Monday, February 27, 2017

The Food Challenge Plan

While I'm still new to youtube and the main focus of my channel is similar to this blog (fiction and fitness) at times I want to also focus on food. I have fun with eating different foods and enjoy a good splurge every now and then.

First, I will admit that I don't really consider any meals or days to be "cheats". Or foods for that matter. However, might end up using the term at times since it might not be my method but I know other people do use them and search for them, so the goal is in part to get traffic and be able to communicate with people who read the blogs or watch the videos.

While it seems a bit un-fitness or fiction related, I do have an idea in order to combine everything together and still keep the channel/blog/platform focused. Take it as my spin on the food challenge, if you will.

The Plan:

Every food challenge I will also do something writing related to post here on the blog.

Option one is to write a story using elements of the particular challenge. That means I will write a flash fiction piece or scene that include something from what I was eating. For example, the 3x3 king size Reese's challenge is for getting 9 followers. The writing plan is a flash fiction story that uses PB, sticks, fastbreak and something from the king size cups with the pieces on the inside and not as the actual food in the story. I'm thinking of a character whose name/ranking is PB9 but haven't quite decided yet.

Option two is for some of the number based challenges, more like the 10k calorie challenge, where the goal would be to write that many words in the same day or a separate day. I would probably put the item in my portfolio on and post a link in the blog post for those that are interested, though have to decide on the access limitations since the whole "free online equates to published" aspect.

That is the plan and hoping it helps get me more active in posting on here too.  Plus want to have fun videos for youtube though will also have some on writing topics as well. Hopefully I can even get over 20 followers on the channel some day. To see the videos, don't forget to check out and subscribe: my youtube channel.

Upcoming challenges and their stories are:
3x3 king size Reese's
Dozen Dunkin Donuts
Burger King Dollar Menu

Then a break for my 13 week cut, which hopefully will go well and I can do some fun food challenges over summer. Plus, more writing. In fact, I should do that. And study, I definitely need to study.

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