Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It is in the Muse-ic Blogfest

Oops. So, my entry is late. I completely forgot with everything going on that I signed up for this blogfest. I even did writing that night, just not to music. My bad.

Blogfest is hosted by Aleatoire over at blog link. Make sure to check out the link to see the other blogs that took part in the blogfest.

The basic idea of this blogfest is to write while listening to a single song, then post the scene along with what song it was that inspired it. Simple enough for people who don't forget.

I had a hard time picking a song and what to write, so this entry took me awhile. Finally, I picked Dirty Little Secret by All American Reject. The scene comes from the YA book I started writing in March. Though it's from Wyck's point of view, it might change when I put it in the actual story. I won't write the whole scene cause it would be way too long anyways. So, here is part of a scene for the book currently titled, Lighting the Wall.

My entry:

Following the rest of the class, Wyck slowly entered the book floor of the main building. The Governess called it the Library Wing, because of all the books, but it didn't compare much to the libraries that were mentioned in history and architecture books. Still, some books were better than none. While the other students in the Last Class grumbled about the book report assignment, Wyck looked at the walls of literature with excitement. It was his favorite assignment.

After a few minutes, he picked a wall of books that he hadn't visited much in the last year, slowly gazing over the books before his feet carried him closer. It took a few minutes of respected gazing before he let a hand move up to the middle shelf to graze the bindings of the slowly deteriorating books.

But he didn't pick a book right away off the shelf, like he used to do, because this time there was a different distraction. Curiosity snagged his attention and he gave in to the desire to check on the new boy, Sage. He wondered if Sage has ever seen a collection of books like what their village has. Or maybe he has seen bigger, maybe even a full building of books. Finally, Wyck looked over to Sage, who was by himself a few shelves down, standing in front of a stack of books. They were both alone since most of the books the others deemed as fun enough were located in a different room, so Wyck didn't feel bad staring as his attention went unnoticed.

At first, he thought Sage was feeling the books like he had but when his hands didn't move from the wall of books, he started to wonder. He looked a bit weird; his hands pressed to the wall, head leaning forward almost close enough for his shaggy hair to touch the edge of a shelf, and he wasn't moving.

Unable to think about any of the books near him, Wyck concentrated on Sage's hands. What could he be doing? The only thing behind the bookshelf was a dense wall, designed to keep those inside the building safe. Most of the buildings were strong, but the Main Building had a particularly tough exterior, and the wall behind where they stood was even thicker than usual because it was one of the few walls that touched a border. Course, not many remembered that and Wyck only knew because his father talked about the border constantly since he was the leader of the Border Patrol.

Then the though occurred to him. Could it be? It seemed impossible but as his eyes remained focus on the strange boy's hands, air rippled for a second, even causing the books that the hands rested on seemed to fluctuate for a brief second.

Wyck's eyes widened. Blinking, he couldn't believe what he had just seen. While not many would have seen anything different, and most wouldn't believe even if that had managed to catch the slight display, he knew what he saw. Sage manipulated the border. No one in the village had been able to do that since his father was a young boy. To have a new, young wall lighter would be a huge deal. It was even bigger than the new family's arrival. As soon as the Governess found out Sage's secret there would be all kinds of things that would change and Sage would have a permanent position in the village lighting the wall.

His excitement was short lived, however. The lessons from earlier classes and his own father came back to him about wall lighters. They never had time to do anything outside of work because the walls were flawed and required constant maintenance. In fact, the reason they died out in the first place was because they rarely lived past age 30 and never had time to find a mate, let alone procreate. If discovered, Sage would be used until he slowly perished from being overworked.

As Wyck continued to stare, his mind deep in thought, Sage looked up at him. His bright green eyes shown even harsher against the paleness that had taken over the tone of his face. He looked tired and yet wired at the same time. His gaze caught Wyck's and he immediately looked scared. His body slouched forward suddenly, causing his hands to grip the edge of the shelf.

Just then, the Governess walked out of the room where the other students must have been looking for books. She glanced down the hallway at them and started her usual slow, fake-smiling approach their way.

Wyck stepped closer to Sage and waiting until the Governess was close enough to hear him before acting. He stretched up, picking a book on plants off the shelf and offered it to Sage. "Here. I think you'll like this one."

"Thanks." Sage said, his voice quiet and a little raspy.


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