Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World Building Wednesday

I don't have much details done yet. Job and headaches plus blogfests stalled things, but then I had an idea for this post. Since it's the first after the announcement of the weekly idea, it might be a good idea to post the general areas that I plan to build for my fantasy world. Sound okay to you? Hope so cause I'm posting it anyways.

World Building Wednesday - Day 1

Areas to develop: (in no particular order

1. Elements / Faeries (fae, and other spellings to be decided which to use from)

2. Humans

3. Transportation/Travel

4. Land Masses/Countries/Worlds (aka Geography)

5. Weather and Cosmology

6. Economics/Commerce

7. Language

8. Religion

9. Technology

10. Physics(science) and Magick

11. Government/Politics

12. Military/Police

13. Weaponry

14. Social Structure/Culture

15. Key Times in History

Potential for More....

What do you think?
Anything else I should add to the list?


Heidi W said...

Wow--that's a lot more than I ever figure out before building a world. I applaud your attention to detail.

I do spend some time musing about many of these and writing/drawing the world. But what I find most helpful is just working on the sensory aspects. What does is sound/smell/taste/look/feel like?

I also spend some time on the color palatte. For example, my current world is mostly cement and steel--so colors are dark and cold--grays, blacks, dark browns, silvers.

Your post makes me eager to create a new world--I love that part of writing!

Susan Kane said...

I would also devote some time on art, music, theatre, poetry--the artist always reflects, shapes, criticizes the society of the time. Think about impressionists in France and how they were a window to events of the time.
When "Rites of Spring" by Stravinski played the first time, a riot followed. A few years later, he was considered brilliant. What changed?
Good idea for this blog. You have me thinking how I will approach creating an environment differently.

Susan Leigh West said...

It's a good start. Already I'm imagining another planet that is futuristic .it's kind of a dark place with one city on top of a rocky mountain and it's powered by the glow of a nebula. More to come...

I do have one thing that I would change. Number 2. Humans: it's just too limited. I would add aliens or other intelligent life. Also Number 16. Wildlife/fauna/flora (the non-centicant life)

Dawn Embers said...

Heidi Windmiller - Thanks for the comment. I rarely world build at all. In fact, I usually just start writing. My fantasy/sci-fi story with mutants has had no world building involved for either the YA or Adult first book. But it's going to be fun developing a full new world for this book.

Susan Kane - Good idea. That could be seen as a cultural aspect as well. I need to do something about the different jobs available too. I know there are those who work with metal and wood to build, but finding job titles and such will be useful.

Susan Leigh West - Wildlife would be a good one. I don't have aliens though. There are humans and there are faeries, but for now those are the only two. That's why I have them in the world building because they will have differences that need to be noted. Plus, one main character is a faery and the other main character is a human.

Sophia said...

Know how people in your world get their food and water. Limyaael has written a lot of posts about writing fantasy, and in her worldbuilding posts she stresses the importance of knowing this fundamental element of life. What do your characters eat and where does it come from and where is their nearest source of water? It could come under economics, but make sure it doesn't get forgotten.
- Sophia.

N. R. Williams said...

I used to have one of those. It can come in handy.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

HowLynnTime said...

Yes food is part of culture - many attitudes and thoughts can be conveyed in food - do they jones for fried crickets - or is there a fruit they prize.

Also - know what is lost in their world. No matter what has just happened - there is loss. Think how OKC and 9-11 changed our innocent views - think how pearl harbor shocked them ----but also think how the change in government - or king would affect them. Is the new guy a horrible leader - even if they don't know the royals - they are in the world. Maybe they lost friends - or wealth 3 generations ago - but all feel things are either better than (last year, last 20 years) or worse. What is lost must be found - for the world to really come alive.

Dawn Embers said...

Sophia - good point. While it's easy to forget the simple things they are essential in good world building. I will do my best not to forget that in my own attempt.

NR Williams - thanks for commenting.

HowLynnTime - I appreciate the comment. I wouldn't have thought about loss in that context but it makes sense.


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