Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Plans

I haven't done a goal or update post for a little while. Since it's June and I'm doing a focus on novels for summer, it seems like a good time to do a post about my plans for the three months.

Since at the beginning of the year I focused on writing short stories, submitting and trying to write on a regular basis, I decided that summer was a good time to focus on novels. After summer there is enough of a break to rest a little before NaNoWriMo. Plus, I have plenty of novels that need work done. So, most of my writing and editing is going to novels for June, July and August.

Summer Novel Plans
Edit Tattle Tell (goal is to finish edits by August)
Finish writing Lighting the Wall (it's at 25k so far)
Finish writing Angel/Demon (it's at over 32k so far)
Write In the Horizon He Saw Rain (rewrite from short story version)
Write List 13 (rewrite from novelette version)

I haven’t forgotten about the health side. No worries. I only dropped about 3 lbs last month, going from 216 to 213. It's a hard range that I buoy in often, so still trying to get lower. Won't be anything special loss wise till I get down under 200. Either way, hoping to keep it going in that direction. I’m consuming more vegetables and fruit, which I think is helping. Then again, I’m going from barely eating maybe a serving or two a day or less to more so it’s easy to increase that amount. Also, cutting down on the buying of candy though I’m also practicing cake decorating and cupcake, so that is a new challenge.

Next, I need to up the physical activity. I do a lot of walking around, standing and even lift heavy things at work, but at home more sitting is involved. I have plenty of dvds and a little space in front of the small tv I never use. I just have to make sure I exercise at a time where stomping is okay cause I’m pretty sure if I start doing work out dvds, the people below me won’t appreciate if it’s at a sleep time. Either way, as I up the healthy foods, I can up the physical activity (or well, as I work on cakes I should up the exercise cause I don’t eat much of it, but I do taste a little and those calories count too).

So, that is my summer plans. Work, novel, eat healthier and exercise. Maybe I can get down to 205 by my birthday. The big 3-0 is approaching.  I’ll bury my head in novels till it gets here.

Do you have summer plans?
What are your writing, reading, editing or health plans for June, July, August?

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