Sunday, June 13, 2010

Titles Explained

Okay. I promised to explain the titles and even though not many may return here it is.
I say the not many return part because I posted the last half of the beach story that everyone wanted to see and so far no comments.
In case you've forgotten, or don't feel like scrolling down here are the titles and potential genres. And remember, two titles are for the same book.

The Titles:
Hellenic Distractions
Ephram's Defiance
Against All Evidence
The Blood Prophesy
Tattle Tell

The Genres:
Mutant (okay, that's not the genre, it's fantasy/sci-fi)

The Results:
Mutant = Ephram's Defiance and Tattle Tell  (one book)
Mystery = Against All Evidence
Romance/Erotica(Gay) = Helenic Distractions
Paranormal = The Blood Prophesy

Now, because I want to I'm going to talk about and/or explain each title(s).

First, the mutant novel. I started it back in 2007 for my second nanowrimo attempt with a goal of 20k that month. I made it to 14k and that's all. At the time, I chose the title Ephram's Defiance because the main character is named Ephram and the question, or main plot near the end is whether he will defy the system or not. I like the title, but since it says defiance it kind of indicates that he'd going to defy something and/or someone. And since it's a first book of a complicated series, that could stand alone but still, I don't really want the main characters name in the title. That and what will I do when Ephram, Isaac and Noah are prominent characters? Yeah, problem. So, I came up with Tattle Tell. It has a weird sound to it since it's tell instead of tale but I kind of like it. A big part of the confict from beginning to end, even starting with the first chapter is that Ephram is a tattle. So, I think it fits pretty well. I'm on the second draft so who knows for sure if it will stick.

Hellenic Distractions is the only nanowrimo win I have on record. I wrote it in 2008 and it's my only book that's romance/erotica, though I have a novella in the works that my fan adores. It's based on the main character, Alex who still has feelings for his ex, who is his best friend but he's afraid of ever acting on them again because he had his heartbroken once already. So, he ends up dating a man that lives next door to him, who is from Greece (get the title?). The Greek man has some secrets and doesn't always understand English so there are conflicts.

Against All Evidence is the novel and genre that I'm totally new to. Right now I don't read mystery and will have to do a lot of research when I get to the rewrite. The idea first came with book two, which wasn't initially a mystery but then I added in a detective main character with the original main character as the love interest and the idea sky rocketed. The first idea, which is book two, is called Beyond Brotherly Love, which is why I went for something that is A A _. After some thought, and this is one of a rare set that didn't just come to me at random, I came up with Against All Evidence, and it does work with the plot. The detective, who hasn't been a detective long is on a high profile case with his work partner and has to figure out who murdered the old rich guy even if the evidence doesn't always point them in the right direction.

Finally, The Blood Prophesy. I love this title but it's a Work In Progress title and nothing more. The main character has to find the prophet, which is the center of the first story. I came up with the idea and then the title at once, before anything was written. The idea continues to grow and went from a maybe two book idea to an epic series surrounding intense war with a few key characters I never planned at first. So, it may change but the blood prophesy is still an important part and will be involved somehow, somewhere.

And to think, these are just 5 titles. I have a few more but followed the rules this time of the blogfest. Maybe some day I'll talk about some other titles but for now, I think this is enough.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my novels and their vexing titles.


Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Nice! I still like Blood Prophesy.


Hellenic Distractions is, actually, a little intriguing. Both the title and what you explained. d(0_0)b <-- thumbs up dude.

Dawn Embers said...

hehe Ysy for thumbs up dude!

I forgot, you didn't read HD because you didn't start reading my stuff till ED was almost done in 2009. I had one person read HD, and that's someone I didn't know. Kind of weird to have a random person read the entire book on WDC. Problem is, it's a mess and needs rewritten/organized hardcore *giggles at hardcore reference to erotica*.

I still like BP too. ;-)


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