Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April and May

Here is to the rain that will bring the flowers. Also known as, goal updates, new goals, talks of April challenges and plans for spring for my life and writing. Fun times indeed.

April is many things. One is the A to Z blogfest challenge. The last two years I took part in the challenge using this blog, with the most recent (2013) being one where I was crazy and used both Fiction and Fitness (It's in the Book was the title then) along with my Dawn Embers blog. This year I went with a different kind of crazy. I am taking part in the challenge. Just not this blog or Dawn Embers. Even though I've been slacking on reading and don't have active co-bloggers at this time, I took the leap and put in Reading at Dawn. I found an awesome reader who is doing a good portion of the reviews, so it's not just me, and my sister has a couple days. It's crazy but I'm hoping it gives the book review blog a boost and I can push it forward from there. Check out the other blogs taking part (over 1700 of them) over at A to Z Challenge. And check out my posts at Reading at Dawn.

February and March were pretty busy. Here are my past goals and how I did on them:

February Goals
Submit 4 stories to publications. - I sent out 3 in February
Write chapter in AF. - Failed. I've still got a couple chapters left to write overall.
Finish reading HIVE - This one I did accomplish and there is a review posted on Reading at Dawn.
Post 5 blog entries overall. Managed but barely, over all the blogs.
Apply to one job a week. Ish. I was doing good in Feburary, since then not so much.
Batch cook on day off from work. Nope. Still working on planning and cooking.

March Goals
Edit TT. - Fail. Didn't edit at all with all the other things I had to do on WDC this month.
Finish reading 1 book. - I finished Ash on the very last day.
Keep submitting items if they get rejections.  Stalled but then I sent out 7 stories on 1 day so I'm doing better again with this one.
Apply to one job a week. Fail. Got distracted.
Eat 3 servings of veggies a day - not quite but I'm slowly adding more veggies though I need to maybe try and eat more than 2 times a day.

Weight loss didn't happen lately but I haven't put much focus on it either. I haven't really gained either though, so that's good despite needing to buy less candy. I'm at 215 so need to make a goal for April and May to try and get down some as I start cooking and using more veggies.

April Goals
Edit 5 or more chapters in TT.
Read books and keep up with A to Z challenge.
Write 250+ words a day.
Submit 2 stories.
Start doing recipe changes by adding more vegetables.
Lose 3 lbs.
Post at least one post in my other blogs.

May Goals
Write 250+ words a day.
Edit chapters in TT. (amount pends how well April goes)
Start rewriting query letter.
Send out 2 stories.
Get activity ready for summer novel writing.
Post at least 4 blog posts overall.

I have been writing every single day. Some days it's only 250 words but other days it's 1000 or 2000. I'm at over 70,000 words written so far this month and even though I've never been the write every day type. I'm actually liking it and the challenge. Rest of my time is taken up by work but I keep going. And I sleep sometimes too.

But I'm ready for April and May. Always more to do.

How are you?
Did February go well?
What are your goals for April or May?


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