Monday, October 29, 2012

Novel for NaNoWriMo

So, I picked out which novel I was going to write for National Novel Writing Month like... a month ago. I just forgot to post the result on here, oops.

Out of the 3 novels I spent October prepping, I am going to work on:

Aeon/Xan - This is one of those, character doesn't know they are royalty types. Aeon is a mage student who has never had a stable home, doesn't know his parents or even his real name. One year he met Xan and after a fight asked him to protect him but had no idea how much of an impact he made on Xan, who later becomes his warder. Something also affects his memory (need to decide what) so he no longer remembers Xan and may never pass the mage test because it requires memorizing spells. Both him and Xan have wild magic, which is deemed inferior. I started writing this in first person in a notebook, but it was horrible. Recently I wrote a part of the story from Xan's POV and it has deepened the story. (fantasy) series

Yep. Fantasy novel.

Correction: Young Adult Fantasy novel.   eeek!

My track record for nanowrimo is: 
Romance/Erotica: 50k NaNo 2008, 99k+ NaNo 2011
Fantasy: 65k (50k in 15days, march 2010), 51k in 13 days NaNo 2010
Young Adult: 14k NaNo 2007 (took 2 years for first draft to end at 23k, rarely writing on it), 17k (march 2011), 25k+ NaNo 2011

Yeah, for fantasy I'm fine, for book with romance in it in some way, fine, but that pesky young adult part causes trepidation. Can I write a young adult novel in one month? I'm not sure. Then again, maybe this is the year and the book I'll do it, I'll finally write over 50k of a young adult book in one month! I hope.

That and I'm trying to tell myself it's just a fantasy novel even though the characters decided to go YA on me. Yep, just a fantasy novel.

Who is ready for NaNoWriMo?
Anyone else with trepidation?


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