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Bad Boy Blogfest

Another blogfest and much fun. This is the Bad Boy blogfest.

The host of the blogfest is Tina Lyn from Sweet Niblets . Check out the other entries because there are going to be some good, I mean Bad, entries. ;-)

I've never cared for "bad boys" myself. Give me nice and nerdy any day. Or fun, strong women. My BF pretends to be bad and I keep telling him he'll get further with his nerdy talk about anime and astronomy than anything "bad boy" like. But that's a personal preference. The bad boy can come in handy in novels at least, and make for interesting scenes with tension.

What qualifies as a bad boy?
I got this from the AskMen web site, where they advice men on this page to act like the bad boy in order to get girls, but still recommend being good guys with just a little bit of bad boy in them. It's kinda funny, so check it out.

"The typical Bad Boy:
is cocky, arrogant
always puts himself first
is inattentive to a woman's needs
does what he wants when he wants to do it, regardless of what anyone else thinks
acts like a loose cannon
struts his masculine sexuality
isn't even remotely a "nice" guy
treats women badly
often uses women for sex"

The last doesn't work so much for me, unless it's one of the bi ones who then have sex with both males and females. lol But some of the other ones are pretty easy to have in a character, especially one that isn't supposed to be liked.

My Entry: Angel//Demon novel that does not even have a WIP title.
This is the scene that leads up to the fight between the demon MC and the demon that is the bad boy in this scene. However, the demon MC is not seen much here as it's from the angel MC perspective. I do research for the names for all angels and demons in the book.

The coffee shop buzzed with excitement, the air tingling around Elijah as he wiped down one of the empty tables in the main area. He surveyed the small crowd but knew the feeling didn’t come from the number of those in the room. The room could hold up to thirty but rarely made it past 15. The excitement was caused by the fact that every customer in the room was a demon, with the epicenter located at the table holding the leader of the group. Yet, the leader was one Elijah knew, despite their extreme differences.

As the only angel in the area, he should have felt worried but he didn’t. He took the job knowing that the neutral ground would create situations like this and for the most part nothing bad ever happened. When he returned to behind the counter, a new person entered the shop and Elijah cringed.

Another demon entered, but he was a regular. His blonde spikes were short and tipped with black, and it matched his all black attire. But it was the manner in which he carried himself, his sneer of a smile and how he walked like he was constantly stalking his prey.

“Is that guy going to get anything or just squat here?” Lucas interrupted, closing the case door to the sandwich and dessert case. “Some of these punks just don’t get it’s not our job to wait on them.”

“No. I’ve got it.” He knew better than to allow Lucas to deal with the guy. He hasn’t learned yet what he wants, so it was Elijah’s job to deal with the nuisance. “Why don’t you brew another pot of regular. I think we’re almost out.”

With a tray set, Elijah made his way to the far back table that had become the jerk one’s spot. It was away from the rest of the customers. The usual turkey and swiss with no lettuce, nothing green. No mayo graced the bread, for that would result in disaster. The last item on the tray was a very hot cup of coffee balanced as he walked.

“Took you long enough. Did you get lost?”

His voice was strong and too appealing for his personality, or so Elijah thought. In fact, if he’d been any less unpleasant, he’d have been attractive. Elijah put the food and drink down before answering. “My apologies, um...” Oh crap. He couldn’t think of the demon’s name, which was bad. He had to know the name by now. It started with an R...

“Don’t tell me you don’t know my name?” He laughed, with his cocky voice.

Elijah had to say something, so he went for, “Ronve...”

“Eh.” With a quick swipe of his hand, the demon knocked the full hot coffee on the ground, causing Elijah to jump from the liquid that hit his leg. “But close. Ronove. Need that o.”

Another laugh comes out as Elijah sinks to the floor to pick up the cup and blot at the coffee mess. He turns his back to Ronove in order to finish cleaning up and gets another comment.

“Or would you rather I be Phil?”

“Phil? Why would I care if your name was Phil?” He looked back, feeling awkward being on his knees in that moment.

Ronove only had to say one word, the full name, to get his meaning across. “Philatanus.”

The name causes a shiver down Elijah’s spine and by instinct he shifted so that his back wasn’t to the demon. For the name mentioned was one known for forced sodomy, no matter the age involved. He finished cleaning the mess without turning his back to the demon again.

“Good. You’re learning.” The reaction caused Ronove to smile. “Now be a good little servant and get me a new cup of coffee.”


Tina Lynn said...

Nice! He is most def a bad entity. I have an angel/demon WIP, too. We're like twins. Thanks for participating :)

Kris & Kels said...

Ooooh... intriguing!!! Loved it!!

<3 Kelsey Leigh

Mia said...

OMG Ronove!

I really liked it when he was all "NOW BE A GOOD LITTLE SERVANT". He's creepy and bad.

Great entry!

Mesmerix said...

My WIP is angels/demons as well, seems to be popular. Thanks for sharing and participating in the blogfest!

Tessa Conte said...

'be a good little servant' mwhahahahaha...


but nice! Got yourself a real bad boy there!

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that, if this little scene weren't on neutral ground, poor Ronove wouldn't be so high and mighty. xD The kind of bad boy you want to see get his comeuppance. I love it.

Renae said...

Wow, what a great scene. Loved it!

Andrew Rosenberg said...

Don't turn your back to Phil. :)

Raquel Byrnes said...

Sounds like a truly unpleasant person, uh, demon. The present tense is very immeditate too. Nice post.

Amalia T. said...

Whoa. Talk about name dropping--that's a pretty aggressive and not-so subtle threat. I like how he goes about it-- but I don't envy Elijah for having to deal with him.

stu said...

Well he's singularly unpleasant. But then, he's supposed to be.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks everyone. Doing some joint commenting here to get caught up, hope people don't mind.

Tina and Mesmerix - Yeah, demon/angel books do seem common. I've planned this for a long time but it's going very slow. Not sure when even the first draft will be done.

Katehaggard - Well, that depends upon the ground they are on. If it's more on the evil side, then it will favor the demon but the other side is more for Elijah.

Kels and Renae - Thanks, bunches.

Mia and Tessa - Glad you both like that line. :-D It came out pretty well I think.

Andrew - very true.

Raquel - :-D I'm starting to like present, but *blushes* thought I was writing in past. I get so confused since I do both in novels I'm working on right now.

Amalia - hehe. Yep, not a subtle threat. Elijah knows what to do, but wait till his bf sees what's going on. *winks*

Donna Hole said...

Intriguing character; even in a room full of demons.

A lot of "he" and "demon" pronouns mixed in the description. Made the voice a little confusing sometimes. I like the intensity though; the build up for something really bad to happen in the next scene. Good set up.


Olivia Herrell said...

Fascinating. I'm loving this blogfest and finding great stuff in genres I don't usually read. Ronove is a real bad 'guy' in a room full of them, I literally have chills up my spine. Good one!

Thanks for sharing your wip, Olivia
P.S. Would you read my BB and let me know what you think? Thanks bunches!

Talei said...

Oh wow! Demon Ronve (hehe) is nasty! Definitely gave me the creeps. Well done!

L'Aussie said...

Definitely a bad boy. Love the ending...'be a good little servant...':)

Dawn Embers said...

stu- indeed, that was the plan.

Donna - yeah. I have a hard time with that since I write mostly males, male-male scenes can be tough and until the demon's name is out I had to refer to him as something.

Olivia - why thank you. I'll try to get to your blog, with the rest in the blogfest.

Talei - hehe. Yay for a reaction. ;-)

L'Aussie - thanks. :-)

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Can't get much badder than a demon. Enjoyed the excerpt. :)

And really, you don't like bad boys? I can't resist them (at least in fiction land). :)

Dawn Embers said...

Roni - Exactly! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And, indeed, I do not care for bad boys. It might be affected by the fact I prefer women. Maybe. lol

Charlie said...

OoOo! You got me! I want more of this Ronove with an 'O'!! Great depth!

Dawn Embers said...

Charlie - Why thank you. I do think he's got more depth now and the future fight scene will be even better, especially since he now has a name. lol

Roh Morgon said...

Very chilling - I find him to be a bit scary...

Loved the veiled threat passages.

Nice work!

Dawn Embers said...

Roh - Thanks. That's a sweet response. :-D

elizabeth mueller said...

Ewwww! I'm glad poor lil Elijah didn't get rear ended! *shuddering* Gross.... You are awesome at showing his fear, great job!! :)

Steal by my bad boy and tell me what you think! ;)
Take care!

Dawn Embers said...

Elizabeth - lol, at least not from Ron. Now, Elijah's boyfriend, on the other hand, would be a different story. Thanks for the comment.


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