Friday, May 25, 2012

June Camp NaNo

It's almost June and I'm going to take part in the summer Camp NaNoWriMo event. A few of my friends were already signed up and despite everything I have going on, I figured why not join.

I'm going to use the challenge to work on my Angel/Demon paranormal romance novel. Maybe with this challenge I'll be able to get a first draft done since it's one of the novels I want to finish a first draft of for 2012. I haven't done outlining or anything but that's okay. I can't wait to get writing.

I haven't been writing much as of late. I've been working on reviews of other people's writing and trying to get things together for some of the activities I run over on I have written a couple of poems but not much on the story front. But June will be my month to turn it around.

Are you taking part in one of the camp nano months?
What are you writing for June?


Angeline Trevena said...

I'm doing June's Camp NaNo. I'm part way through the redraft of last November's novel, so I'm taking a break from that to write something totally new.

I find NaNo works much better for me if I'm creating something from scratch.

Best of luck!

alexia said...

Good luck! Not doing Camp Nano, but I am in the middle of writing the first draft of an MG fantasy. My word count goal for June is about 18,000, and I plan on finishing it by the end of July.


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