Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Next Top Title Blogfest

Yep. Blogfest is back. This time it's a fun one about titles so there will be far less to read when it comes to the actual entry.  The blogfest is ran by Slushpile Slut and yes that is the real name for the blog. Check out the other entries as there are bound to be dozens upon dozens of great titles presented in this blogfest to determine the next top titles.

Rule of Blogfest: post 3-5 titles on June 12th

Titles vex me. I have a hard time writing a novel if I don't have a somewhat decent work in progress title. After that, I struggle hardcore to find the right title for the novel. Either I get it at random or I don't have a title. There is no real inbetween for me. I can't do little tricks to come up with titles. They just come to me at random, which irks me to know end. Two of the last three came to me when my internet wasn't working because stepdad forgot what date to pay the bill by. The third, series title, came while I was driving across part of Wyoming. Yep. Random.

So, most of my novels don't have very many titles. I can't list five title for a single novel to see what people might think of them. I do have two titles for one novel, though I know which one I'm going with. So, I'll post different novel titles from different genres. I'll post one mutant novel, a mystery novel, romance/erotica novel and paranormal one. But I won't tell which one is which title goes to which genre, or which two titles are for the same book. You all get to guess but some are more obvious then others. Why the guesswork? Cause I'm feeling evil like that. muahahaha

The Titles:

Hellenic Distractions

Ephram's Defiance

Against All Evidence

The Blood Prophesy

Tattle Tell


Melanie Sherman said...

I like Ephram's Defiance best. Makes me what to know who Ephram is and the fact that he is defiant sounds like we're in for a great story.

Unfortunately Blood Prophesy is already taken and will be out in Oct/2010 according to

Against All Evidence sounds like a courtroom drama with lots of twists and turns.

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Hellenic Distractions! LOLOLOL I live in Greece so this so would NOT make me want to pick it up. I've got ENOUGH Greek distractions thank you! ;O) Let me guess, this is the Romance/erotica? hahahaha, why do foreigners alway think Greek men are erotic? They're freakin PIGS! LOL

The fourth and Fifth sound cliche to me, and the fifth sounds like a Middle Grade novel.

So I choose the second and third titles. I'm guessing these are for the same book, and I like them both. Either of these would make me want to pick it up. Sounds like a mild mystery/suspense. I like that. :)

Melissa said...

Ephrams Defiance is my favorite. I have no idea which is for which genre, so I'll just cheat and say I PICK THIS ONE!

Amie McCracken said...

Against All Evidence is intriguing.

Vicki Rocho said...

For some reason, the page will not scroll down for me. All I can see is Hellenic Distractions and the tip top of Ephram's Defiance.

( I was typing this the rest of the list just popped up!)

Blood Prophesy is a little cliche, I guess, but I'm leaning that way.

Susan Fields said...

I think I like Tattle Tell - it's different and would make me wonder what the book was about. I also like Against All Evidence.

Sangu said...

I like Tattle Tell. It makes me want to know what's going on and what this book's about!

Iapetus999 said...

Distractions sounds kind of blah. Need a more conflicted title.
Hellenic Distemperment?

Cut the Ephram and go with "Defiance"

...Evidence sounds like "Against all Odds"

Blood Prophecy yawn. Sounds cliche

Tattle Tell sounds kind of YA to me but has possibilities.

Renae said...

Ephram's Defiance is my favorite, makes me want to know more about Ephram.

Kris & Kels said...

I like Ephram's Defiance but I am also really fond of Tattle Tell. Especially if the book is kind of dark...

<3 Kelsey Leigh

Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Hehe. I know which two are to the same book... *dances around*

Um. Like always, I like The Blood Prophesy... intriguing title, and good story so far. And Tattle Tell.

I think it's funny that I know which title leads to what genre. *is special*

Do you have a title for your sekrit project?

Anonymous said...

Tattle Tell is intriguing, especially for MG/YA audiences. Otherwise the others didn't grab me.

Dawn Embers said...

Wow. 12 comments already. I'll do a post after the blogfest to explain each title. Will try not to give anything away in comments.

Melanie - Interesting that you like Ephram's one. I have worked on his novel recently, and look forward to getting it done.

AA - Well, it's not about all Greek men. ;-) Though I'm technically part Greek. My great great grandfather came over to the US from Greece. Turns out my grandpa on my mom's side was still all Greek but he married a non-Greek (aka, grandma).

Melissa - lol. That's okay. I'll tell everyone what genre matches with the titles tomorrow.

Amie - :-) That's what I'm looking for with that one.

Vikki - I'm glad it started to work for you and you got to see the rest.

Susan - Glad you like those.

RaShelle said...

I like Tattle Tell. It's fun and sounds kind of naughty.

Dawn Embers said...

Sangu - Thanks. I am hoping the title makes someone want to read the book.

Iapetus - lol. Well, distemperment sounds odd to me. It's a distraction for a reason based on the plot of the novel. But interesting idea. And I almost did go with "Defiance". It was a thought that occurred.

Renae - Ephram is kind of fun, though he has issues to work out like all good protagonists should. lol

Kels - Glad you like it. Though, I don't think the book is "dark". I sometimes write dark tales but depends on the genre.

Ashy - hehehe Of course you know. You've read one and get to hear about all my work as you're my writing twin. As for your question, this is gonna be a surprise: No. I don't have a wip title for Sekrit Novel. I'm only on chapter 2 of the first draft but still. I have no idea for a title yet. So, it's Sekrit Novel for now.

Bryan - thanks. At least one caught your attention a little bit out of the five. I've got plenty more in my arsenal for other novels. ;-)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I really like Ephram's Defiance. It makes me wonder about a character with that (very interesting) name...

Suzie said...

Ephram's Defiance & Against All Evidence grabbed me the most.

The titles sound kind of "Suspenseful" to me, making me think they'd be fast paced reads.

Dawn Embers said...

RaShelle - hehehe. That's an interesting reaction. Didn't expect it to come off as naughty. lol

Sharon - Glad you like the character's name.

Suzie - I hope they are a fast enough pace. We'll see how it goes since I'm still muddled in mostly first draft writing.

Bridge Marie said...

I'm loving this blogfest! Heh, it's so quick!

I'd vote for Against All Evidence or Tattle Tell. Hellenic and Ephram both tripped me up a little, and I feel like I might have picked up The Blood Prophesy before.

Theresa Milstein said...

Tattle Tell made me laugh. I think all the titles are clever.

Dawn Embers said...

Thank you, everyone who responded. Now we'll see if any look back when I post the answers. lol.

Bridge - Interesting how different people read the titles and get a different reaction. I sometimes trip up on the Hellenic one too, and I forget if it has an "s" at the end or not of Distractions. lol

Theresa - Why thanks. :-) Glad you liked Tattle Tell in particular.

Tessa Conte said...

I like Ephram's Defiance, too. And Tattle Tell. The Blood Prophesy sounds like something I've already read and Against All Evidence is a bit...I don't know, used?

And you've really got WIPs in all these genres? WOW well done you!!!

Slushpile Slut said...

Dawn! Thanks so much for participating!!

And you know I'm all about some prophecy so my fave is hands down, The Blood Prophecy....simple, dark & intriguing! Good job!! Good Luck choosing!!

Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - Thanks. Yeah, I have a tendency to write in many genres. Fantasy is my more common one but I've been branching out lately.

Slushpile - Thanks for hosting such a great blogfest.

elizabeth mueller said...

Hi Dawn!

I like Against All Evidence. It sounds very forensic-like, almost like a government cloak and dagger kinda thing. I'd hate to be the victim in that book!
I also like The Blood Prophesy. It sounds very intriguing, almost like a vampire book....

Nice work! ;)

Dawn Embers said...

elizabeth - Thanks for the comment. I should admit, since very few will check back and that's okay, Blood Prophesy is vampire-like. Not vampires but they have some of their traits. *nods*
Thank you! :-D


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