Friday, March 4, 2011

Coming Soon: Epic Giveaway for Blogiversaries

This blog turnes 1 on March 17th. Hard to believe I've only had it that long but it's true. And I have well over 100 followers, which is amazing. My first blog,, is going to be 2 on May 1st. I would love to have 200 followers by then for this blog and the other one to coincide my celebration of blogging for 2 years, or after the blogiversaries, either works.

So, I am holding a joint giveaway with... myself. But I need a little help. I'd love to make part of this giveaway international. And if people are willing to donate prizes, then I can give even more stuff away because I'm definitely not rich so resources are limited. Some of the prizes will be online gift cards for books because we all like books. There may also be special packages, depending. Mostly, I want this to be fun.

This massive giveaway has a couple of purposes. Blogiversary, of course, since this blog is going to be 1 and the other will be 2. And then there are the followers. I get excited with each new follower I gain and on both blogs I am close to 200 followers. Wouldn't it be cool, if by my 2nd anniversary of blogging I had 200 followers on each blog? I think so. Less than 40 per blog to make that goal and even if it isn't until after the giveaway, that will be okay too. Either way, I am in awe at how many wonderful people want to follow my blogs and read what I have to say. Even better than 200 followers by then will be if more than 20 people enter the giveaway. I haven't had a super successful giveaway yet and this epic one could be the One.

Right now I'm considering for prizes:
e-cards for book depository
special packages (pencils, journals, maybe something from specialty store in town, other)
maybe critiques, not sure from whom
candy? I don't know, might avoid the food this giveaway, not sure
The only specific books I'll give this time will be if someone donates and at least a couple prizes will be the gift cards so that people can purchase what they want. Choice is usually a good thing.

I am open for suggestions.

How long is too long for a blogfest? I am considering starting at one blogiversary and ending at the other but that's a long time. March 17th to May 1st is over a month long. But it does make sense for a double blog giveaway. 

Any other ideas on how to make the prizes international? Right now we have the book depository idea because it has free shipping anywhere. I don't know much outside of the US, so if someone with experience knows of some other great options, I'd love to hear them.

Looking forward to the start of the giveaway in the future. All are invited.


The Red Angel said...

Congratulations on your Double Blogiversary! Hosting this giveaway is so nice of you! :)

I am a relatively new follower and absolutely love what I'm reading so far! Can't wait for future entries and updates.

I don't have experience with sending packages overseas, so unfortunately I don't really any
useful advice here on that :(

The prize ideas you have so far are great! What writer doesn't love journals and critiques? And everyone loves candy. XD haha

Please enter me in the giveaway. :) Is there anything else we need to do to be eligible?


Dawn Embers said...

Red Angel - Thanks for commenting. I don't have the giveaway up yet, this is just a post asking for ideas. Once I have the giveaway up I will do another post. I'm thinking of doing a googledocs type of sign up but I'll make sure it's easy to understand how to enter once I open the giveaway up for entries.

Donna Hole said...

Sounds awesome. I'll support your two blogiversary by offering a 2 chapter (say up to 25 pages) critique. Mind you, I'm no writing expert, so it may not be much of a prize. But I know nothing about international shipping, and when I buy a book I have a hard time loaning it out, so if I gave it away that means I didn't like it. And I don't know how to set up the gift card things.

Let me know the details of the give away when you get them refined.

I thought I've been following both your blogs, but I've noticed I've dropped off a lot of followers lists over the last few months. I'll check through your followers list to be sure . .


J.C. Martin said...

Congrats on your upcoming blogoversaries! I can chip in with a chapter/query/synopsis critique, though I'm no expert or published author. :)


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