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This blog has a couple of purposes so this first post will be an explanation of them and a little bit of information about myself.

Me: I go by the pen name of Dawn Embers. My other blog ( is based upon writing tips and will have the occasional post involving detials on my own writing. At the moment, I am unpublished when it comes to fictions. I have a small amount of news articles, columns and an award for a viewpoint in a newspaper contest.  I am sending out some short story and flash fiction pieces in attempts for publication but the truth is... I'm not a short writer. All my ideas end up getting criticism that the idea is way to big for short word counts. I am a novel writer. Now, I'm working on finishing my several novels, can't do only one at a time, so that I can start the process of sending out. I write fantasy, sci-fi, romance/erotica, mystery, some ya but the common thread is the gay main characters.

Blog: The purpose of this blog is to do what the titles says. I am going to post different details from my own books. It is a public way of going through and developing different aspects, world-building and the like. Potential topics will be characters, magic systems, setting, themes, conflicts and where the ideas come from. This is all about the writing from my books and nothing more. I'm sure at first it might help me more than the readers but could be interesting to have archives of notes for when the books come out, or to see the changes from different drafts if big details get major overhauls. And at least this should be fun.

So, Hello. Welcome to my books and my blog.

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I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

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I write like
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I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!