Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goals

I can't believe it's already July. This past month has sure been something. Spent almost a week near the beginning of the month in Washington DC for a wedding. Worked some, searched for more jobs and landed two new jobs. And I did make some progress in writing. So, lets start with the June recap, then I'll get to the July goals (JulNoWriMo!)

June Recap

Tattle Tell rewrite - Surprise! After several months of making this goal I actually finished the second draft. Yay me!

Finish 3 books - Not quite. Got about two done but got distracted from reading. July should be tough with reading too.

Rewrite/Edit Standing Ground - not quite. Did work on it a little at least.

Continue T/K and A/D - Did get some work done and T/K but don't worry. I'm working on both during July.

July Goals

July Novel Writing Month Challenge
Write 50,000 words total from three novels.
- Lighting the Wall
- Angel/Demon
- Thomas/Kyle

Finish reading 3 books.

Sleep occasionally and still survive the two jobs.

What are your goals for July?


Susan Kane said...

Some really boring goals, like paint the kitchen. But there may also be some camping, reading, playing with grandkids thrown in there. Happy July!

alexia said...

It's my birthday on the 12th, so having an awesome time is high priority ;) Otherwise, writing on my new WIP, submitting more queries on my completed book, working on the next issue of my new Urban Fantasy newsletter!

Dawn Embers said...

Susan Kane - Sounds like some fun times. Happy July to you too.

Alexia - Happy Birthday.


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