Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Plan to Build Worlds

It's back... the topic of world building. Yay!

Couple of years ago, back when the blog was called It's in the Book, I had tried to do a regular based world building topic called Worldbuilding Wednesdays because there are some things I need to work on and world building is a major one. Since I write fantasy, it can certainly help to develop the worlds at some point or another and there are so many topics that fall under world building. But I must admit, I didn't do much of it.

Well, now I'm putting myself up to the task. NaNoWriMo starts in just over 2 months and instead of doing the prep work during October, I'm going to spend September and October world building. I have never really tried a full building adventure, but since I already did the prep for this novel (back in 2010, and I wrote 50k of the novel in 15 days) figured now would be a good time to give it an attempt.

Not only that, but I'm going old school. Pen and paper! Very little of my world building attempts will be on the computer. But I do plan to have World Building Wednesday posts a couple times a month where I talk about working on different parts of the worlds. And I still have writing to do, so I'll be online often as usual.

My Tools:
A number of thin notebooks that were on clearance price for under 25 cents each.
Gesso - painting the clearance notebook covers to hide the original images.
Sharpies - to label and draw notebook covers.
Pens - I like colored pens because sometimes it's nice to mix things up for different topics.
Binder - to keep a few together at a time so can take it to work and such.

That is all for now unless I think of something else. While I'm hectic in writing with so many things to get done before August ends, plus have the edit that won't be done by the end of the month for sure, there is a lot to do. But I am looking forward to world building for the epic fantasy novel and may also get some other novel worlds worked on in the near future.

I just keep writing and moving forward. Never know what the tomorrows will bring.

Do you build worlds?
What tools do you use?


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