Friday, June 25, 2010

Coming Soon

A Blog Schedule! 

That's right. There is more to this blog than blogfest entries and I'm going to find a weekly schedule to stick to for posts. I'm trying to pick days of the week and fun stuff that could go with the days. Thinking 2/3 posts a week when there are no blogfests and the schedule may get shelved for days there are blogfests.

The obvious one is going to be Work In Progress Wednesday (WIP Wednesday). I've seen a number of other writer's do this and since this blog is for my writing that makes sense. Course I could call it Writing Wednesday but I like WIP a little more as it entails writing works that are being constructed and not random tidbits from past that aren't going anywhere.

So, Wednesday is for WIP.

I'm thinking Monday is going to be Monday's Muse. This can be stuff about muses but more often than not it's going to be about inspiration for different novels/stories/etc. There will be pictures and if I can ever learn how to post youtube videos on a blog. I tried once and failed. But I'll think of something. Either way, sources of inspiration shall be monday's topic.

Not sure what the other day will be just yet. But I have a schedule now. Yay!

Any suggestions on the third day?
What do you think?

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