Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Muse Tattle Tell

Welcome to the second Monday's Muse. Yep, I'm making the second post, which indicates this weekly idea might work out but it will take a few more weeks to know for sure.

Today's book and character focus is on the YA mutant book one novel, Tattle Tell. Main character, whom was introduced in the first Meet "Character Name". That post is here:

This book, in the first draft, was called Ephram's Defiance. It is one of the few books so far that did not have a playlist during the writing process. I have a couple of songs picked out now, but haven't listened to many of them while doing the novel rewrite. So, I don't have a song for this entry, just a few images that I found on

This first image is how Ephram sometimes feels about himself.

Since I'm starting with a discussion on the main character, I'll keep going. Ephram has a lot going on for a young teen male, and even though he has barely any friends he keeps himself busy. He's a bit of a nerd, but don't worry cause in the next books he's going to start working out to get faster and make up for his slowness since he can't run through walls. He'll be a buff nerd then. lol  But I imagine a corner of his room in TT will look kind of like this:

An image that kind of reminds me of him, in his times of social turmoil and self seclusion from the world. Just imagine it without the pink cause he doesn't like or wear all that pink.

Okay. Just 2 more images left. The next image is of a woman, but it's not the woman that is the reason for posting it. Notice the copper shiny bracelet that is rather solid. I imagine the ID wrist band (bracelet sounds too girly for a male pov character) to be kind of like this only fits better on the wrist and isn't shiny.

Okay. One more image and I hope you haven't already reached your image viewing in a single blog post maximum. But I'm done after this one, I promise. The last image is a reflection on one of my favorite scenese. Ephram and his new friend spend time together after school in this little park located in the town. Sometimes they just sit, munch on bad fast food and chat but other times they play on the park swings and slide. Thus this picture:

That is Tattle Tell, book 1 of the Rogues of Revolution Series, the YA branch with Ephram Gray as the main character. Hope you enjoyed seeing my inspirations. Have a good day!


Kristie Cook said...

Thanks for sharing, Dawn. I think this is a great idea. It's interesting to see how another writer gets her inspiration. And I love the pic for it.

Dawn Embers said...

Kristie - Thank ya. :-D I'm enjoying the idea of the monday posting so far. The pic is done by Ashy, cause she's awesome like that.

Magan said...

I really like where you took my "Muse Monday" idea! It really looks sweet with the title picture and all!

Dawn Embers said...

Magan - Thanks. :-D I liked the idea a lot and am happy it's going well.


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