Friday, June 24, 2011

MC blogfest

About the Blogfest:
1. pretend to be one of your main characters (have them write the post)
2. have them answer 3 questions (the questions are listed on the announcement post)
The questions are:
- What is your greatest fear?
- What is your biggest accomplishment?
- What is your biggest regret?
3. Post it and then go check out other entries.

As for my entry, I will leave that up to the characters. Yep, plural. I am giving Noah and Elijah the rest of the blog post. Noah is often posting over on The Character Cafe, though both blog there. He is from the adult mutant series. Elijah is an angel main character from the angel/demon novel.

My Entry:

Noah: Hello blog readers. Nice to see you again Elijah.

Elijah: Yeah, Hi. So... what are we doing on this one? It's not the same place we posted our conversation last time, is it?

Noah: No, this is Dawn's personal writing blog. The one we did the little secret sharing topic was on some group blog. Don't worry. I think this time we can be a little less personal.

Elijah: Good. Last time we talked it was a little too soul bearing. Don't think I can do it again this soon. Tonight we have questions?

Noah: *hands over a piece of paper* Yes, these are the questions. We'll both give answers, taking turns asking the questions. Do you want to ask first this time?

Elijah: *stares at the paper* I guess I can. Questions 1: What is your greatest fear?

Noah: Of course, that had to be the first question. Okay. Fine. I've talked about this a few times but one of my worst fears is to be used as a weapon.

Elijah: What do you mean?

Noah: The mutation I have is more powerful than most. Well, I was expected to have more power but no one really knows because I pretend I can't do all the tests. It's better that not many people know what I can actually do. Since I control energy, I can even create it and that could be used as a weapon to harm others. I really don't want to hurt anyone.

Elijah: Could it be that you fear hurting people?

Noah: Probably. I mean, I know people say that they don't intend or want to hurt anyone emotionally and I know I have hurt people before without meaning to but this is different. I could unintentionally kill someone, I don't even have to know them. If they are in the wrong place and I go off with my powers then bad things happen. I can't stand the idea of it. It would haunt me forever if something like that happened. Alright, your turn. What is your biggest accomplishment?

Elijah: I'm not sure. Let me think for a moment. *stares up at the ceiling* I guess becoming an angel could be a big accomplishment, considering all the things I did leading up to the whole turn my life around bit. I didn't have many good years before dying either. But I guess, what I would call my biggest accomplishment is holding on to myself. Despite what some people think, I still am true to who I am and how I was made. That means a lot to me and I'm glad I can still be myself for the most part even in the afterlife. Okay, so now we do the last question. How about we both answer this one?

Noah: Sure. What is the question?

Elijah: What is your biggest regret?

Noah: Now, that is a hard one. There are so many potential regrets. Guess it's my turn to think for a minute. What about you?

Elijah: Well, depends. Do we want it to be from the afterlife or back when I was alive?

Noah: How about one from each? And I'll keep thinking of one for my answer.

Elijah: Okay. Umm... I guess the one from my earlier life would have to be the thing we talked about on that other blog post. I did some stupid things because I assumed I was screwed either way so might as well enjoy myself and I put too much trust into strangers just to get that little bit of physical enjoyment. As for afterlife, that is a bit harder. We aren't supposed to do many of the things that I would normally regret. In some ways I regret not taking more chances and at least enjoying this second chance I've been given because boredom is not a friend to me.

Noah: Yeah, with boredom I get jumpy and start messing with lights if I'm alone. I guess it's my turn. My biggest regret is trying to shield myself too much and not going out before. I used my friend as an excuse to stay at home and avoid people. As much as I care about Dominic, I shouldn't have used his mutation as an excuse to be hidden, avoiding contact with others.

Elijah: That works. Well, nice chatting with you for another post. Good luck with your story.

Noah: Yeah, same with you. Maybe Dawn will get to our novels soon.

Dawn: I saw that! And yes, I'll be getting to both of your novels in July. Thanks for writing the post for this blogfest.



Andrew Rosenberg said...

Interesting answers. My MC Grett has a similar problem...she might hurt people with her power.
Thanks for sharing!

Christine Tyler said...

Great way to expand on the original format!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Very creative how you did this! They're both compelling characters. It sounds like my MC has similar powers to Noah, though his is newly developing and he is having to learn how to deal with it.

Tara said...

You won! Come and check my blog! =D

Beth said...

Interesting answers and very creative.

Dawn Embers said...

Andrew - Thanks. It's hard but good that a character is aware of what their powers could do.

Christine - :-) Why thank you.

Shannon - Glad you liked it. It's hard with a new power because they have to learn to control it or else.

Tara - OMG, really? *runs to check*

Beth - Thanks you.



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