Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Muse struggles

Hello readers. Time for a slight break from blogfests. I am signed up for one more on this blog for March and none yet for April. I will be busy all of April on my other blog, doing the A to Z blogging challenge over at my Dawn Embers blog. Thought I would post another edition of Monday's Muse and give a slightly unfortunate update on my March Novel Writing challenge (lack of) progress.

Writing delays happen. There are a number of things that can stall a writer. Some are easier to fight through than others and for me, the problem has been pain and an infection. Because of those two things I haven't written in my YA novel for days even though I was trying to write the whole first draft this month alone. Life can get in the way too but luckily my new job doesn't take that much time away from writing so I should be doing more soon.

How does one recover from a setback? Glad I asked.

The thing not to do is completely give up. While it may be tempting, don't let a setback get to you so bad that you stop writing. Don't let the setback win!

One option is the simplest, sit down and start writing. Yeah, brilliant, I know. I can do this some of the time. When I've had a long break I will occasionally do the writing in a notebook instead of a computer to get going but it does help. Sometimes I just need to make myself start and then the words will eventually begin to flow as if I'd needed to write it instead of it being forced. This can be hard to do with major headaches though.

Another option is to rest. Sometimes a break is needed. This doesn't mean never go back to writing but sometimes our bodies/minds need a break, especially when dealing with illness. Forcing can only make things worse, so get the rest you need and then return to writing.

Then there is the re-evaluate. I am a big goal maker when it comes to my writing. I try to make a goal ever single month, in fact. But I don't always make those goals and part of the reason can be found within the struggles that cause delays. When I know I'm not going to make the goal, I keep going and soon make a new goal. Instead of giving up because I know I won't succeed per the original plan, I choose to evaluate and adjust a newer goal to work towards. It may take me longer but I'll get there one of these days and that's the main point.

Do you have setbacks?
How do you fight back against them?


Angela Felsted said...

It helps to set reasonable goals too. If writing a rough draft in one month turns out not to be reasonable, give yourself an extension.

Dawn Embers said...

Angela -True. I try to keep reasonable but sometimes it's good to throw in a challenge. As long as we keep going and adjusting when necessary. Thanks for the comment.


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