Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Goals

First: May results.
- Tattle Tell rewrite. Almost but not quite. The new chapter slowed me down too.
- First draft of Lighting the Wall... Fail. Didn't really work on it.
- Finish reading at least 5 books. Well, I finished 2 books according to Goodreads.
- Blog more here... Fail. Didn't blog much.

1. Edit the YA(maybe) mutant book Tattle Tell.

2. Finish reading 3 books at least. (I have read 16 so far out of my goal of 35 books for the year.)

3. Rewrite/Edit adult mutant novel Standing Ground.

4. Continue writing the YA book Lighting the Wall.

5. Also continue writing Angel/Demon and maybe add to Thomas/Kyle novella.

What are your goals for June?


Susan Kane said...

Yikes! It is June 1st today!
My goals for June: Finish the rewrites of rewrites. Contact someone to help me edit. Finish setting up a dedicate blog site for my WIP. If/When I do that, I can see what the next steps are.

M Pax said...

To finish my revision, get a new synopsis together and start sending out queries again, are my goals. Hope you meet yours.

Dawn Embers said...

Susan Kane - I know. Crazy how fast June has arrived and sooner than we expect July will be here. You have good goals. Good luck.

M Pax - Great goals. I hope you make them too.

Sophia Richardson said...

Since finishing my WIP last week I have been blessedly and scarily goal free. I'd like to say my goal is to come up with a new story so I can't back into writing mode but that's not something I have full control over. I'm definitely planning on reading some books to fiddle around with ways to compost ideas.
- Sophia.


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