Friday, March 26, 2010

The Books

Since this entire blog is dedicated to my books, I guess I should tell you all about the ones I have going right now. I have 2 finished first drafts, 1 of which is in the rewrite stage, 1 book is almost done with the first draft, and about 4 others that are in production with the first draft but aren't very far.

The Books:

Hellenic Distractions
Genre: romance/erotica, m/m
Status: Finished 1st draft. Word Count = 56,741
Alex is looking for fun now and romance later. While hiding his true feelings for his best friend, and ex, he starts seeing his next door neighbor, who is from Greece. Language is a barrier but he will eventually discover there are more problems to his international relationship than he could ever imagine. All the while, his friend keeps putting him in tough spots and it's hard for him to fight off his desires. With two options, what is Alex to do?

Tattle Tell - formerly titled Ephram's Defiance
Genre: fantasy/sci-fi, maybe YA
Status: Finished 1st draft and in rewrite. 1st Word Count = 23,221
Ephram is a 15 year old boy with a secret. He is a mutant and is required by the Suits to tell on anyone he ever sees display signs of mutation. He has to tell on everyone, even when it's one of his only friends. Tired of telling, Ephram does his best to stay away from anyone, to not have friends but then a new kid shows up. He is friendly, different and also has a secret. When Ephrams discovers the truth he has a choice to make. Does he tell and lose another best friend, or does he refuse to tell?

Standing Ground - formerly known as Hero
Genre: fantasy/sci-fi
Status: almost finished with 1st draft. Word Count = 77,756
Noah is a reluctant hero. His family is involved in the Superhero Society that the government created to use the genetic mutations for their protection and such. He has refused to join, take the oath, and keeps the extent of his abilities hidden. His biggest fear is becoming a weapon and he has no intention on using his powers to their full extent. That is, until his father, brother and boyfriend are kidnapped.

Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal
Status: 4 chapters of demon's side done.
Two main characters. Elijah is an angel who is starting to struggle with his duties as past desires begin to surface. Lucas is a new demon, adjusting to his new afterlife in Detroit. The two meet by chance at a club, and by even more chance a second time, and they start dating. It's not easy for an angel and demon to be together, particularly when they don't know the truth about each other. On top of the relationship drama they each have their own conflicts. Their relationship is discovered and the counsels insist that Lucas either leave Elijah alone or they will get rid of him themselves. Lucas must decide whether to leave his lover on his own or by force.

Blood Prophesy
Genre: paranormal
Status: 2 chapters. On the backburner for now.
Silver Delacroix is a witch/vampire-like being and she is on a mission. With the direction of her Mentor, Ash, she is sent out to find the Prophet. But Ash's other student has been picked by a rival pack and has also been sent out for the same goal. If the other side gets a hold of the prophet war will break out. Silver must reach the Prophet before Phoenix. The race is on.

These are the current books that will be mentioned in this blog. You'll get to meet the different main and side characters. The plots will be discussed and even the setting. There are more novels to come but this is enough for now.

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