Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flirt Fest Entry

There are two blogfests and then no more for this blog until June. So, once these are done I'm going to start introducing new characters. Yay! Someone make sure I post a character introduction before June gets here. ;-)

And yet again, I'm driving for 7 hours the day of the blogfest. So, I'll comment on other people's entries for the Flirt Fest Blogfest when I'm actually home. Unless they are posted early. Might get a few comments in tonight, will have to wait and see. But on to the details of the blogfest!

Flirt Fest Blogfest
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The rules as posted on the blog: "On Sunday, May 16, 2010 post your favorite flirty scene, either from one of your WIPs, or a brand new one you've written just for this blogfest." No other rules. Nice!

So, I have a number of possibilities because flirting is fun and many of my characters gain and develop relationships in the books even if it's a side part of the story and not the main focus. But for fun, I decided to post from my only NaNoWriMo success. I wrote this in 2008 and it's romance/erotica but no erotica posting going on here. But I will post a little warning just to be on the safe side about a few of the words just in case. 

Story Detals = The main character, Alex is dating his next door neighbor for most of the book, a man originally from Greece name Nico. However, there is his best friend (ex-boyfriend from a long time ago) whom he still harbors feelings for. This is a scene between Alex and Tyson, the best friend.

It is technically a first draft with a minor edit.

*Warning* This scene talks about sex (none is shown) and has words that may make some people uncomfortable. It's not graphic and doesn't really have actual bad words but just making sure to cover all bases and cross all the i's.. or are they t's? hmmm Oh, and they are gay. But if you read my blog then you should very well be able to handle that cause it's all I write.  Oh and for those that are interested. Yes, the condom tree is described in better detail earlier in the book. ;-)

Hellenic Distractions

“Come with me,” Alex said as he grabbed Tyson’s hand leading him out of the living room.

“What are we doing in your bedroom?” Tyson looked around, smiling at the condom tree that remained on the nightstand next to the bed.

First, Alex went over to the condom tree and picked out several different ones before going to Tyson and slipping them in his right pocket. They smiled at the interaction for condoms had always been a source of amusement. Thus the idea for the tree, which had been the best gift that Alex had ever gotten from Tyson.

He shut the door, giving Tyson a quick grin and then took it back as if to act serious. “Okay. What seems to keep you from getting someone into bed?”

“I don’t know.” Tyson moved over, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Every time I get even close, I keep thinking and...”

“You are thinking too much.” Alex jumped to the conclusion. He pulled Tyson up so that he would be standing, placing himself between Tyson and the bed. He brought his hand to run it through Tyson’s soft hair. “You need to think less with this.” Alex said as he rubbed his temple.

“Let me guess,” Tyson laughed. “I should think with my dick?”

Alex smirked as he brought his hand down to graze the body part in mention. It was a little surprising that there was no attempt to move his hand away. “No. You shouldn’t think too much with that either. There are two places that you should think from when it comes to passion and sex.”

This intrigued him. “Oh really?” He seemed to be trying to figure out what Alex could possibly be suggesting but couldn't come up with the answer on his own. “And what might those two things be?”

“Well...” Alex moved his hand up into Tyson’s shirt, fondling him right above his stomach. “Right here is one; your soul.”

“My soul?” He laughed as he put his hand over his shirt on top of Alex’s hand. “So, my soul is in my diaphragm.”

Smiling, Alex nodded. “Yep. The next one is a little north.” He moved his hand up farther, placing it over his heart. “This is the other one.”

Tyson’s hand followed up, pressing Alex’s against his chest. He didn’t respond, but instead closed his eyes for a minute.

Alex moved in even closer, pressing his body up to Tyson’s. Having his eyes shut was an advantage and so he brought his mouth next to his ear and whispered. “You have the possibility for so much passion if you let yourself.”


Tessa Conte said...

Love it! "So, my soul is in my diaphragm." Hehehe.

Great, definately put a smile on my face. Although what's with the condom tree?

; )

Mia said...

I loved the "my soul is in my diaphragm" bit too. Also him placing a hand above Tyson's heart.

This was great :~)

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Hi! Great scene - dialog makes it WORK, man. Nice job :D

Tina Lynn said...

Wow...nice. I love that Tyson let Alex "have his way with him". Never pulling away. Makes it that much more exciting. Like is he interested or is he just trying to be nice.

Amalia T. said...

Just the idea of a condom tree cracks me up. And I also did love the "So, my soul is in my diaphragm" line!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Great back and forth dialogue. Liked the set up and the clever repartee.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

Tessa - The condom tree actually is from a pre-nano prep where I had to describe an item. Not sure why, but I thought it'd be funny for him to have condoms on display instead of hidden in a drawer. Thus the tree.

Mia - :-D I like that too. We always had to hear about the diaphragm in choir so seemed like a good place to me for a soul.

Zoe - Thanks. I have practiced dialogue over the years, so that's good to hear. The two characters work well together.

Tina - lol. That's a nice way to put it. Tyson does have feelings for Alex and vice versa.

Amalia - Glad you like both those parts. They are both fun for me.

Raquel - Thanks. I like this scene, even if it was written back in 2008.

Donna Hole said...

Sexy and enticing. I liked that the soul is in the diaphram. And the banter back and forth was well done.

Awesome scene.


Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Donna. :-D

Nishant said...

Great scene - dialog makes it WORK, man. Nice job :D
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