Friday, April 1, 2011

2 Blog 2 Year Epic Giveaway

The day has come: The epic giveaway to celebrate 2 years of blogging. This blog turned 1 on March 17th and my other blog ( will be 2 years old on May 1st. To celebrate I am hosting this giveaway and hope to get to 200 followers by May 1st. I have been blogging for almost 2 years and it's time to celebrate.

I am so grateful for every single follower and I hope many of you will take part in this giveaway. And for the first time ever, I am also doing some international prizes. Yep. People outside the US have chances to win prizes, which is part of what makes this an epic giveaway. And I have made two forms for people to use to sign up for the giveaway. One is for the US followers and the other is for everyone else. I wish I could share some of the prizes to everyone and not limit them to just US but I'm a little broke person living at my parent's house and working at a pizza place just recently, so can't do the massive international shipping such a giveaway would require. Maybe when I win the lottery (lol).

If I get 200+ followers on either of the blogs, then there will be more prizes given out. However, if a prize doesn't have 5 people signed up to win then less will be given. Yes, we need lots of people to enter the giveaway so I can offer many prizes. There are price limits on the books as I'm sure you could guess. But it'll still be cool cause I will buy a book for you if you win. Yay for books.

Enter by filling out one of the forms located below in this post. Please, only enter one so make sure you've got the right one before submitting. That means you only need to fill it out once, whether on DawnEmbers or here. With your help, this will be a fun, excellent and very epic giveaway.

The giveaway ends on May 2nd. Yep, I'm including the official 2 year blogiversary day. So, get your entry in by May 2nd. If you have any questions about the prizes or any part of the giveaway form, email me at DawnEmbers(at)ymail(dot)com.

For US followers:


For International followers:



Justine Dell said...

Excellent contest! Best of luck on reaching that 200 mark!


Sophia Richardson said...

Thanks for making the contest international, fingers crossed for 200 and I'm putting you in my sidebar!
- Sophia.

Dawn Embers said...

Justine Dell - Why thank you. I'm hoping I make it but we'll have to wait and see.

Sophia Richardson - I'm excited and nervous about the international aspect but I'm so happy I can finally provide one for all my great followers.

Michelle Gregory said...

sorry i didn't see this sooner. i'm always looking to help bloggers with giveaways by contributing a copy of my book.

congrats on 2 years.

alexia said...

Congrats on 2 years!!

Dawn Embers said...

Michelle Gregory - Thanks. Maybe next time or when I read your book since I have a copy waiting for me I'll email you and we can do something to help promote it.

alexia - Thank you. :-D


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