it almost always was at six. A storm had torn across the beach front throughout most of the night. Debris lay across the sand, everywhere. The sun started its very slow ascent but was barely visible through the gray clouds that lingered above the land.

Rich started jogging on the boardwalk after a quick stretch. The only sound that reached his ear was the waves lapping the beach. He didn't own an ipod but he didn't want one either. It took him twenty minutes to get to the other side of the boardwalk.

As good as it felt to jog, the walk back along the beach was his favorite part. The debris cluttered each step, but hidden treasures lay underneath. In ten minutes, Rich collected three sand dollars, one tiny conch and a silver hoop. Feeling successful, he rested for a minute on a large piece of drift wood.

Rays of sun light began to peak through the clouds exposing the deep green color of the distant sea. Waves crawled towards the beach, a slow reprieve from the rough night storm.

Standing, Rich scanned the line in front of him, looking for the next treasure. A strange pattern of wave caught his attention. His eyes followed it to the source, a large object disrupted the otherwise systematic pattern.

At first he disregarded the object, but in taking another glimpse, Rich squinted to make out more details.

"Oh shit." He said, realizing the object that disrupted the waves was a human body.

Friday, June 4, 2010

He Dreams

Time for another blogfest, and for those that like them, there is going to be a second on the following day. Today is dream sequence blogfest and tomorrow is beach scene. Both fun topics, though I'd have to say dreams are my favorite even though I don't write many of them. I think it has to do with the fact that I get story and character ideas from my dreams. Most the main and some secondary mutant characters came from dreams, their abilities. So, I am excited to be taking part in a dream blogfest.

Dream Sequence Blogfest by Amalia T. 
Check out the blog for the other people and their totally awesome dream posts.

Yeah, I'm too lazy to fix the link so it has a cute name instead of just the whole thing. But that's okay.

My dream sequence entry is another one from my mutant novel. This is one I alluded to in a different blogfest entry where there was a sense of urgency. I promised I'd eventually post the dream that Noah had and so here it is. Post with a Promise I kind of think it'd be cool to see Dominic's dreams, since his dreams are prophetic but coded in symbols but I haven't written anything from his point of view. It is rather long but I want the whole dream. *It's a first draft (no edits), this is your warning* lol

The Novel: Standing Ground

Noah is a mutant, as I said before. His power involves the control of energy. At this point in the novel some of the mutants from a group his family is involved in are missing but he hasn't decided if his father and brother are among them or just taking a long time on a hiking trip. His boyfriend just returned from fighting in a war, and things are a little awkward though that probably isn't needed at this point. Anways. That's all you need to know really. Enjoy the dream.

The Dream:

Noah let his head rest upon the large cotton ball feeling pillow, enjoying as his head sunk into the soft material. He didn't often remember dreams, even on the nights his rest felt disturbed by some unknown entity. The few times he remembered, they meant nothing, at least not in the way Dominic's dreams did. Flickers from the day and things he'd seen would pass through his mind but nothing of use. But not this time. The dream he found himself in was different.

It seemed to start the moment his consciousness had drifted away. He went from lying on his bed with his boyfriend to standing in an empty space that looked almost like a field but one he didn't recognize. There were many grassy areas in the city anymore and even the empty space near SS didn't resemble this place.

He spent a few minutes looking around for any sign of life or hints of the possible location but didn't see any at first.

A jumpy woman in all red appeared, as if out of no where, and surrounded him as she moved. She ran in circles, her feet barely visible with the speed of her motions. Yet the rest of her body was visible as if she was barely moving. A weird combination of super fast and slow caused him much concern. There was no space to run away and with her speed, he wouldn't have gotten very far anyways, so he had no choice but to try and listen to the words she said at a speed similar to her motions.

"Are you ready? You better be ready." She beg to jump up and down while moving around him, causing a feeling of dizziness to occur.

"For what?" Noah's speech felt painfully slow in comparison. He had not idea what was going on.

She kept in motion around him, her eyes wide with excitement. "The race, silly, the race. You must run in the race and win. It's soon. Be ready soon because it's gonna start and you can't be caught not running."

He felt trepidation as he asked the next question. "And what if I don't race?"

"You lose." She gave the answer in a dead tone instead of the jumpy happy voice that she's been using before. "You lose everything." That said she disappeared again.

Pictures flashed before his eyes, taking the space of the unknown location in the following moments. He saw his family, everyone he knew from SS, strangers, Dominic and at the end he saw Bastian. As quick as the images started, they stopped but the memory of them lingered in the back of his mind as he prepared himself to race. He was confused but it was obvious exactly what he was about to lose. No matter his lack of understanding when it came to the race aspect, he knew he had to run. Instinctive, he stretched his legs while continuing to look around, hoping to see some signs to help him out or at least let him know when it would start.

The sound of a gun shot echoed within the air surrounding him. Before he could take a step forward he saw a red flash run dash past him and he could only assume it had been the red-dressed woman from before. Taking off, he started to run and managed to pick up speed, keeping her in his sight but never catching up. It amazed him he couldn't even run at that speed but he didn't have the time to think about anything but moving his feet and breathing. It's all he could manage.

Scenery moved by in a blur as his feet pounded upon the uneven ground. They started to ache but he kept going even though he had no idea where the finish line existed, if it did at all. There was no signs of a set course and he was clueless what direction he was facing, let alone where he was running towards. Soon his legs burned with the painful sensation similar to that of fire within the tight muscles. He'd never pushed himself to such physical strain before and couldn't maintain the motions for long. His speed started to wane as he fought for each breath that reached to his lungs. Energy shot out of his body at an alarming rate, making him feel weak and empty. The world started to spin as he began to fall.

In the distance, he heard a muffled voice saying his name.


A hard mass crashed into his body, jolting Noah awake. He almost jumped out of bed, sitting up before he was able to get control of his body. He stared around, startled by the sudden change in scenery, but eventually things came into focus. He was back in his bedroom but on the floor. The pillow was down with him but none of the blankets had moved off the bed. Dominic stood a foot away from him, closer to the door, and was clutching his right arm to his body with a pained look on his face.

"Ouch." Dominic said. "You were shooting off energy in your sleep." He rubbed his arm and winced.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate Giveaway

That's right. I have 50 followers so I'm going to give someone a bag of Hershey's Bliss milk chocolate. If you like dark, sorry... I got this bag as a present and Milk Chocolate kicks dark chocolates wrapping! hahaha


This contest is going to be easy. I will note that I do live in the US, so think about the shipping if you really want to enter from another country. Not saying no, just saying think about it.

1. Follow my blog.
2. Post a comment on this blog post.

That's it. Each person gets one chance, and one chance only to win. Yeppers.

Deadline: June 7th

Good luck!


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