Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading Tidbits

I know I posted yesterday, but that post and the comments on it has brought about an idea for this post. It's interesting to see reader reactions when they are only given a small section of the story/novel. I've had things I'd hoped for be mentioned, and then there are the comments that are unexpected. Those can including intriguining elements. As the only person reading it who knows the truth, it's kind of funny when a comment occurs that isn't quite accurate, or at least makes me know the reader will soon be surprised if reading the entire story.

The last post is a good example. One fun comment was that the character, Thomas was over his head with the vampire (Kyle). Which, in that single scene it does kind of look that way.

The truth of the story. That is the one confident scene for Kyle, and Thomas isn't used to being hit on so directly, which makes him come off as uncertain or over his head. Not much long after this, when they are back at Thomas' place, they watch a horror movie and Kyle shows his vulnerability. He spends most the movie hiding his face against Thomas' chest. Course, no one reading the excerpt is going to know that. And no one reading the story will know Kyle's big secret, since it's not found out till much later in the novella (and I'm not telling here, hahaha).

On my other blog, the murder scene blogfest post, there was a couple of comments about one of the characters is interesting. Since all they read is the end, the climax part where the antagonist is killed, there still is much that is unknown. The comment: Noah seems naive/innocent.

Truth of the story. The chapters leading up to the break out, while Valk(antagonist) is using Noah for his abilities, he also has a few interesting talks with him. He comes across almost father like, wanting to help Noah figure out his own abilities and how to deal with his emotions so something bad doesn't happen. So, when Noah is supposed to electrocute him again, that's what stops him. There is no certainty as to whether the bad guy was reaching for the gun on the table or just holding onto it since he'd already received a significant amount of electrical energy. That fact will come in to the second novel as an issue between Noah and Bastian. Seeing, knowing he can kill someone without much remorse bothers Noah.

Sure, none of the readers are going to know that when reading the small excerpts. But for someone that knows the whole stories, I find this all very interesting. (and I need a new word, say interesting way too much, lol.)

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