Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Results and WIP

The poll is over. Between the blog post comments and the few votes on the poll, the winner of the vote is Steampunk idea.... Here's the problem: I love the idea, have been developing it as my shiny new idea that I want to write soon. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with the project, making it not publishable from posting too many excerpts on the blog. When I did the post and polls, I hadn't thought about the idea as much. I'd never read steampunk and until looking it over before putting the poll up, didn't even know the idea would fit in that subgenre. I'm glad people like the idea to vote for it, but I'm not ready to call Shiny Steampunk unsellable. So, instead of being the blog idea, it's bumped up on the WIP waiting list. Soon as I have Angel//Demon first draft done, I'll work on that first draft.

The vote then came down to the other three ideas, which isn't hard. Two had... zero votes. Either people thought the ideas were possible sales, or they just didn't like the ideas. Either way. The winner of the vote is : Cinder Story.

Hope there aren't any more murder or fight blogfests in the near future because they won't fit, but it'll still be fun. It's one I think will work out for a blogfest entry. So, look forward to the upcoming blogfests. There are 2 on July 31. One will be from Cinder Story and the other won't. The reason for that is the second blogfest is Stalker Love Letter, and that goes to the creepy clown/chemist serial killer. hehehe


reberto.alberto said...

Hi there! is organizing a short story writing contest.

We do think that you too might have a marvelous story to tell, one that is your own! So if you can compose it in not more than few words, we would want to hear from you. Also, you stand a chance to get your story published on our site and win cash prize of USD 100.

“Then what are you waiting for? …put on your thinking cap and get writing. For registration and other information check -

Happy writing!

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks for the information roberto.alberto... While I am not a short fiction writer (I have tried and yeah, no) there may be readers who will be interested.

Mia said...

I voted cinders! The main reason was it sounded interesting but all the others were things I thought could really work as manuscripts, you know?


Dawn Embers said...

Mia - Good to know. ;-) I understand what you mean about the others. 'Tis why I couldn't go with the winner of Steampunk.


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