Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Goals

Since I'm not ready to start the character posts, will do one character a week once I get the right avatar making abilities, I'm going to post my goals for 2010. I like having writing goals not only for the year but each month. I have an original, general, plan and an updated version. This is also my first attempt at scheduling blog to be posts.

Look for my non-dialogue scene (aka body language blogfest entry) on the 24th. Works right into the next chapter I need to rewrite for Tattle Tell.

Original 2010 Writing Goals
Year Goal: Rewrite Ephram's Defiance(Tattle Tell) and have one other novel first draft done, at least.
6 Months: Work on angel//demon novel(Fallen), ED(TT) , and mystery novel (Against All Evidence).
3 Months - Same as 6 months.
Weekly: Write/rewrite one chapter at least in any of the novels.

The one goal is crossed out because thanks to March Novel Writing Month, I finished the first draft of Hero(Standing Ground) at the beginning of this month. So, I have 3 first drafts at this point and am working on 1 rewrite so far.

Updated 2010 Writing Goals
Tattle Tell: Finish rewrite and perform at least one edit. Prepare to query by 2011.
First Drafts: Try to finish first drafts of Fallen (rename) and Against All Evidence.
November: Take part in National Novel Writing Month with either sequel to Tattle Tell, sequel to Standing Ground, or write first book in Blood Prophesy.
Write in novels every month/week.
Prepare queries and/or synopsis of different novels for practice and for real.

Those are my goals for 2010. Well, the writing ones anyways. I also have an associates degree to obtain in health sciences, finding where to go next, getting a job, and moving. But writing is the topic of this blog so we'll stick with that. Those are my goals and the novels I am working on for 2010.

What are your goals?


Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Great goals, Twinnie! I think I'm giong to post a blog tonight about my goals; hoping to get a few drafts of novels down, plus an edit so we can start the querying process together! ;) May 2010 and 2011 be good to us with writing!

Simon C. Larter said...

Whoa. Those are ambitious goals, good lady. Well, having goals at all is kind of ambitious, I suppose. Since my goals are always rather nebulous, at best, and I work on whatever tickles my fancy, your plan seems quite impressive to me. Good luck with them all!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Simon. My goals aren't really set in stone. I hadn't even planned to write Standing Ground this year and it's first draft is now done.

I'm also kind of wanting to write XXY. It's on my mind right now and non-fantasy. We'll see what I write for summer and what ends up as the nanowrimo book.

Good thing about goals = they can be changed if needed.


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