Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deleted Scene

 Blogfest time... Again. I'm going to Utah, 7 hour drive, so won't comment on the other entries till later.

This blogfest is brought to you by Jam and Toast. I mean... the blog Jam and Toast by the wonderful and amusing Mia. ;-)

The Rules Guidelines 

"Here's the plan ---> forget you might be busy, cancel all that busyness and choose your weapon-I choice...
Once you have your book at hand, write a humorous deleted scene for said tale. It can be a monologue, a dialogue, an interview or just plain old scene ---> the possibilities are endless!! In fact, maybe you could make it a guest post by the MC of the book? But I'm merely speculating here.
On Monday the 10th of May we will then all post our own little (or big) scenes!!"

The Rules Guidelines I'm Not Following
Pick a book of choice. - Yeah, I'm not using a book at all, even though I'm not doing my own novels/stories either.
Write a humorous deleted scene - Well, I don't know. Maybe. The character can be funny but we'll see what scene I pick because as I type this, I don't know which of the few I got done during scriptfrenzy that I'll post.

Another last minute pick for a blogfest. I was a bit apprehensive about this one in particular because I prefer to post my own stories/characters. I haven't gotten into the fan fiction type stories, at least when it comes to writing them. If a friend wants me to look their stories over, then I will even though I often have never seen the show that influenced the stories. But with anatomy quizzes, homework, needing to take a cat to the vet, going to Utah today(day of blogfest) and such... I just couldn't write a new scene. So I could either post a deleted prologue, which I'd rather not do, or post the Friends script I started during scriptfrenzy.

Details: I <3 Chandler. Since I write glbtq characters, I have sometimes imagined a story where Chandler was actually gay instead of just a straight guy that has questionable behavior because people think it's funny to doubt his orientation. The overall plan, writing for my self, start in the future while he reflects on the past as he prepares to go to a romance book signing that his mother and his ex are going to be at. The flashbacks are from different seasons, showing times where he might have actually been involved with someone else not shown.

Warning!  I'm not good at writing script, and I don't care if there is anything incorrect about the script format. It looks longer due to the format. sorry

Scene 4b - strip club continued

int - strip club, focused on bar

Cast: Chandler, Jae, Bartender, random people walking by

Jae and Chandler have been at the bar for awhile now. Chandler spills everything about his recent emotional/relationship issues. Also went into his parents, and in particular, his father (gay drag queen) and his own personal fears.

Wow. That's a lot to deal with. I can see why you'd be worried, but I'm sure you're going to be nothing like your father, or mother.

I hope not. But how can I be sure. I mean, they didn't think they'd end up this way at first either. And look what happened to them.

True, but look at it this way. Do you want to wear a dress, write erotica or perform on stage in Vegas while showing off cleavage?

(tentative or uncomfortable)

Then you won't end up like either of your parents.


 You're a great guy. Trust me on this.

Chandler leans over the bar in front of Jae to get a napkin or a basket with pretzels/nuts. Small Pause. Jae leans in and they kiss.

(pulls away, stands up)
I'm sorry.


I didn't mean to do that. Honest. Sorry. I'm just going to go now...

Jae leaves in a bit of a panic. Chandler watches him go.

Scene 4c - after the kiss

ext outside the club at dark, still raining.

Cast: Jae, Chandler, random people passing by

Rain falls and Jae is standing under the cover of a small bus stop area smoking a cigarette. Chandler walks over, slow, despite getting wet from the rain. Jae looks up when Chandler gets to the bus stop, but neither speak at first.

Chandler, I'm...

Chandler interrupts Jae, taking the cigarette and tossing it on to the ground. He moves forward and kisses Jae. They spend a good minute kissing, before pulling apart.

Your place?


scene 4d - after the fact

Fade in

int - Jaes rather empty apartment

Cast: Jae and Chandler

Jae and Chandler are both lying on the mattress, no bed frame, at the corner of the studio apartment, under the covers. Neither has a shirt on. It's not long after the fact and both are still breathing a little heavy.

I've got to say, this can't be your first time doing that. There is no way.

Honestly? Okay, but before I give the real answer you have to promise never to tell anyone.

Who would I tell?
(receives a look)
Okay. I won't tell anyone, promise.

I went to an all boy private high school. And we did a little experimenting.

None of your friends know?

They know I went to a boys only school, but not that I had sex there. I told everyone that I lost my virginity in college.

huh.. So, you'd rather your friends think you were so lame you couldn't get laid till you were in your twenties than know you had sex with a male?

Pretty much. I have been avoiding this. I still don't quite know if I really am, you know.

Yeah. I understand.

Fade out

scene 5a - reading book

fade in

int: Chandler's home office, focused in on chandler and the book he is reading.

Cast: Chandler

Chandler has read a chapter or two of the book. He is completely focused on the book and nothing else.

camera focuses on the book, at the current open page, on one passage in particular.

Book Text:
The whole first part of the non-relationship/affair went by in a daze; a beautiful confusion of sweaty nights and hidden moments of tender intimacy behind office doors and rare solitary times in either apartment. It was weird bliss. I don't know how his friends never figured it out, there were some close calls. But they stayed oblivious to us, to his little secret.

Fade out


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL. hmm, I always thought Chandler was gay anyway :)

Mia said...

Hooray! Thanks for taking part!!

I agree, I totally had my suspicions right up until the marriage... and then I still wan't sure ;~)

Mary McDonald said...

See, I never saw Chandler as gay. lol. Just strange, however, now that you've pointed it out, I look back and think, Ooooh!.

This is an interesting scene. lol.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Great the whole who would I tell...okay, I promise. The character's personalities really come through.

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Mia - Even after he is married they make hints and jokes. Like when Ross puts on his alumni page that he's gay then they all call to congratulate him. Monica even makes oomments about it. I think one went something like "There's enthusiastic and there's just plain gay." or something to that affect.

Matthew Perry also plays a role in a movie where he is straight but certain people think he's gay. It's part of the plot for Three to Tango, which is a fun movie. So, he acts it well.

Raquel - Thank you. I'd like to think I'm decent when it comes to character but it's always nice to hear it from someone else. Sounds less arrogant. ;-) It's okay, I suck at things like setting and such so I know I have other things to work on. lol

Nishant said...

This is an interesting scene. lol.
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