Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Muse

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Monday's Muse. Maybe someday I'll have an image to use for this day. For now, we'll just get to the images and song I have for the very first post of Monday's Muse.    Thanks Ashy for making this wonderful image for my weekly Monday's Muse.   

The Novel: Standing Ground (mutant series)
Main Character: Noah

I found these pictures on "" and the first ones are nice pictoral views of a younger version of the character. The hair is the key aspect. The character has very bright colored eyes, which aren't seen in the pictures but I still really like these.

Next is a muse that was used during the actual writing, where as all of my images were found in the last week. Most of my writing inspiration is from music as I like to do music playlists while writing, though sometimes I write while watching tv. There were many songs when I started writing this novel, which focused on the hero element until later on when I found other music more condusive to writing.

This song is key and is sort of the theme song to the novel, and more importantly, to the main character: Noah. The song is Second Chance by Shinedown and it's awesome. So, if you don't have it already then go buy it. Really.

There are many other songs but those will be posted in future posts as I've got many things to post and there are many days in the future for such. But enough of my ramble, I'll move to posting more images.

Now for pictures about the character. He is a mutant that controls energy, in particular electricity. So, here are two images that pertain to that aspect. The lightbulb is something that is seen on a regular basis for the novel, though more occur. The other image is one about Nikola Tesla but it has a lot of energy that is very visible. These images came from google image search on electricity.

Now for some more details that are linked to the character. He is anti-war and in the novel not only learns to protest but takes part in anti-war protests while his boyfriend is away fighting in the war. More from google search.

And of course, when he decides to go off on his own to save his family and boyfriend, this can't hurt.

Some day there will be another post for the novel Standing Ground that focuses more on the book instead of the main character. For now, this has been the Monday's Muse. Hope you have enjoyed it.


Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Ahh, I LOVED IT. Very good. *nods*

Dawn Embers said...

:-D Thanks Ashy! Glad you liked it and actually commented since I know how rare it is for you to comment. *hugs*


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