Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Goals

Summer time has arrived. It's time for some new goals but first, how did May go. Well, it was quite the distracting month. Car troubles has lead to me not having a car and instead taking the bus or catching rides with coworkers. It added walking to my schedule but also turned to candy on occasion for some stress relief. Got promoted on a writing web site to a moderator, which is really cool and unexpected along with a few other things. Quite the month overall.

May Results
Read 1 book - finished reading 3 technically cause the library books were due before the car no longer was drivable so those were May 2nd & 3rd, but also finished The Thirteenth Chime. And started reading Paranormalcy.

Edit Tattle Tell - Stalled. Only finished editing chapter 16 by the end of the month. Have 17-25 left to do.

Write 5,000 words in novella - nope. This one fell due to distractions and I haven't written anything in the novella since March.

Don't sleep all morning on days off - Had a couple of them where I slept too much but now thanks to a 3-day weekend of 8 am shifts I have been getting up between 6 and 8:30 in the morning even without an alarm clock.

Lose 5lb - Well I gained a couple but am down again those lbs. Didn't quite make it but June will be better.

Current Weight: 218

June Goals

Finish reading 2 books
Come up with eating plan.
Lose 4 lbs.
Write 10,000 words in novella.
Finish editing Tattle Tell.
Blog in all 4 blogs at least once.
Get a car.

What are your goals for the month?


Anonymous said...

Looks like good progress and some shiny new goals!

Me, for June, let's see. I've got some things left in my 'Get Ready for Odyssey' file: homework, packing, and miscellaneous things to take care of.

Then, a week from today, I'm driving to New Hampshire and will spend the rest of the month (and three weeks of July) learning and writing at Saint Anselm college! Whoo-hoo

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks kelworthfiles. :-D

That sounds like a great June and July plan you have. Good luck with the writing at Saint Anselm. Have a great time.


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