Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nature of Magic blogfest

Today is a fun blogfest because it has to do with magic and I'm a big fan.

This fun blogfest is from the wonderful minds of Tessa *waves hi to Tessa* and Laura (nice to meet you). The blogs are in the picture but I'll link Tessa's too cause that's where I signed up since I didn't know Laura and her blog. Check out the other entries: Tessa's blog.

About the Blogfest:

"Write or share something you've already written that, to you, shows the nature of magic. It can be an excerpt from your WIP, something you've written especially, poetry, whatever strikes your fancy. It just needs to show the nature of magic as it exists for you or for those you write about. Unless you're writing poetry, try to keep the entries somewhere between 250-1000 words."

While I have a number of magical people in my variety of novels, I haven't written much yet with how their magic works. I'm almost ready to write about the boy in my dystopian type YA who can use magic to fix the border that protects the village. Really close but not quite there. So, I went with the mutants. It is almost like magic and the electricity one (Noah) is fun. Hope it works cause umm, that's all I'm posting for this. hehehe

My Entry: 

Beads of sweat flushed out his system, drenching his clothes as Noah focused a ball of electricity between his fingers. He'd spent almost an hour on the one test and it took him more effort to fail than it would have taken to pass. The sweat itself, forced in an effort to show a true effort, took more energy than the electricity that coursed in his hand. He concentrated on the levels leaving his body. A few more minutes and the automatic system would give him the signal to quit and he'd be free for another month.

Flashes of red entered his peripheral vision. He made a final effort blasting an orb of electricity at the target, making sure to miss the mark by a decent enough margin. The red lights flashed again then shut down, the simulation finished with a groaning buzz.

He exited the chamber while faking to be out of breath, prepared to face his father.

"What the hell was that?"

"I did my best. I came so close that last time." He sucked in air, wiping a line of sweat from his brow. He avoided the unhappy gaze falling upon him from the furrowed face of his father. He knew how he would react, this was a repeat of the past few years.

A snapping sound broke the awkward silence that had followed his statement. Segments of a steel edged clip board clattered upon the cement in a pile of debris. It had been crushed by his father's large hands, the muscles in his arms still bulging as a vein started to appear along his neck.

Gripping the edge of a chair, Noah waited for the onslaught that would ensue.

"That was beyond pathetic." His father's voice seemed to shake with the words. "I don't get how you can be so worthless. You passed level nine almost ten years ago, but you can't even get past level ten. Your brother is up to level fifteen and he had not even half the promise you did."

"I don't know what to tell you. I am doing the best I can." Noah bit his lower lip, trying to sound sincere.  He awaited for the usual assignment, but it did not come. Looking up at his father, he saw something he'd never noticed before: disappointment.

Tossing the pen to the floor, he shrugged. "I give up. It's not worth the struggle anymore. I should just come to terms with the fact that you'll always let me down."

Noah watched his father walk away, stunned. The color dropped from his face as he continued to stare long after the door had slammed shut. He took a few real breathes in, moving his hands from the chair back to the simulation panel. Feeling like a weight had been pushed upon his shoulders, he struggled to bear with the events of the day. At last, he stood straight up with a decision made. Fiddling with a few levers and buttons, he changed the test level from ten to thirty-seven and turned off the record segment. It was the last level he had passed when using the machine on his own. After a slight pause, he changed his mind and decided to go even harder, pushing it up to level forty.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Muse struggles

Hello readers. Time for a slight break from blogfests. I am signed up for one more on this blog for March and none yet for April. I will be busy all of April on my other blog, doing the A to Z blogging challenge over at my Dawn Embers blog. Thought I would post another edition of Monday's Muse and give a slightly unfortunate update on my March Novel Writing challenge (lack of) progress.

Writing delays happen. There are a number of things that can stall a writer. Some are easier to fight through than others and for me, the problem has been pain and an infection. Because of those two things I haven't written in my YA novel for days even though I was trying to write the whole first draft this month alone. Life can get in the way too but luckily my new job doesn't take that much time away from writing so I should be doing more soon.

How does one recover from a setback? Glad I asked.

The thing not to do is completely give up. While it may be tempting, don't let a setback get to you so bad that you stop writing. Don't let the setback win!

One option is the simplest, sit down and start writing. Yeah, brilliant, I know. I can do this some of the time. When I've had a long break I will occasionally do the writing in a notebook instead of a computer to get going but it does help. Sometimes I just need to make myself start and then the words will eventually begin to flow as if I'd needed to write it instead of it being forced. This can be hard to do with major headaches though.

Another option is to rest. Sometimes a break is needed. This doesn't mean never go back to writing but sometimes our bodies/minds need a break, especially when dealing with illness. Forcing can only make things worse, so get the rest you need and then return to writing.

Then there is the re-evaluate. I am a big goal maker when it comes to my writing. I try to make a goal ever single month, in fact. But I don't always make those goals and part of the reason can be found within the struggles that cause delays. When I know I'm not going to make the goal, I keep going and soon make a new goal. Instead of giving up because I know I won't succeed per the original plan, I choose to evaluate and adjust a newer goal to work towards. It may take me longer but I'll get there one of these days and that's the main point.

Do you have setbacks?
How do you fight back against them?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anniversary and Luck of Irish Blogfest

First thing is first. Happy one year anniversary/birthday dear blog.

I first started this blog on wordpress to see if I'd like it over there but couldn't figure out how to even get a decent template up, so decided to stick with blogger. Even though I already had a blog using blogger ( I didn't like posting too much of my own writing on that one. I wanted to keep it about the subject of writing in general instead of always about my writing and with the addition of blogfests, I wanted a different place to post. Thus came It's in the Book. Hard to believe that I've only have the blog for a year considering this blog now has more followers than my first one, which is turning 2 in the beginning of May.

I will be holding a giveaway soon in celebration for this blogiversary and my official 2 year anniversary of blogging. I don't have things ready yet, but when I do I will post here and on the other blog. I hope to get 200 followers during the giveaway too, and there may be more prizes if I do. For now, have a piece of cake and enjoy the one year anniversary post.

Now for the blogfest.

Since today is the 17th of March, also known as St. Patrick's Day and over at cejourney it is the Luck o' the Irish SPD Blogfest. There are two hosts, but Colene's blog is the one where I heard about and signed up for this blogfest.

Blogfest Rules:
According to Colene's blog - "Write a 200ish word flash fiction entry about something to do with SPD(real, fantasy, whatever makes your pig squeal). OR, you could also write about a memory you have of a past SPD. In the end, we aren't being picky. Just make it goooood and make it about St. Patricks Day! (Leprechauns, luck, gold, green, clovers, beer, celebrations, etc. Funny, touching, horrifying, dark, fast-paced, romantic, etc.)"

Since the blogfest is supposed to be only 200 words long and the scene from Cinder Story (yep, Tessa, Jack is back) is going to be a lot longer than 200 words, I will post the first section now. Then I will write the rest and post it tomorrow for a Fiction Friday. It's still going to be longer than 200 words but this is only the first section. Enjoy!

My Entry:

Soon as the door was shut, Jack jiggled the handle to double check whether he had locked it or not. If his boss wanted to check his room for whatever reason, he had the key, but he hoped no one else would be able to get in during his first official two days off. With him, he had a small bag with some clothes for the next day and he wore a casual outfit. Green shirt and green socks were paired with black pants and shoes. He was happy to have his first time off being St. Patrick's day because his friends had already complained about his constant working and tonight was their annual green party. He could not only make it but not worry about how much he drank since he had tomorrow off too. But as he headed towards the front door, he only made it to the front room.

"But that's not fair." Alexa stood near the front door, purse in one hand and arms crossed over her chest as she pouted. She wore a glitter covered, dark green sleeveless shirt and a lighter green skirt. The high heeled shoes matched her shirt. "You let Ella and Bri go to parties. Why can't I go?"

Jack's boss, Alexa's stepfather shook his head. "I know the people they went out with. There won't even be alcohol there. You want to go to some beer party with a bunch of miscreants and I won't have it."

"Why can't he come with me?" Alexa pointed to Jack, which caused him to grimace.

He was so close to being out the door and off duty. A change of that would really suck but for once he didn't see his boss caving to the whims of the females in the house.

"No. Jack is not working tonight and even if he was, I am not letting you go to a hippie party."

Alexa looked ready to pretend to cry but she didn't do it this time. Instead she whined more. "But it's Saint Patrick's Day. I want to go have fun. Mom would let me go. Isn't there anywhere I can go?"

Then his boss looked up at him, his eyes almost had a look of pleading to them as he spoke. His voice wasn't as strong as it usually was when he made orders. "Jack. Do you have plans tonight?"

Jack fought a sigh before responding. "Yes sir. There is an annual party my friends host."

"Will there be drugs?"

It sounded like a trap but luckily the answer was an honest one. "No."

"I know it's your night off but would you, as a favor to me, take Alexa with you?" He said and continued before a yes was given. "Make sure she only has two drinks max, no shots, and don't let her hook up with some stranger. I'm counting on you to watch over her."

As usual, there wasn't really a way he could say no. So, Jack nodded even though he almost didn't want to go to the party now. He had no idea how Alexa would act around his friends nor did he want to find out. Without a choice, Jack lead her out the door as his mind tried to figure out how he would not only explain her presence but also how to make his job sound more that a personal assistant to the rich girl. It was going to be a long night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Building Wednesday

I don't have much details done yet. Job and headaches plus blogfests stalled things, but then I had an idea for this post. Since it's the first after the announcement of the weekly idea, it might be a good idea to post the general areas that I plan to build for my fantasy world. Sound okay to you? Hope so cause I'm posting it anyways.

World Building Wednesday - Day 1

Areas to develop: (in no particular order

1. Elements / Faeries (fae, and other spellings to be decided which to use from)

2. Humans

3. Transportation/Travel

4. Land Masses/Countries/Worlds (aka Geography)

5. Weather and Cosmology

6. Economics/Commerce

7. Language

8. Religion

9. Technology

10. Physics(science) and Magick

11. Government/Politics

12. Military/Police

13. Weaponry

14. Social Structure/Culture

15. Key Times in History

Potential for More....

What do you think?
Anything else I should add to the list?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Delusional Doom Blogfest Entry

Sorry for taking so long. I almost forgot about this blogfest and then it was on a day where I worked a split shift at work. But I'm getting it done along with commenting on posts still from my own blogfest. Today's is a blogfest influenced by the Ides of March.

Check the blog, Confessions of a Watery Tart for all the neat-o entries. ;-(

About the Blogfest:
"You can do ANY (or all) of the following:
Predict your own death
Predict someone ELSES death 
Write your own obituary
Write someone ELSES obituary
Plot a murder of someone sorely asking for it, step by step

I don't care whether you do it by story, plot list, news article, PROPHECY (any seers in the group?). All I ask is that SAID DEATH be either very strange, unusual, bizarre...conspiratorial... or that the reporting be entertaining. "

This sounded fun but I'm really not big on death. So umm.. I'm just taking a flash fiction piece I wrote when I attempting horror for a friend. Someone is dead in it, so that counts right? *shrugs*

My Entry:

"Almost done." Budders the Clown set aside his ink needle before backing away to look at his handy work. He took a minute to wipe off the sweat from his forehead and then went over to his vanity stand. After a fresh application of white make-up he returned to his project.

"What do you think Celia?" He waited for her answer and then nodded in agreement. "You're right, as usual. The black hair with the purple and green dress will look gorgeous."

Budders went to get the dress and then began the process of setting up his new mannequin so that he could prepare her for the new wardrobe. There still were a couple of pressing matters that needed to happen before the dressing stage. He wasn't one to rush into things but this doll excited him more than most of the others. He hadn't felt this in a long time; the energy and desire.

"I really need to clean up around here. This place is such a mess and not suitable for the company of a refined woman." Budders muttered half to himself and half to his lovely blonde Celia.

He went to the work of spraying the important sealant over the ivory skin of his new model. Didn't want the skin to get damaged or have traces of dirt or any other material. With the coat on he could then affix the luscious black wig. The hair felt as soft as silk and had the sweet smell of island flowers.

"Perfect." Budders nodded as he finished with the dress.

Cleaning up took him a lot longer than he liked but it was a necessary hassle when it came to mannequin making. If the shop wasn't spotless and all evidence properly disposed he would have big problems.

Budders winked. "Can't have evidence just lying around."

Once the area was clean and everything stowed away, he broke out the champagne. With a full glass he toasted his new woman, or the new version of the woman he'd met in the grocery store. "Here's to you. My beautiful Savannah."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broken Hearts Blogfest

Yay! My blogfest is here! I am so excited if you can't tell. I managed to make the first day, (13th) one of the busiest days within the two week time frame of last week and this week. So, I probably won't be commenting on entries until Monday, but I promise that by Tuesday night I should have commented on anyone who remembers to post an entry.

About My Blogfest:
Pretty simple to interpret. I considered going horror, or break up but figured the broken heart would be more open to interpretation and different genres. It can be flash fiction, poetry, non-fiction, anything except 5,000 words cause umm, that's a little too long and I probably won't comment on it. Shorter tends to be better for me when it comes to reading on the computer. Anyways, the basic idea is to write about a heart breaking or one that is already broken. Show us the wretched emotions, the anger, depression, fear, whatever happens after the happy honeymooon lovey-dove V-day stuff is over and all that is left is a broken heart.

The "Rules":
1. Sign up on the linky thing located below.
2. Try to sign up before the 15th, if possible.
3. Post your entry on your blog along with a link to the blogfest.
4. Try to keep entries below 1,000 words if possible.
5. Read other people's entries and leave comments.
6. Eat ice cream and chocolate to feel better... okay, you don't have to do that if you don't want to. ;-)

Check out all the entries:

The Story:
I considered writing a backstory piece for Cinder Story about Jack and why he is putting work first but with the busy weekend and everything, I've decided to do something pre-written that I revised instead. This is backstory at the moment for the Angel/Demon paranormal romance and is before Elijah becomes an angel.

My Entry:

"Why are you sick?"

Elijah looked into the sad eyes of his little sister and sighed. Sitting in the hospital room chair close to his bed she looked tiny. The past few years had been hard on them all. His family had to endure so much and he knew it was his fault.

Pushing up against the crunching white sheets, he winced as he tried to sit up a little more. The IV strung across his bed barely moved during his attempt. He had to choose his words carefully. "I did some not good things."

"What things?"

She was too young for him to tell her the whole truth. He had to find a different way to answer. After a few minutes of silent thought, Elijah found something more to say. "Do you remember when I was gone for a long time a few years ago?"

After she nodded, he continued. "Well, during that time I did some bad things, ones that go against God."

"Ohhh. But can't you ask God to forgive you?"

"I ask for his forgiveness every day."

"Will he ever forgive you and make you not sick?"

The questions hurt almost more than the truth of the situation. He hated being the one to explain this to her but their parents were having a hard enough time handling things and they probably thought it was better if she didn't know. But he continued to try and explain, to give her some answers at least. "It doesn't work that way. He forgives me for my sins but I still have to face the consequences. I just have to hope that the afterlife will be better."

The sound of high pitched crying made them stop. Their parents were out in the hallway talking with one of the doctors. It seemed the doctor didn't want to tell Elijah himself the bad news but he already knew. He could feel it.

After the sound of crying died down, Tessa spoke. "Are you going to die?"

He wanted to say no, to protect her but he knew it wouldn't do her much good. He couldn't shield her forever from the painful truth. "I might, but everyone does at some time or another."

"I don't want you to die." She jumped from the chair and onto his hospital bed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She was the only one that would get close to him anymore. Most people knew he wasn't contagious but that didn't stop them from being afraid. It came with the disease; the distance.

"I don't want to die either. But I can't stop it from happening." He had to hold back the tears. "I'm so sorry to put you through all this."

She didn't respond to his apology. Instead she looked him in the eyes, "Will you come back and visit me when you are in Heaven?"

"You think they will let me in Heaven?"

"Don't be silly. Of course they will let you in and you will be the prettiest angel there." She kept her arms around him.

"Thanks. Then, yes, I will visit you whenever I can."

"I want you to be my guardian angel."

He kissed the top of her head. "I'll see what I can do about that when I get there."

Friday, March 4, 2011

Coming Soon: Epic Giveaway for Blogiversaries

This blog turnes 1 on March 17th. Hard to believe I've only had it that long but it's true. And I have well over 100 followers, which is amazing. My first blog,, is going to be 2 on May 1st. I would love to have 200 followers by then for this blog and the other one to coincide my celebration of blogging for 2 years, or after the blogiversaries, either works.

So, I am holding a joint giveaway with... myself. But I need a little help. I'd love to make part of this giveaway international. And if people are willing to donate prizes, then I can give even more stuff away because I'm definitely not rich so resources are limited. Some of the prizes will be online gift cards for books because we all like books. There may also be special packages, depending. Mostly, I want this to be fun.

This massive giveaway has a couple of purposes. Blogiversary, of course, since this blog is going to be 1 and the other will be 2. And then there are the followers. I get excited with each new follower I gain and on both blogs I am close to 200 followers. Wouldn't it be cool, if by my 2nd anniversary of blogging I had 200 followers on each blog? I think so. Less than 40 per blog to make that goal and even if it isn't until after the giveaway, that will be okay too. Either way, I am in awe at how many wonderful people want to follow my blogs and read what I have to say. Even better than 200 followers by then will be if more than 20 people enter the giveaway. I haven't had a super successful giveaway yet and this epic one could be the One.

Right now I'm considering for prizes:
e-cards for book depository
special packages (pencils, journals, maybe something from specialty store in town, other)
maybe critiques, not sure from whom
candy? I don't know, might avoid the food this giveaway, not sure
The only specific books I'll give this time will be if someone donates and at least a couple prizes will be the gift cards so that people can purchase what they want. Choice is usually a good thing.

I am open for suggestions.

How long is too long for a blogfest? I am considering starting at one blogiversary and ending at the other but that's a long time. March 17th to May 1st is over a month long. But it does make sense for a double blog giveaway. 

Any other ideas on how to make the prizes international? Right now we have the book depository idea because it has free shipping anywhere. I don't know much outside of the US, so if someone with experience knows of some other great options, I'd love to hear them.

Looking forward to the start of the giveaway in the future. All are invited.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World Building Wednesday

(Image link:

That's right. Instead of WIP(work in progress) or WCOA (Word Count Obsessors Anonymous) Wednesdays, I am going to switch things up and start a new weekly posting options. The word count obsession is still present and will be posted on weekends along with work in progress posts when we don't have blogfests to get in the way.

Wednesday is now dedicated to World Building.

Honesty first: in most of my novels so far, even the epic YA/adult fantasy mutant series, I haven't done anything in the way of world building. I just wrote the drafts and hope it was good enough. Because I am really not much of a planner in the way of making notes before writing. That includes character, plot, and setting. Even though I have some idea of the fantasy world in the series, I don't have things figured out on paper like government, language, class, etc. So, why the heck have a weekly post dedicated to something I almost never do? The almost part.

I started world building for a fantasy novel last year and with the 6 other novels in progress it has gone very slow. I want to figure out this novel so that once I'm done with umm 2 different drafts that are in progress maybe I can start writing the first draft to it. (Yes, I may be a bit insane when it comes to how many novels I have going at one time.) And I need motivation. What better than a post once a week about the world I'm working on?

Makes sense right? I mean, people are seeing the first draft of the Cinder type story as it unfolds through blogfests so they might be interested to see a world created on the blog as well. Or I hope. And if they aren't interested then I guess I'll have a weekly post with no comments, but that's okay too. It's partly for me, the weekly world building thing, anyways.

So that is today's post. The announcement of a weekly post that will come umm, next week.
Check my other blog for my post on world building in general: On World Building

For now:
Do you do world building before writing the first draft?
Second then?
At all?


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