Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Line

It's here: The Last Line Blogfest

Check out the other entries at Lilah's Blog

Rules of the Blogfest: Entries do not have to be last lines only, it is understandable that a build-up may be necessary. I'd say that the previous 25 lines would be a reasonable length. It also does not matter if the last line is for a scene, chapter, or book, just as long as you wrote it.

This time. I'm not going to rant about the topic of last lines or go on and on about something I don't do well. So, no worries.  Will talk about the novel then give the last lines. But I will say this. Wow! I need to work on last lines. I searched almost every chapter I've ever written and am only posting this one because I think all of them suck. Yikes!

The Novel: Standing Ground

Background information: This isn't the end of the book, or even a chapter. When I first wrote it, however, it was an ending for a section of a story. I did a small portion of the novel for 14-7-1 contest, which involved 14 days with 7 prompts and 1 story. So, this was the last line of one of the prompts. It's a section after the dreams sequences that will be posted later this month. And it could be the end of a page at least, never know. It sounds like an ending.
Dominic's mutation is that he has prophetic dreams, but they are all in symbols so it's not very convenient, and it makes him sleep more than most people. Noah was sleeping, but Dominic woke him up to help interpret a set of dreams.

Oh and, umm.. yeah. It's a first draft with minor edit. I don't like the "eyes showing concern" part, and it'll be fixed in rewrite. Promise.

Last Line Blogfest Entry:

After several minutes, Noah formed a set of neat piles around him and he focused on three different pages within his hands. He'd gotten a few out from past interpretation attempts, but most of the pages were new.

"What do you think?" Dominic reached an arm out in a stretch before putting his pencil down. He looked at Noah, his eyes showing concern and interest.

The remnants of his dream, the racing and the strange hyper woman's words echoed within his mind. Feeling numb, a darkened sense of urgency seeped through his body. He could almost taste the dread on his tongue as he gave a response. "We're running out of time."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's A Sekrit

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Okay. Considering I have a blog set aside just for talking about my own novels, this having a secret is a bit odd for me. I'm used to sharing, telling anyone who wants to know exactly what my novels are about and who the characters are. Sure, I'll occasionally tease them by telling them a plot point but not what happens to solve it. Leave them hanging, so to speak.
Example: I have a novel where in the ending, there are two guys and one gun. Who uses the gun? Does he kill himself or the man he has a strange relationship with? I'll never tell! Okay. I'll tell when I write the novel but who knows when that one will be.

I like sharing. It's a bit of an ego booster, to be honest. It's nice to hear someone say they think you have a good idea. Or that the character sounds interesting, fun, different, etc... Sure, I know that there will be a fair number of people who don't like the ideas. Then again, they may not like the characters just because they're almost all gay and not everyone is willing to read that. So, I understand that aspect but it still feels nice to have someone hear an idea and say "it's awesome!"

But I have a Sekrit Novel. And it's spelled "sekrit" for a reason, probably because it's fun, but others too that I don't really know. I just stole the idea from someone else. lol

This is the first time I've started a story that no one knows the details about. All I have mentioned is that it's a novel, and that I'm handwriting it (which is new as well since I have wrist issues and pain). No one has seen the pictures I've created using an online dollmaker. They do know the characters nickname because I mentioned struggling with figuring out his real name but that's it. No one knows the plot in particular. Even @AshelynnS doesn't know the details of this project and she's my twin.

So, if I like telling people so much, why am I keeping it a sekrit?

Cause it's fun. Okay. I actually don't have a real reason except to see if I can even do it. Might be a good idea to not tell everything to everyone all the time. I've heard some people say it's better to not tell at first, but I am not sure I agree. But I like having this little sekrit. I don't know where it will go, if it'll make it to publishability but for now I'm going to enjoy having this novel all to myself.

Shhh! It's a Sekrit!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Length Confession

I've talked about this a little before, I think on my other blog, but I'm going to post this bit of confession/truth here. Also, I couldn't find it. I remember it was after a story was rejected but that's all I remember. So, on to the confession...

I am not a short fiction writer.
I write long fiction.

The funny part is: when I first started on almost 5 years ago, I didn't know that. This post is about not only my inability to write short fiction but also a small story about my journey so far in becoming a writer. I wasn't active my first year, but years two and three in particular (2006 and 2007) I started to take part in writing activities and contests on the site. For me, it wasn't about winning or even making great stories, however. It was just to get me to write. Contests have deadlines and that meant I got stuff done.

So, for most of my story entries, when the reviewer would say "this seems like a bigger piece and not a full short story" my response was "Yes." I would use prompts to write scenes for potential books. That was back when I'd never written a full book before.

And I still plan to use some for books. Thomas/Kyle romance/erotica novella is one that is being written scene by scene, at least the erotica portion. The rest will piece things together later. And I use 14-7-1 and a couple other contests on the occasion to get a certain scene or chapter written.

There were occasional stories that I never planned anything more. They were just supposed to be a flash fiction or short story with nothing else beyond it. This is part of where I get the reason for this post.

My first sci-fi flash fiction story was written based on that. It was a little story with no idea for any addition. Reviewers, including those from a publishing group where about 3/4 the review board, mentioned the idea was too big for flash fiction. One even sait it would be better as a novelette or even a novella. I really had no plans of the sorts. Yet my idea was too big.

But that's not all.

I don't just write novels instead of short stories. I write series. Why? I have no clue. My initial idea for writing novels would be to have a stand alone novel first because that might be better than a long series idea. Yet, each idea seems to want to expand itself into more than a single book. Even the romance/erotica novel I finished thanks to NaNoWriMo 2008 threatened to have a sequel, which I will not allow.

Sure, Tattle Tell could be seen as a single book, the YA one. But the truth is it's book one of a series that intertwines with another set of books.

Also, I have a Sekrit Project. Though, I should call it Sekrit Novel since we all know the project is going to be a book. I won't say more but once I imagined the end of the idea, knew the last page, I realized something. It's just the start. Yep. Another series.

Goodness Glaciers!

So, the full confession.

I am a series novel writer.

There. Now I feel better. What about you? Can you write short fiction? What about stand alone books that go no further? Series?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Body Language

To dialogue or not to dialogue... Okay, that's not really the question but still, it amuses me.

I am a dialogue writer. I have practiced it, taken part in dialogue only flash fiction contests on WDC, and sometimes will write full scenes of just dialogue and then add the other stuff later. So, when Harley posted a "no dialogue" blogfest I had my doubts. Sure, I think Harley is awesome and I love entering any blogfest that I can (though I'm not entering a few, shocking... I know). But at the same time how was I going to write this scene? I mean, no dialogue, or that was my interpretation of the rules based on the original post. The truth is I know most of my weaknesses at this point in writing. Dialogue is not usually one of them. Description and setting are both weaknesses.

So, what's the problem? A few but I'll list one here since I know not everyone is even going to read this. Yes, you! I know you don't read the whole thing because the comments prove it. The truth that I'm starting to realize is that I don't have a strong understanding of show versus tell. I know, I know. It's one of those big rules and Harley even has posts about it, but I still don't get it. To me, it feels like I'm telling, and sometimes I get reviews/critiques that mention it as being kind of tell too (though that hasn't happened too often) when I do many sections without dialogue. This means I rely too much on dialogue and need to work on that. Anyways, blah blah blah. Let's get to the blogfest.

Body Language Blogfest
Created by Harley at thelabotomyofawriter

Minor note: I'm still trying to figure out how to address parents in my novels. I've seen authors refer to them by their first names but it seems awkward with teens or young adults as the main characters. So, I use Father or Mother, or something similar for the time being. Any suggestions on how to address parent characters, what to call them?

This entry is from my YA novel involving genetic mutation though that isn't obvious or even seen by this particular scene. It's the source of the tension, however. Ephram is a mutant but his parents aren't. That's all I'll tell you about. Enjoy the almost 500 word, no dialogue scene.

Novel: Tattle Tale (from rewrite of chapter 3)

With a tremble of a yawn, Ephram makes his way down a set of hard carpeted stairs and heads for the kitchen. He pauses in the living room to listen for evidence of life but it's a Saturday morning and his mother always works on Saturdays. Figuring his father is asleep or out of the house, he enters the kitchen in hopes of finding juice and maybe something to eat. He stops after getting past the door and it swings shut behind him but he doesn't move further into the kitchen. His father is there.

Father is making breakfast, or at least he was. At the sight of Ephram, he stops mid-action with a black spatula in his right hand. He doesn't move, as if that makes a difference somehow.

Silence takes over as neither produces a greeting and the only noise heard is whatever might be cooking on the stovetop, which doesn't make much noise. Instead, both stand in their spots and stare at each other in obvious discomfort.

To end the stand off, Ephram nods his head a little to break the moment before moving to the refrigerator. He opens it in search of juice while his father goes back to cooking, though he glances at Ephram a couple of times. After pulling out a carton of pineapple-orange blend juice, he moves to the cabinet space that is located away from the stovetop. Luckily, the one with the glasses is the one furthest away, so he is able to get a glass without worry of spooking Father even more. The uncomfortable energy isn't unusual between the two, so it's a little easier to ignore but that doesn't stop its existence.

After Ephram puts the juice on the table, he grabs a box of cereal from a different cabinet and then gets a bowl out before sitting. Another glance at Father shows he's busy with his food and not quite ready to leave the kitchen. After considering taking breakfast to his own room he decides to eat in the kitchen, but fast. Figuring it best to ignore the issue, he avoids looking at his father again and focuses on pouring the juice in his opaque glass.

As he grabs for the box of cereal, it gets pulled off the table. He looks up at his father, eyes widened a slight amount.

Father puts the box away and sets down a plate of eggs, sausage and pancakes in front of Ephram. He takes another plate and sits across at the same table.

Still staring, Ephram doesn't know what to do next. The food smells good but this is almost too strange for him to handle. He can't even remember the last time Father had spent more than five minutes in the same room. But here he sat, eating almost as if everything was normal. The uncomfortableness still exists, but it seems lighter. After some trepidation, Ephram shrugs his shoulders back a little and then begins to eat.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Goals

Since I'm not ready to start the character posts, will do one character a week once I get the right avatar making abilities, I'm going to post my goals for 2010. I like having writing goals not only for the year but each month. I have an original, general, plan and an updated version. This is also my first attempt at scheduling blog to be posts.

Look for my non-dialogue scene (aka body language blogfest entry) on the 24th. Works right into the next chapter I need to rewrite for Tattle Tell.

Original 2010 Writing Goals
Year Goal: Rewrite Ephram's Defiance(Tattle Tell) and have one other novel first draft done, at least.
6 Months: Work on angel//demon novel(Fallen), ED(TT) , and mystery novel (Against All Evidence).
3 Months - Same as 6 months.
Weekly: Write/rewrite one chapter at least in any of the novels.

The one goal is crossed out because thanks to March Novel Writing Month, I finished the first draft of Hero(Standing Ground) at the beginning of this month. So, I have 3 first drafts at this point and am working on 1 rewrite so far.

Updated 2010 Writing Goals
Tattle Tell: Finish rewrite and perform at least one edit. Prepare to query by 2011.
First Drafts: Try to finish first drafts of Fallen (rename) and Against All Evidence.
November: Take part in National Novel Writing Month with either sequel to Tattle Tell, sequel to Standing Ground, or write first book in Blood Prophesy.
Write in novels every month/week.
Prepare queries and/or synopsis of different novels for practice and for real.

Those are my goals for 2010. Well, the writing ones anyways. I also have an associates degree to obtain in health sciences, finding where to go next, getting a job, and moving. But writing is the topic of this blog so we'll stick with that. Those are my goals and the novels I am working on for 2010.

What are your goals?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Genre Talk

(Image from isubookstore web site)

Topic for today is my choice in Genres.  I had a hard time finding the right image and even though this one doesn't show all the "proper" genres it's the best I could find and it's really not bad looking. But to the real topic, What genres do I write in?

This topic is sparked by a comment from the first kiss blogfest entry. So, thanks Donna Hole for the comment and inspiration for this blog post. The truth is, I don't balk at erotica, and here is the post to prove it.

My first finished novel was in 2008 for National Novel Writing Month. I made it a little over 50k during the month and then took about a month later to finish the last bit. It ended up being 56,741 words long. The Genre: Romance/Erotica Yep, I write erotica. And there are plenty of naughty scenes in the book, in public, in private, more than two people, etc. The title is Hellenic Distractions. I haven't done a rewrite at this point because even though I know how I want to rework the book, it's not my favorite genre. I don't read erotica. And while I might consider publishing one day, there is something else I prefer. On the other hand, I might publish some short stories first because I have plenty as it's the most common type I enter to contests on WDC.

The real reason is because I don't want to be an erotica author, who writes in other genres. I want to be a fantasy author, who writes in other genres. So, let's discuss my other genres.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi - General
I'm unsure as to the exact subgenre, or location for this, but the variety of series that intertwine (yeah, tough sell, I know) are somewhere in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. The novels involve genetic mutations. This includes a section of a series in the Young Adult genre

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
I didn't know my novel was in this genre, until recent. I'm not very far in the novel but it's the story of a gay romance between a demon and an angel set in Detroit.

This is the genre that I am attempting but know nothing about. I am a bad writer. I don't always read in the genre I write in. For the first draft, I am just not worrying about it. It can suck so might as well let it go and write the thing. Sure, I'll have to do research for the rewrite but that's okay. I can handle that.

These are my top genres at the moment. I have 3 novels finished, with first drafts not all the way done. There is one erotica/romance and two fantasy/sci-fi. Working on the other two genre first drafts now. Who knows what will get published, if any will, but I have my hopes up and look forward to the path.

What genre do you write?
Do you read in that genre while writing it?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading Tidbits

I know I posted yesterday, but that post and the comments on it has brought about an idea for this post. It's interesting to see reader reactions when they are only given a small section of the story/novel. I've had things I'd hoped for be mentioned, and then there are the comments that are unexpected. Those can including intriguining elements. As the only person reading it who knows the truth, it's kind of funny when a comment occurs that isn't quite accurate, or at least makes me know the reader will soon be surprised if reading the entire story.

The last post is a good example. One fun comment was that the character, Thomas was over his head with the vampire (Kyle). Which, in that single scene it does kind of look that way.

The truth of the story. That is the one confident scene for Kyle, and Thomas isn't used to being hit on so directly, which makes him come off as uncertain or over his head. Not much long after this, when they are back at Thomas' place, they watch a horror movie and Kyle shows his vulnerability. He spends most the movie hiding his face against Thomas' chest. Course, no one reading the excerpt is going to know that. And no one reading the story will know Kyle's big secret, since it's not found out till much later in the novella (and I'm not telling here, hahaha).

On my other blog, the murder scene blogfest post, there was a couple of comments about one of the characters is interesting. Since all they read is the end, the climax part where the antagonist is killed, there still is much that is unknown. The comment: Noah seems naive/innocent.

Truth of the story. The chapters leading up to the break out, while Valk(antagonist) is using Noah for his abilities, he also has a few interesting talks with him. He comes across almost father like, wanting to help Noah figure out his own abilities and how to deal with his emotions so something bad doesn't happen. So, when Noah is supposed to electrocute him again, that's what stops him. There is no certainty as to whether the bad guy was reaching for the gun on the table or just holding onto it since he'd already received a significant amount of electrical energy. That fact will come in to the second novel as an issue between Noah and Bastian. Seeing, knowing he can kill someone without much remorse bothers Noah.

Sure, none of the readers are going to know that when reading the small excerpts. But for someone that knows the whole stories, I find this all very interesting. (and I need a new word, say interesting way too much, lol.)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bar Scene

The Bar Scene Blogfest
This blogfest is run by a friend of mine, Tara. Check out her blog: Tara Blog

I'm posting a scene from a romance/erotica novella that is being worked on scene by scene. The particular scene for this blogfest comes from my very first erotica short story. I first wrote the story to see if I could write erotica and the first part was easy but the erotic part didn't get written till almost 5 months later. The prompt was to involve Halloween in the story, though I never had it done in time to submit to the WDC contest the prompt came from.  The characters even have a fan. He loves reading their stories and even has woken up thinking about them, which is very encouraging and why their story is still going even though the genre isn't my main focus.

Random bits of information: the drink is called Buffy's Revenge. I found it on a bar web site and it seemed fitting at the time. It's introduced before this section but I don't want to post too long of a scene. Vampire's name is actually Kyle, but Thomas doesn't find out his name till later, when they are at his house watching a horror movie.

Novella: untitled
Short Story: Halloween Without Him

Half an hour later, the bartender returned. Thomas had finished the first one several minutes ago.

"Would you like another?"

Before he could respond, someone else answered. "Make that two." The newcomer casually tossed a credit card on the counter next to the now damp napkin.

Thomas turned to examine the newcomer. It was a young male vampire. His clothing consisted of only blacks and matched a club style or so it seemed. It had been years since he'd been to a club. He felt too old for that type of activity anymore. The man had a fishnet shirt and topped it off with a small black cape. It seemed a bit odd that he had on black pants and a long skirt-like material, but it suited him well. Thomas was glad to see he wasn't wearing much makeup. He had a baby doll face, blue eyes, light features, and a small trail of red near his not too perfect white teeth.


"No problem." The vampire sat down on the stool next to Thomas, before turning to give him the glance over. "Let me guess... banker."


"Your costume. So, not a banker. How about an accountant?"

Thomas stared at him for a minute before giving in. "Undercover editor for a magazine."

"That was going to be my next guess." He took a swig of the red drink. "Wow, that's weird."

"So, why a vampire? Couldn't think of anything more original?"

He laughed for a few seconds, sending a slight chill down Thomas' spine. "Well, it is rather cliché. But it has perks."

"What kind of perks?" Thomas said, expecting a weird response.

Instead, the vampire stood from the barstool and moved behind Thomas. "Close your eyes," he instructed. Thomas was a bit nervous but went along with it.

For a few minutes nothing happened. He could hear a distant conversation, possibly from the zombie group. Ice clinked in glasses; the bartender must be making another drink. Just as he was about to give up and open his eyes, he felt the light pressure of the vampire's arms wrapping around him. The sensation of teeth upon the right side of his neck was next, which combined with the darkness of his eyes closed caused him to gasp. This lasted for what felt like a small eternity.

"You can open your eyes now." The vampire said after moving back to the barstool.

Thomas opened his eyes but had nothing to say. He still had chills from the experience.

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Kiss Entry

Here is is my first kiss blogfest entry.

Blogfest link:
First Kiss Blogfest

My characters often kiss in the novels, to say the least, so I had plenty of scenes to choose from but I decided to take a first kiss from the recently finished mutant book. There are plenty of kisses in the book but Noah's first kiss with his to be boyfriend is one of my favorites. It's from the very first chapter, which I haven't rewritten just yet because the rest of the novel is in third person but when I first started the novel it was in first person. I originally was going to do the series in first person but think it's much better off now in third.

So, about the scene: Noah doesn't often go out, and then he meets Sebastion (who goes by just Bastian). This is from their first date, where he's super nervous. Noah controls energy/electricity, but he doesn't always have control of it.

First Kiss - Noah and Bastian

We go to a small restaurant that isn’t crowded because it is a little early for dinner. Conversation is kept to simple topics. I think I avoid major errors but do fumble a bit at most the things I say. Can’t stop the nerves but he doesn’t seem to mind. I manage to make him laugh and it makes my stomach flutter. He has a cute laugh.

“Come on. Let me pay for part of it.” Bastian tries to get the bill from my hand to see the amount due. His hand clutches my wrist, playful.

His body scoots closer, until he’s pressed against my side. Our hips bump together and it sends a jolt down my leg. The laughter stops as I look into his eyes. He moves forward, pressing his lips on mine. At first I keep my eyes open, not sure what to do. But then I close my eyes, trying to enjoy the moment.

I feel wet pressure against my lips as he slides his tongue against them. Without much thought, they part and our tongues meet. This feels so weird and yet I like it.

Soon, he pulls away and a sigh escapes. I watch as he brings a hand up to touch his lips.

“Huh.” He says in almost a whisper.

“What?” I go from happiness to fear. Did I transmit an electric charge? I hadn’t felt any but the kiss distracted me a bit. I can’t help but ask, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no.” He shook his head and bit his lower lip. “It’s just.. you’re going to think I’m crazy.”

My nerves start to get the better of me. He doesn’t seem like anything bad happened but I don’t know what else could have caused that reaction. I want to kiss him again, but need to know the answer first.

With a slight blush, he tells me, “When we kissed, I felt something; a spark.”


The real title for this post is actually:

Things I've Learned by Role-Playing w/ My Novel Characters in Chat

In celebration of March Novel Writing Month, on, there was a party in the chat rooms. Characters were welcome to join too. At first, I wasn't sure about the whole thing, to be honest. Despite having the username "Elfmage7" I've never done any roleplaying. At first, I was in the chat just as myself, the writer who managed to get 67,000 words of a novel done during the month of March, 2010. But after a little bit, I figured I'd give it a try and brought in the main character from that novel, Noah. And it turned out to be a great experience. There were a few hitches in the chat, moments of tension and someone who spent their time being rude/annoying. But overall, I had fun and through the course of the 4+ hour chat, had three different characters. From this, I have learned more not only about the characters themselves but also some of what it means to be their type of supernatural being.

The 3 characters that made it to the chat:
Noah: male mutant who can control energy. Main character from the book I just finished the first draft of, Standing Ground.
Bastian: Noah's boyfriend, real name Sebastian. Also, a mutant but with a passive ability to handle more electricity than most humans can. He's the love interest from Standing Ground.
Lucas: male demon, one of the two main characters from Fallen. It's only got a few chapters done, and he's still new to being a demon.

Things I learned:

Noah is a flirt. Even though he has a boyfriend and the other males at the party were all straight, he still did a bit of flirting.  He's also can be quite a downer too. He's so depressed sometimes, dealing with his relationship issues and how dangerous he could be. Started bringing the party down at first, till he found someone to flirt with, that is.

Bastian is starting to have some control issues and jealousy over Noah. Ever since he returned from the war, he's been acting more like that. And, he tries to push Noah's buttons over the issue (other men). He's gonna push too far one day, or so it seems.

Lucas, I didn't learn anything new about him specifically, but more about what he's gone through since becoming a demon. I never thought about stuff like how simple things might change, but the topic came up with someone else's character since she's new to being a vampire. Things like, the taste of food are different than when they were human. Interesting point, and I have much to think about as I develop the novel.

This may have been my first attempt at roleplaying, but it won't be my last. I can see now, the real use of stepping into one's characters and plan to do it more often in chat. Who knows what I'll learn next.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Encouragement and More

I've got a few more days until the next blogfest. There will be one on the 10th and another on the 11th for this blog, so be ready for much more reading. The last blogfest gave me plenty to think about and the result was even greater than I could have imagined. Had about 15 comments from others (I responded twice myself to everyone with thanks) and went from having 8 followers to 19. The encouragement I received for my first page is the reason I'm posting this. It's not a character from my book, scene or even idea, but I feel it should be said here.

I am beyond appreciative for the feedback. Even when I'm uncertain about my writing and have so many different genres to keep track of, this book in particular has always been well received.  This book gives me high hopes and is looking to be the best one to send out first, and it's also the farthest along since it's the first one to receive a rewrite.

The book started in 2007. It was my second attempt at nanowrimo and I only managed about 14,000 words that month. Spent the next two years writing off and on until the first draft ended with less than 24,000 words. I started the novel in first person after doing samples of both first and third. First seemed the better choice at the time because it was more experiential and I like the idea of being in one characters head. The first nine chapters were written in past tense and then I decided on either chapter 9 or chapter 10 that it sounded better in present tense. So, I did a minor rewrite on the already written chapters and moved them to present tense.

I took a novel writing class one year in college. Had to submit a couple chapters of a novel and I submitted this one (called Ephram's Defiance at that time) even though the teacher claimed to be against genre writing and prefered general lit. She loved the chapters and her only complaint at the time was the chapters seemed too polished for the class. (Yeah. One minor rewrite and a tiny edit = too polished.)

After figuring out the epicness of the series, and the others that intertwine in the world, I decided that first person would not work. It's okay with single main characters and on the occasion more than one. Truth is, I don't feel confident in first person writing enough to do the later books with multiple main characters in first person.

So, I'm rewriting the novel in third person, attempting to more than double the word count. At the moment I have two chapters done so far, and both are at least double in length from the orginal. To me, this proves the pov change was the right decision. The present tense is staying, though the first edit will be to fix all the tense errors, as I know there are some.

It still feels odd, writing in YA. Not my original goal, and in fact the series will go beyond YA as they get older and meet up with the characters from the book I just finished writing. (Yep, Noah and Ephram meet.)

Even so, I have high hopes for the book and the series. Who knows where it will go, but it's going somewhere.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Page Excerpt

Since this blog is dedicated to my writing and what can be found in my books, it seems fitting that I start using it for blogfests. Now, for the rare few who may not know: a blogfest is an even setup by someone who has a blog based upon an idea. Then other people with blogs, like me, sign up to take part in that particular idea. I've taken part in 4 different blogfests so far, all of which can be found on my other blog (writing blog). They were, and in almost but maybe not correct chronological order: Fight Scene Blogfest (my first fight scene ever), No Kiss Blogfest (had characters almost kiss but not quite), PG Love Scene Blogfest (yep, a love scene meant for a younger audience, kind of) and the most recent one of Alternate Version Blogfest (take a scene and rewrite it so that it's very different). All of these were fun and can still be found on the blog.  There will be even more in the future, though I'm going to do most of them on here from now on, instead of the other blog.

Today's Blogfest
First Page Blogfest
The idea is to post the first page of a current, past/whatever, work in progress. Only real rules are that well, it's the first page (not the middle or last) and that it's not very long (because it's supposed to be one page, not the whole first chapter). The length rule is set at about 24 lines, but I'm assuming there is a tiny bit of leeway since a document line and some people's blog page lines won't have the same lengths. But mine won't be too long so no worries.

The novel that I'll be using for this particular blogfest is my one of very few YA books. It's fantasy/sci-fi (Okay, I'm not quite sure the exact genre) involving a teen boy and genetic mutations. At the moment I'm working on the rewrite, first one, in which I'm changing the POV from first person to third person. Chapter one is the only chapter that has been rewritten do to a different novel distracting me for the month of March. Current WIP title is Tattle Tell and I think it's much better than the first draft title of Ephram's Defiance. I could tell more details about the overall book, but think it will be more interesting to see any reactions to just the first page and no extra details. Without further ado, here is my entry.

First Page from Tattle Tell

"Look what I can do."

A shiny copper coin spins across the school lunch table, almost grazing Ephram's left knuckle. He glances up from the book he is reading as he waits for the first bell of the day to ring marking the start of the school day. His stomach sinks at the sight before him.

Levi stands on the other side of the table, a group surrounding him while he holds his hand above the spinning coin. As he concentrates, the coin changes directions. The spin slows down to an almost impossible rotation speed before increasing again.

Only one thing could give Levi that ability and that one thing makes Ephram uncomfortable. It's a sign of mutation. Under any other circumstances, he would feel relief to find another one like him, but that's not the case. Only one thing happens when he sees someone else with a genetic mutation and that one thing was a report to the men in suits.

"What do you think, Eph-man?"

The use of Levi's nickname for him brings Ephram's attention back to the moment. He looks up at Levi as he tries to come up with a good response. "Uh, yeah. Neat." He did his best to hide the fear that had started to build within.

It was only a matter of time before the suits would be at Ephram's parents' house and he'd have no choice. He had to tell them whenever he saw any new mutant activity no matter the age, type of mutation or any possible association. His friendship with Levi wouldn't be enough to keep him from having to tell. All he could do is hope that he would come back; not all returned.


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