Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday

It's another Work In Progress Wednesday and guess what. No blogfest. *allows for gasps of shock*
That's right. We don't have a blogfest until the 18th. But that's okay because I'm going to do a proper WIP post and give you all on update on my works that are in progress.

I have made progress, so this will have some good news. Yay me! lol

The Rewrite:
Not much, but I have worked on it, which is better than nothing. I wrote 630 words of chapter 8. That is half the original word count but I'm guessing I'm only one fourth through the chapter in this draft. Good news cause I want to at least double the word count of the novel and don't have a lot extra to add to the overall storyline.  Third person is going well. I may be lacking in some descriptions so it will need some adding along with the edit, but I'm okay with that. Will consider tense at that point too.
WC = 15,289/65,000

Paranormal Romance:
Going better than I thought. The first few chapters were a bit of a struggle as I figured out point of view and which main character to use and when, but now the characters have met and the fun begins. I'm happy with the progress even though I don't know how sellable the novel will be. Oh well.
WC = 26,500/85,000

Those are the main two that I've made progress on this month. I did finish a chapter in the mystery novel not that long ago, so that was also a plus but I'm not actively working on it. And need to work more on my Sekrit Novel as it's going really slow due to writing it by hand.

I should print out the first draft of Standing Ground since it won't need the overhaul that Tattle Tell did. But 90k takes up a lot of pages and I'm too lazy/cheap to do that on my own printer, even if it's a brand new printer with new ink.

How are you?
Any progress on a WIP?

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