Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

August is here already.  Year is past half way over, we get closer to 2013 and I'll be 28 by the end of the month. Oh how time does fly. Time to reflect on July goals, whether I was successful in reaching them or not, and to make goals for August.

July wasn't too bad overall, minus the reading goal. I think I had some successes, so here are my results for my July goals.

Read 3 books. - Epic Fail. I read.. 0.

Write Something. - Win. I have written poems, started stories, worked on a couple chapters. I did write something. Yay!
Keep up in June/July/August challenge - So far, so good. I only have one week I didn't write anything in and that week was when I moved and Giselle said that was okay.
Apply for better jobs. - I have applied for at least 20 jobs this month. So, while I only have the one offer that I don't know if I'll take or not, I did apply for better jobs.

My August Goals

Camp NaNoWriMo - actually take part and write more than 15k, since working on 2 different YA novels.
Write in June/July/August challenge - continue writing something each week
Read - something, anything, just finish a book
Continue editing mutant novels
Continue search for better job (get second form of ID to get a new job)

How did you do in July?
What are your goals for August?


drea moore said...

Congrats on what you have achieved and good luck for Aug. My goals look pretty similar, lol :P

Jeremy Bates said...

I have found that all my goals were met for July.

One of the ways I found myself reading more was getting the iPad Amazon Kindle app. Now, I can click wherever I am and be reading.

For example, when my fiance is shopping for clothes, I read while waiting on her.

In an eatery, I read while waiting on my grub.

While traveling down the road at 135 mph, I, don't read and drive! lol

Dawn Embers said...

Drea Moore - Thanks. Good luck to you too then.

Jeremy Bates - lol. Nice. Congrats on making your goals. I don't have an iPad or ereader of any type currently. And I don't like the idea of reading on my not very high tech cell. Good luck with that driving thing. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Hey, I just turned 28 last week. Congrats, and I hope your birthday was or will be great.

My goals for August took a bit of a hit recently, but I'm back on track. I have a new schedule, some new goals and with any luck, September will go really well.


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