Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Time

It's Secret time! That is, the secret blogfest hosted by the wonderful Tara at Midnight Ink
Go to her blog to reach links for everyone entering the blogfest. There should be many interesting and different secrets revealed in the blogs presented there.
Rules of the Blogfest:
"The premise of this blog fest is to write a scene in which your characters either:
1. tell a secret
2. have a secret they have to keep
3. expose something to someone else
4. find something secret."

I didn't realize it until I had to search through my novels and story sections that are really just scenes for novels, that secrets are common in my novels. It's pretty easy to do with the main characters often being gay and not often out to everyone. Sure, they are often out to others but it's not uncommon for someone not to know. Then there are other secrets. #SekritNovel has many but the whole novel is a "secret" right now, so can't use it for the secret blogfest. LOL... Other secrets involve major plot points, so those can't be shared either. Basically, it has been tough deciding what scene to post for this blogfest.

But I've finally chosen a novel to post. Instead of going the mutant route, I'm going with the angel//demon, which is my other common used blogfest novel. Yes, it still lacks a WIP title. Yes, it tells a bit more than it shows, to say the least but as usual it's a first draft.

The Novel: Angel//Demon

This is a minor scene with the angel main character, Elijah, and one of his wards. He's a guardian and helps those who have recently became reborn into their faith. Clara is still clutching to her old identity while trying to be faithful to the religion. But it turns out she might know more than she should.

The Scene:

At last Clara responded, "Good for you. Have you and him had sex?"

"Well, no." He moved closer to the bed where she remained seated, pickup up a red book of quotations that was placed open against the foot of the bed. The slight odor of old pages wafted in the air. He flipped through the pages, not wanting to discuss the physical aspects of romance.

"I'm not surprised."

Her response surprised Elijah. She seemed so nonchalant about it as well. He could have asked further but didn't want to dwell on the topic. Instead he found a change of topic. "Your artwork is very nice."

"You like?" Clara moved from the bed, tossing the sketchbook aside onto a pile of books. She searched around another pile of items that stood up against a black wood dresser with black and red clothing spilling out of the semi-open drawers. "I've got a painting that I'd love to show you. It's my favorite so far in this project."

"What project?"

"I'm combining quotes from that book with images on boards and canvas paper." She pointed to the red book in his hands. "Here is it." Clara grabbed a flat, brown board and pulled it out of the pile. Turning it around, she set it up on top of the dresser. "What do you think?"

He stared at the painting, only able to see the left half. The design of a red angelic wing appeared to be glazed onto the board in amazing detail. The bright wing almost seemed to come from Clara's body as she stood blocking the other half. Once she stepped away, he got the full view and his jaw dropped open. Upon the right segment read the line: All God's angels come to us disguised.

She stared at him long enough that he was able to recover and respond. "It's very good."

"You were my inspiration." Clara gave him another smile, only this time it was one that said more than what had been spoken.

A feeling of dread creeped its way up Elijah's throat to the point where he could taste it. He was afraid she might know the truth about him but had no idea what to do. He'd been taught to never tell his secret but not once had it been mentioned what to do if someone found out anyways. Clearing his throat, he tried a fake out, as if everything was okay. "I'm flattered."

After a pause, Clara added, "don't worry, I won't tell anyone."


Andrew Rosenberg said...

That's an interesting "secret."
Although I doubt she thinks he's literally an angel...just angelic.
Nice job!

Clarissa Draper said...

Great secret. It's interesting to see all the wonderful stories coming from this blogfest.


Raquel Byrnes said...

That was unexpected, for sure! I wonder if he has to kill her now. Would he, with the feelings he has for her, be able to? Very interesting excerpt!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I wondered if the vision with the wing behind her was foreshadowing. Great secret.

Dawn Embers said...

Andrew - That is true. Once he recovers he'll have that approach, which is similar to how he takes his boyfriend's claim to being a "demon."

Clarissa - Thanks. It's always interesting to see the different approaches people take with any blogfest.

Raquel - Oh, I doubt death would be in order. If she really knew I think a memory swiping and him being reassigned while having a different guardian take over for her and her twin brother would be sufficient.

Erin - Interesting idea. It actually came from a prompt. Had to use a visual prompt and a quotation at the same time and those are the ones I'd chosen to combine for the scene. Those being a picture involving a girl with a red wing and the quotation from the book about angels.

Tessa Conte said...

I like the red wing image! And this is a great secret. I love the way the 'ward' knows more than she should, almost reversing their roles.

Talei said...

Great secret and love the imagery with the red wing and quote! Nicely done!! ;)

Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - Glad you liked it. :-)

Talei - Thanks. :-D

WritersBlockNZ said...

"The slight odor of old pages wafted in the air."

mmmm love the imagery. I can smell it hehe.

Great little piece there, it dealt with Elijah's emotions very well

Dawn Embers said...

WritersBlockNZ - Why, thank you. :-D I appreciate the comment.


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